How To Access Facebook When it is Blocked in School College Or Office

1. First Blocking Method

How to Access Facebook When it is Blocked in Office, School or Workplace
You won't be able to message them, but you will be able to see their profile picture. We will try some of the steps indicated here. Access blocked websites and bypass proxy servers How To: Here I have some more valuable link http: Tech Admin — You would make a very good Gestapo.


In Windows, you can find the host file at System drive C: Open that file using any text editor. It should look like this:. Check whether the name Facebook. Com is listed there. If yes, delete the entire line containing the word Facebook. The MAC users can reach to the host file from the terminal. If you find such one, delete immediately and save the file. Once you edit the host file and remove the blocking lines, restart the system and try to open Facebook from your browser address bar.

If none of the above works for you, look into your system task manager for any suspicious process. Terminate the process which do not have any relation with your system. Rarely, the Facebook denies your system if it is infected with malware or virus. Do you have any other idea to open Facebook when it is blocked by the network admin or ISP? Do share with us. There is a Windows application called as Ultrasurf https: The software is very small in size and does not need any installation.

The more helpful feature of this unlocking application is that it is free. Just use this portable software and get your job done. Another interesting feature is that this tiny application hides your IP address while visiting any site and it also encrypts any personal info to safeguard you from identity theft.

This tutorial was written depending on various experiments and implementations. Some time some methods may or may not work for you. You can access Facebook, Orkut, Hi5, YouTube , MySpace, Twitter and other social networking sites and gaming sites from school and work using this website: Its fast and simple.

My school must be really protective because that is blocked too. So are all the previously listed websites. Do you have any idea of another method? Search webstore on google, open it, search VPN , download the extension with blue background and a shield shape in the middle with a smile face on it. Voilla, u can now go on any wesbsites u want. The site is https: Although, there is a downside.

They will record everything you do. So, if you try to mess around with the DNS, then you are in big trouble. Even worse, you are going to get booted! Breaking the rules will result in a ban or account termination from the admin.

Could u tell me how to overcome this problem? You could try http: Through this website, you can get on any website if you know the url. Can you please help me out on this issue? I have tried using the tips mentioned above but no luck. Can any one help me on how to access FB? Dear, None of your suggestions worked for me to unblock Facebook. In my college, all proxy sites are also blocked.

Then tell me how can I use the proxy? The website already has been put on here as blocked. The teachers have blocked it. The best way to view Facebook at school or work is through email, using an app on your home PC called ControlByMail at http: You can even email exe files like games from your home PC to yourself, and control your home PC remotely. It is very cool, man! It is specially for the students who cant open Facebook or any social site in the collage. It should be open.

But remember that the target language should be English and source language should be else than English for your ease. Same problem — the tanslate. When I logged into my account, I saw this message: Then I clicked the continue button. I clicked on start bottom. Sudeep, I also have the same problem from almost 24 hours and still I cant access my account. Please any one tell me what to do. I have tried all of these methods, but unfortunately the school computers at my school are really smart.

I just tried Facebook mobile, and it worked! Every time I find a way to get on Facebook and I succeed, the computer blocks it. So I cant get on that way again. I got on from vevo. Please, some one help me! There is also a site that can help to access YouTube and Facebook. The website is http: I think that schools should just keep Facebook open for kids at school but if they did that then nobody would be there to work.

Hey some of the sites that were sent worked for a bit but my school blocked them. Are there any new site? Say you change the DNS. Combine that with the evidence I already have log in logs, security cameras, etc.

My Facebook account is temporarily locked. So how can I unlock it? Please somebody help me. Its my request to you! So my school is extremely stupid. Unfortunately now when I go onto Facebook, YouTube etc.

Light Speed is a pain! It blocks every thing. I cant even get on baby games! Who ever can get Facebook unblocked from light speed is a genius real rap! Please; if there is any solution!!

I can open my Facebook now, but somehow it runs very slow while others run as normal as usual! Hi all, I have an alternate way to access all the blocked sites. Go to the settings. Choose the advanced settings there. Choose the network settings there. Okay, so all of theses sites are blocked by my school. I think this is all messed up! How does it let the teachers go on it but not the students.

Sorry that all the sites are blocked at your school. This is a trap to get access of your account. You are right partially. The teachers are established and they will not loose too much if they are lazy but you are a student and should not waste your study time with surfing Facebook.

But considering the emotion and fair use of Facebook, we have found out some tricks for only education purpose. So my request to you that concentrate on your study and use Facebook at your launch break only.

Tanisa and Tanmay, I would appreciate both of your discussions. Its necessary to concentrate on studies in school and office during the office and school hours. But some times we need to know the security like things so that we can make ourself comfortable with the system and the related issues that are coming forward.

For those person who are interested only in facebook charting and amusement purpose during the office and school hours its a wrong window for them. According to me knowing more and implementing the new things in real life is not a bad thing, rather using the information in a wrong way is bad thing.

I tried to open the Facebook through http: But it was asking for security check. I am unable to recognize pictures and forgot the answer of security question. I tried to open Facebook.

I logged into my account. But only upper options appeared — like home,friends etc. Hi Leena, I think that may be there is a browser problem with you. Some times we try to access or get some desired result from any site but it shows us the different result that is unexpected. It is only due to the cookies and session that are not been cleared and the browser utilizes the cookies that are recently available in the cache memory.

Once you clear the cookies from the browser, I think it will work fine. This will clear the cookie values that are there previously. Do check in the popup window that you are removing the cookies completely from the browser.

This may solve your problem. If you get any issues further then you can post a reply or can mail me. Check it out here: I was able to visit Facebook via http: Thanks dudes, specially Michael!

You are a genius man. Guy you told to open control panel first but there is also privacy! Do tell me how to open it.

Sir, I have got a china clone of Samsung galaxy mobile, model no-i and it has java and jar games and internet runs , but Facebook, Yahoo messenger, Skype, Twitter applications are locked. I m from India. So please send me a best trick that I can access Facebook. Tech Admin — You would make a very good Gestapo. Why in the world would somebody want to work for your company anyway? Maybe you should spend some more time upgrading the network to modern standards and less time spying on your fellow employees.

We can also use proxy sites like p4fb. You just install it, run it and access whatever the page is. It bypasses the school or work-place firewall and you can get into wherever you want. Can anyone help me to open these, it will be highly appreciated. How Can I use this? So please help me. Or send me message on my email id please help me. Hey, I need to know some more alternate websites for FB.

I need a website for Facebook. The website already has been put on here as blocked by the admin. I am already using DNS software but no luck. How to open FB? Hi Israel, Thank you so much. Unfortunately, I have forgotten the answer for my security question. How to overcome this? Please friends suggest me some idea. Please help me friends. You might know what it is like.

So, a proxy would be nice. Most of the proxy do not even work. So write back with a nice proxy. This trick does not work if websites are blocked from servers using Softwares like sonic etc. Is there anyone can help me? I cant access FB on our school, even https: Can anyone help me to get on FB? Everything u guys say to get on, I cant get on it. So far all are blocked! Hey, your post is really working for me. Now I am able to access Facebook while it is blocked in my college.

I am really thankful to you for this. Really good stuff here! I would like to read your posts in future. The support team is also helpful when I need them.

It has also free test account and you can test the service before you pay for it. Other methods are pretty much detectable. I still like http: This is a Chrome extension that creates QR code from image, text or URL and then you can take a shot of it with your mobile device and then share to Facebook or any other mobile app.

I tried some proxy sites, they are really good but did anyone also notice the slow connection speed? Go to a friend's profile page. This must be a friend who is currently also friends with the person whom you think blocked you. To go to a friend's page: Select the Search bar. Enter your friend's name.

Select their name in the drop-down box. Select their profile image. Select the Friends tab. It's below the grid of photos near the top of their profile mobile or directly below their cover photo desktop.

Tap or click the "Search Friends" bar at the top of the screen mobile or in the upper-right side of the Friends page desktop. Type in the name of the person whom you think blocked you. After a moment, the friends list should refresh with results. Look for the person's name. If you see the person's name and profile picture in the results, they haven't blocked you.

If you don't see the name and picture here, the person has either blocked you or deleted their account. One way to find out is by asking the friend whose page you're on to verify the account's existence. If you aren't logged in, enter your email address and password in the top-right side of the page before continuing. This method only works if you or the person whom you suspect blocked you had at least a one-message conversation with each other.

You'll need to use the Facebook website version of Messenger, since the mobile app occasionally still shows blocked accounts. Click the Messages icon. It's a speech bubble-shaped icon with a lightning bolt in it. You'll find this in the top-right side of the page. Clicking it prompts a drop-down menu. Click See All in Messenger. This link is at the very bottom of the drop-down menu.

Doing so opens the Messenger page. Click the conversation with the person whom you think blocked you. You'll find it in the left-hand column of conversations. You may have to scroll down through this column to find the conversation. It's in the upper-right side of the conversation window.

Clicking it prompts a pop-out window to appear on the right side of the conversation. Look for a link to their profile. If you can't find a link in the sidebar below the "Facebook Profile" heading, you know that they did one of the following: When someone blocks you, you can't reply to their messages or visit their profile.

They deleted their account. Unfortunately, the exact same thing happens when someone deletes their account. Ask a mutual friend. Once you've determined that you can't access the account of the person whom you suspect blocked you, contact a friend of yours who was also a friend of the other person and ask them if the person's account is still live.

If they confirm that the account is still active, you know you've been blocked. This is the only way to ensure that you've been blocked or haven't been blocked without contacting the person directly, but some will consider it to be an invasion of privacy.

Check other social media. If you follow the person on Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, or some other social media site, check to see if you suddenly can't find their account. This might indicate that they've blocked you here as well. Alternatively, look for an indication that they deleted their Facebook page.

Many people will announce that they have closed their Facebook account on alternate social media. Contact the person directly. Ultimately, the only way to be sure that someone has blocked you is by asking them directly. If you choose to do this, make sure it isn't in a threatening or abrasive manner. You must also be prepared to hear that they have indeed blocked you, however hard that may be to hear. Only do this as a last resort—if a long-term friend has blocked you, for example, it might be worth talking to them to try to salvage the relationship.

Otherwise, it might be best to take the hit and move on. They won't be able to see anything that you say or do on Facebook. Not Helpful 18 Helpful If you delete your profile on Facebook and start again, can you get the person who blocked you back? As long as your profile was deleted not disabled, deleted , and you start again with a new email address, of course , yes, you can get the person who blocked you back. However, they still have the power to block you if they wish, so therefore, the process of deleting your old account and starting over again would've been absolutely pointless.

There is probably a good reason for being blocked, so perhaps deal with that issue foremost. Not Helpful 21 Helpful I can't reply to a recent message. It says, "You can't reply to this message. If it says that "this person isn't receiving messages from you at this time," he or she could have blocked you from messenger, but not from Facebook.

If you have been blocked, please chime in here... let's call attention to this!