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However, nothing else grants you is intended to apply, and the section permission to modify or distribute the as a whole is intended to apply in other Library or its derivative works. I was disconnected and called back and told them the story, I was asked for my name, Avast account, and avast order ID which I did not have as you have to save all the emails with the invoice no. The sex is so real, you'll swear you can feel it. As shown in the picture below, gently press Knob and lift up the handle of the hinged door on the bottom of the installation base. Digital PTZ Use the mouse wheel to control the digital zooming.

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Doing nothing onerous, just surfing. Maybe I have an Excel workbook open. But since then, the low memory warnings became relentless, sometimes leading Avast! Smelling a rat, I Googled Avast! Actually, I read the other sections of the site first, to allow my dismay to consolidate, before uninstalling Avast! Unlike the other unfortunates, I have no contact with Avast! Being one of the lucky ones—I think!

I need to be refunded.. I thought I would try it for a year and then decided to cancel the auto renewal. They make you jump through so many hoops that you would have to be a computer geek to stop the auto renewal.

I went to so called customer service and asked for a refund and to cancel auto renewal, again I got a confirmation email that said it was turned off and minutes later I received another email saying it was turned back on! I had to stop my bank card and request a new one, as this is a total scam, and I was the one that called an avast no. I was disconnected and called back and told them the story, I was asked for my name, Avast account, and avast order ID which I did not have as you have to save all the emails with the invoice no.

He called back right away and I declined to answer. I did not give out any credit card info etc. Avast is a total scam and they will not refund your money and will not stop auto renewal. Why is this continuing????????

They said by upgrading to avast premier,at a special xmas offer,i would have the trials automatically incorporated.. Avast charged my credit card in I have been given the run around -told to contact another phone number that was no longer in service.

When i tried to call back to get a working number, one would answer and mo return. May have to file a claim in small claims court or FCC. I have worked in the tech industry as a system engineer for the past 20 years, and sadly I too fell for their scam. When I was in the market for a new anti-virus product, I did some obviously not enough research, decided to give Avast a try. I upgraded the Windows 10 Dell laptop I am using to the Professional version, and tried to install it on a Dell desktop running Windows 7.

The product installed just fine, but the services would not stay running, and repeatedly threw up UI errors. After cleanly uninstalling the product and reinstalling several time, I finally decided to contact their tech support. For starters, I logged into their portal and there is NO listed number, email address, etc to contact their support!

There is only a link to their forums. I was able to find their tech support via google , and after approx. Not wanting to have my purchase be a total waste, I tried to install the product on a Minix mini computer running Windows 10, and to my utter amazement I received the same UI errors. When clicking on any of those items, nothing would happen. My only recourse was to perform a system restore to the previous day, and these functions were again usable.

So, back to a couple of google searches where I discovered many other users stating they experienced the same issues right after installing Avast. I removed Avast and monitored the situation for a few days. The issue did not resurface! Ok, no big deal, they offer a 30 day money back guarantee, right? I go onto their portal, remove any license allocations, and request a refund using https: All this has transpired between Thanksgiving purchase made on Nov 30 , and Christmas refund requested on Dec 4th.

After receiving no response from them, on Dec. The technician I spoke with insisted they could not refund my money until they had properly performed troubleshooting steps, so I reluctantly granted him access to the Windows 10 laptop. Again I refused, and insisted I wanted my money back. Their technician requested some information docile stuff like email address, etc… all information that should have been available to him as it was required for registration.

Then came the kicker,.. I was asked for my credit card number. Now, working for a large corporation as a system engineer, I am well aware of scammer techniques. Since I purchased this product via Paypal I know, not the best tool in the world, but it DOES protect my credit card information for online purchases , I told him I will in no uncertain terms provide him with ANY financial information whatsoever, and wanted the money refunded via the original purchase method ie Paypal.

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