2009 US Open (tennis)

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There are a lot of VPN services out there to check. Pursuant to Section I know the Ashe tickets gave me access to unreserved Armstrong seats, but I really wanted to sit fairly close to the action. Book early for the very best seats! Walk through the space of the former World Trade Center in New York City, and get a deeper understanding of the events that took place on that day. Millennium Broadway New York Times Square is located in the heart of NYC, giving guests a front row seat to all of the endless action and constant excitement of Broadway.

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How many matches are played in Arthur Ashe Stadium during a given session? During the evening, there are typically two matches played in Arthur Ashe Stadium. This is subject to both weather and schedule changes. Ultimately, the number of matches is determined by the Referee's Office and is subject to change at any time. To have shade during the day session, it is best to sit in the top rows on the south and west sides of the stadium.

Which side of the Arthur Ashe Stadium court do the Umpire and players sit? The players and umpire sit on the west side of the court. When will my tickets be delivered? Tickets are generally delivered one week before your first day of attendance. Actual delivery times vary from event to event depending on many factors including when tickets are physically allocated by the tournament. What if my tickets are lost or stolen?

When you receive your tickets, keep them in a safe place. Unfortunately, tickets cannot be replaced if they are lost, stolen, or damaged. Please note that direct sunlight or heat can damage some tickets. All ticket order of two tickets will be together. We will make sure to have at least all the tickets as pairs. You will only know the actual seats section, row, and seat number once the tickets are delivered. When will I receive my tickets? E-Tickets are generally available approximately 1 week before your first day of attendance.

Hard traditional tickets are generally available a week before your first day of attendance and can be sent to you by FedEx to your home or hotel, or they can be picked up in New York a day before or day of your day of attendance at our Welcome Desk at the W Hotel Times Square.

Championship Tennis Tours offers the finest individual tickets for the US Open for every session of the tournament right up to the prestigious finals.

Our interactive ticketing makes it easy to book tickets with the perspective you prefer on each of the three main stadiums: You can also book just grounds passes. Since , we take thousands of clients each year to the US Open. Book early for the very best seats! More Details and FAQ's. Hard core tennis enthusiasts love the first week of action not only because it's a bargain compared to the second week but there are great matches everywhere.

Do you have any questions? Choose Your Ticket i Price Qty. Stadium View Approximate View. General tickets can be anywhere within the Promenade Level on Center Court.

This ticket also gives you access to all the outside courts, and the Louis Armstrong and Grandstand show courts. Located on the lowest level of the stadium nearest to the actual court. These seats offer unbeatable center court views and people watching. Most of the boxes are broken down in eight seats per box. Your courtside box tickets give you the opportunity of a lifetime to see your favorite players so close, you'll see them sweat! Courtside Boxes also give you access to the US Open club restaurants.

Loge Boxes Loge Boxes. Better than good, these seats are great! Considered by many the best place to sit to really take in the entire perspective of the play. These seats are in the second tier of boxes just above the luxury suite levels, and offer excellent center court views. Promenade Seats Promenade Seats. Kick back and relax. Your seats are located in the upper bowl of the Arthur Ashe Center Court stadium and offer good center court views.

Many of our tickets are in the Lower portion of the Promenade section. Grounds Pass With a Grounds Pass you don't get access to the Arthur Ashe Stadium, but you do have first come first served access to all the outside side courts including the very popular Louis Armstrong and Grandstand show courts.

There are no Grounds passes available for the night sessions or deep into the second week through CTT. What are the different stadiums? Arthur Ashe Stadium - Reserved Seating - Provides an assigned seat in the main stadium along with first-come, first-served access to Louis Armstrong Stadium, the Grandstand and all of the field courts.

Louis Armstrong Stadium Reserved Seating - Provides an assigned seat in Louis Armstrong Stadium, along with first-come, first-served access to the Grandstand and all of the field courts. Louis Armstrong tickets are only sold for the first nine days of the tournament. Grandstand Stadium Reserved Seating - Provides an assigned seat in the Grandstand Stadium, along with first-come, first-served access to all of the field courts. Grandstand tickets are only sold for the first eight days of the tournament.

Grounds Admissions are only sold for the first eight days of the tournament. When do gates open for Day and Evening Sessions? Generally the gate entry time is one hour prior to the start of the session.

Typically, the earliest you can enter the grounds with a day session ticket is at 9: Day session ticket holders must enter the grounds before 6: The earliest you can enter the grounds with an evening session ticket is 6: Please note that finals weekend times may differ and all sessions and gate entry times are subject to change.

Please refer to the US Open schedule on www. When do Evening sessions end? Tennis is unique from most other sports and entertainment events in that the length of a match can vary greatly depending on play. The night session ends officially after the evening matches conclude traditionally around 10 or 11 p. If I don't want to be looking into the sun, where's the best area to sit on Arthur Ashe Stadium? What is the address of the venue? The good thing was that it was pretty much a guarantee of excellent tennis.

Michael Sep 08, I can now cross attending a grand slam off my bucket list! It was a tremendous experience, thanks in no small part to your guide. A few small contributions: Wanting to see the superstars my first time, I went for Ashe tickets both days, but I could definitely see getting a courtside Armstrong seat on a return trip. I had seats about midway up corner loge my first day; 5th row promenade on the north side my second day.

Thank you so much!! Kelley Sep 07, Last time I wrote, I was telling you we were planning to be there last Monday night, Sept 3. I was trying to find good seats for me, my husband, and son. Finding good seats for three was a challenge. Three seats for a decent price came up in section 60, and you quickly notified me about them. Thank you so much for helping me fulfill my US Open dream. It was way beyond cool! Sep 07, Kelley, I am so very very!

You made my night, thanks so much. Hope to reconnect again next year and wishing you all the best in the meantime! Pepper Sep 07, Desperate measures to find tkts for tomorrow — Williams vs Osaka — Ashe Statdium 12noon tickets any leads for some cheap and bleeds seats? Please, please respond with any leads and help you can provide………. Hi Pepper, My best recommendation is to keep refreshing the Ticketmaster page for that session up and continue to check right up until the last minute.

And with Ticketmaster, you are guaranteed no hassle and instant delivery of a mobile ticket. So in short, you can go out there, keep checking, and get your ticket then just get in line and go in. Cindy Sep 07, I ended up sitting next to 3 professional squash players from England! Luckily they were rooting for Djokovic as well. I will definitely save this website for future, and longer, trips to the US Open! Cindy, how awesome to hear from you and about your experience!

Thank you so, so much for looping back to let me know and share those great details. Look forward to staying in touch. Cindy Sep 09, It should be a great match! Are you lucky enough to be there? I looked at tickets 4 times, but decided against it. I am going to try to go to Miami or Indian Wells. Shirley Fraser Sep 07, Hello, love your advice! Four of us went earlier yesterday because of you saying about the earlier matches and we had a blast!!

No big deal, but thought it might be worth saying in your travel tips. Thank you again, so much!! Thank you for this wonderful resource and being speedy with the responses, as well as your helpful message regarding bringing my parents! And although it was more than I originally intended on spending and the resulting sunburn on my arms from just 40 minutes in the sun, it was all well worth it to treat my parents to their first live games at the US Open!

Hey there, thank YOU! Zenith Sep 06, Is it worth it? Sep 06, Less fan-friendly than Henman Hill at Wimbledon. Shay Sep 06, Steve Barry Sep 06, Hi PJ, great site! I have grounds passes for Friday. Will they allow that? Also, any best practices to keep in mind for someone with only grounds passes for the mens semis? I think a blanket to sit on would probably be fine as long as it is reasonable size but definitely not a chair. If you are a player, you will be astounded seeing the quality of those matches up close and learn a lot.

Maria Sep 06, Hey PJ, You really did a great job, everything is super clear even for someone like me that has never attended an event like this! Would these tickets allow you to enter both matches? Is there a way to know who will play first?

Would you recommend buying tickets form Ticketmaster or wait until tomorrow when we arrive? Hi Maria, thank you! Yes indeed, your ticket gives you access to ALL matches tomorrow. If you buy at the last minute, strongly!

You are guaranteed no hassle and instant delivery of a mobile ticket. Ben Sep 06, I was interested in seeing the doubles semis today, however they only tickets that can be bought are the womens singles at night in arthur ashe. So, how do we get tickets to watch the doubles during the day? Just show up at Noon today and have a blast! Please do consider stopping by to see some wheelchair play as well and support those athletes.

Remarkable group of players. Christie Sep 05, Wish I had read this earlier! Did I just buy tickets to enter the grounds, but not see any matches?

Sep 05, You can also watch Ashe matches with others on the big screen outside Ashe. Suzanne Sep 05, Wish I had read this earlier. If not, the location in Ashe is on the club level…can anyone purchase from that location on the club level? Mary Sep 05, I just returned home from attending my first US Open. Your tips were invaluable! We planned our visit around your suggestions — arrived around 10am by the LIRR with virtually no line up for security.

We made sure our bag was the right size. We brought our lunch and water bottles to refill at the stadium prices were steep. Our tickets were for second and third round matches — day session in Arthur Ashe. The seats were very high but shaded in the section but it was fine. Arthur Ashe tickets were certainly the way to go.

We watched matches with Federer, Nadal, Sloane Stephens and more. I had an incredible time and a large part of it was due to you! Thanks again from Toronto. Mary, thank YOU for being so kind as to take the time to write and let me know about your experience! Lucas Ribeiro Sep 05, I have one question: Hey Lucas, great question. If you end up seeing mixed, please cheer loudly for my friend Bethanie Mattek-Sands and her partner Jamie Murray if they make it through… Bethanie is an absolutely amazing person and no one works harder in tennis.

She just came back from the worst knee injury and is playing great. Loretta Zanier Sep 04, What is the things people in the seats have in their ears it is white with a ribbon or something hanging from their ear.

Sep 04, LOL — great question. If you have an AMEX card, you can get one for free on site: Fred Sep 04, My wife, daughter, and I saw our first U. Open matches in person on Day 1 of the tournament and had a great time, in large part because of your advice. We purchased tickets for the day session on Louis Armstrong on the ticketmaster resale site and sat about 6 rows up in Section 9 on the north end.

We had great seats for matches with Sloane Stephens and Andy Murray, among others. We had some sun at the start, but as you noted, the shade soon moved over — the seating image was extremely helpful! We also enjoyed the outer courts at no extra cost. Looking forward to returning next year. Hello Fred, many many thanks in return for writing and sharing that! Hope to reconnect next year! Trev Sep 04, I saw a comment where you listed a few different boxes.

Do you recall what the standard box numbers are and run numbers? Would really love to sit near! Hi Trev, this year they have stuck to and for players boxes — but in previous years they had used some around too so I included that in a previous reply just in case. Andy Sep 04, One thing to add, you mention that you have to get in the premises before 6 PM for day ticket holders. Robert Socolow Sep 04, What is the benefit of arriving tomorrow Sept 5 at 9: I have seats A 11 and 12 in Section in Ashe.

But I think many people would like to know more about whether to arrive as early as possible. Hi Robert, not at all necessary. Lines will not be bad to enter, and pressure for seats on outer courts will be minimal. Recommend you go see Jamie Murray dubs match on Grandstand at 11 for a bit before entering Ashe at noon. Lucas Sep 04, Thanks for all your great knowledge and advice. Had a great time this past weekend as I thought it would be my only chance to go this year.

However, I am lucky enough to have a break from work to go tomorrow Wednesday for the day session. Prices look really cheap and it appears there are lots of standard tickets available.

Can I show up tomorrow around 11 am to the box office to purchase tickets? Or should I buy something ahead of time? And yes indeed, given the way things have panned our for matches tomorrow you should have no prob if you go to box office in the am. My only strong advice: Rich Sep 04, PJ…I went to US Open for my first time and wanted to just say thanks to you for putting all this together. It was valuable information and helped me have a day that i enjoyed.

I ended up with Sunday cheap Ashe day tickets and evening Ashe good seats. Just two things to mention…1 I spent way to much on drinks during the day but hung out at the Mojito bar where I ran into a few celebs. Recommend getting there early for those big matches. Cindy Sep 04, You are so right about it being like the stock market! Without a day session ticket I cannot get in, correct? Trying to plan my day. That Millman Nole match should be amazing I may head out myself now that prices are more reasonable to cheer on Nole — was there yesterday afternoon too, and very vocal: Tom Sep 04, I hedged my bets and bought quarterfinals tickets to both nights, particularly hoping to see Fed.

With prices so high, I was tempted to even resell and subsidize my costs of attendance this past weekend. Anything can happen, as we saw last night. Thanks for all your help!! Sophie Sep 04, Hi PJ, thanks a lot for all your precious advices on this page. Stefan Lundmark Sep 04, Hi PJ and thanks for the info I got a couple of weeks ago, it was very helpful. I would just like to submit a few thoughts I have looking back at my time at the open. This was my first time at the open, I have previously attended the French open and Wimbledon several times.

Generally I was impressed and very pleased with the tournament and the only glitches is lack of discipline in the crowds with people coming and going during play and talking during play. I have never been to nearly as many top player games being able to sit so close, simply loved baseline seats in court 17 and court That being said, the new Armstrong arena is super. Having an arena like that, with a roof, available for all grounds ticket holders makes me want to come again.

Had row A baseline, magnificent! I still think that prices for Armstrong are too expensive, specially for the night sessions, tough that so many people lost so much money in resale. I attended all sessions from Monday night to Saturday night, finishing of with Cilic against De Minaur, which turned out to be my favourite match of the tournament, followed by Kevin against Shapovalov, and Isner v Jarry.

Although I am not a big fan of Isner that game was electric! I will be back and will be extending my trip with one more day next year. And thanks a million for sharing these great impressions and experiences!

So glad you had a great time and look forward to connecting again next year. Chandrasekhar Malladi Sep 04, I had a question and was trying to see if you could help. I have a ticket for Ashe on Sept 7th. Does that mean I will get to watch both the Mens Semifinals and the Doubles match?

Would appreciate your response. Hey there, thanks so much! Nancy L Walden Sep 03, I was in NJ from NC for a college soccer game this weekend, and this site gave me the courage to spend a day at the Open, my first.

It was a day I will never forget. I bought a Grandstand ticket, but then checked the Schedule of Play the day before, and saw that Nadal was to play in Ashe. I sold my Grandstand ticket, bought one in Ashe, and enjoyed. The entire experience was amazing. Any time it looked like there might be disappointment e. Thank you, thank you, and I hope to see you there next year! Sep 03, Hey Nancy, awesome to hear it worked out so well for you!

Jim Courier is such a great guy, no? Hope to cross paths next year as well! Nancy L Walden Sep 04, Willie Garvin Sep 03, Petter Sep 03, Ravi Sep 03, Tom Sep 03, I expected Fed to drive up prices a bit more. For tonight, Labor Day evening is always a bargain.

So even with Federer, not as much demand as there would be for Fri-Mon Day if he were playing. Likewise Sharapova not as big a draw as Serena. Had a pair of tickets and sold one for wayyyyy less than what I paid for last night. People are getting their kids ready for school the next day, and I had to battle a lot of traffic to come in. Since I sold the one ticket, I went to the match with the other. Up to this point, I enjoyed the matches at Grandstand and Court 17, and Armstrong… where I had a high row in courtside and row 1 of General Admission.

I actually saw Millman-Kukushkin from first row baseline on Saturday. I must say I love the small courts, since I was able to sit within the first 5 rows each time. But the Ashe experience is something else; the electricity in the building, and the chance to see the GOAT play in primetime. Ann Sep 03, We had a fantastic experience and will go again. Dear Ann, what an incredible message to start my day today.

Ben Sep 03, In the article, you mentioned that if a player played in the day, the following round, they would play in the night? Would this apply for quarter finals from R4? Hey Ben, to clarify: There are always exceptions to that tendency, and have already been several this year. For QF, the tendency is always to put the biggest names at night. Leonardo Zumaeta Sep 03, In the unlikely event that any seller messes up in any way, all those sites have firm guarantees to make it right for buyers.

I have bought from all of them myself over the years at different times. REID Sep 02, This will be my first year and your website has really helped me fill in the blanks that I could not get from the U. Looking at the brackets for the draws it looks like there should be two semi finals matches. Hey Deidre, thank you very very much! So glad to hear it. You will be in heaven for those finals….

Which is one of the reasons these are among the most expensive sessions of the tournament. REID Sep 03, I am still referring to yoru website anytime I have a thought or question about something. Does my ticket allow me to see both matches?

Are they both played Ashe? The match time says 7pm. Is the second match going to be played after that? Or is that usual? REID Sep 06, I was totally planning on watching Serena practice and do some shopping and looking around.

Do I understand correctly that I cannot enter the grounds until after 6pm? IF so, with there being no grounds passes or any other tickets being sold today, how do folks get in to see wheel chair matches and practices, etc? How do folks get in to see wheel chair matches, juniors, and practices, etc?

Today is a special free day — anyone can enter grounds at Noon. See my box under Tip Please do go support wheelchair today!! Just an amazing group of athletes, so inspiring. Also, beginning today, there is only one session per day through rest of the tournament. Awesome seat for tonight — you have a chance of getting something autographed in that section if you want. Just be sure to bring a big marker and something that will grab their attention kids often buy the big tennis balls, but a photo of the player or something like that may also grab their attention.

I actually saw your tip number 10 immediately after posting both of these questions. And yes, I plan to go see the wheel chair matches as well. Only one session so I can enter at noon? The anticipation is killing me!!!!! You can enter at Noon each day.

Sep 02, The crowd is electric. Hoping the energy sustains…. Tom Sep 02, Nina Sep 05, Glad you had a great time! It was such an awesome match and I agree, the energy was electric. So google is showing that nadal and Delpo play at 4: Do you think this is reliable?

Need to plan on how early to leave work! Always good to ask about Google results, because they are not always correct especially before Day 1 schedule officially announced. Samuel Sep 02, Thank you so much for this treasure trove of advice! By 10pm the people in front of me took off leaving the front row and yes, I stayed until 2: Maybe this is a first time thing because of the new stadium? But concerned about your expectations for Tues.

There will absolutely not be any QF singles matches on Armstrong- they will all be on Ashe. You will see some exciting dubs matches Tues on Armstrong but not singles. Valerie Melton Sep 02, Because of you I literally had the best time of my life. Thank you for being awesome and sharing all of this information with us!

Valerie, you made my night. Thank you so much for your kind thanks and for letting me know it worked out so well!! Scott Jacob Sep 02, PJ — this site is gold. I was wondering where you thought the best matches are likely to be Labor Day Monday during the day session besides the Cilic match which is probably on paper the closest match of the day. I am trying to decide whether to buy Ashe Loge tickets and watch Keys and Nole before heading over to Armstrong unreserved or buy Armstrong 7 rows behind server and stay there all day.

Great question, and I can only give you my gut reactions… I think Keys and Cibulkova will be exciting. LK Sep 02, I am interested in seeing Serena Williams play in the first round in It looks like I need to plan on saving up for a evening reserved ticket in Arthur Ashe Stadium? Hi there, yes, absolutely possible — this year was bizarre in scheduling her for three night sessions in a row.

As I mention in my FAQ 1, there unfortunately is no way to predict with certainty in advance. LK Sep 03, It seems that I need to check on the draw as tournament draws near, and check the schedule of play on the US Open website the day before the first day of competition.

B Sep 02, Found your site last year as a first-timer and it was invaluable to me. But they scheduled Serena three nights in a row last week, so you just never know. If I had to bet, it would be on evening — but this again is just an educated guess… P.

Katie Sep 02, Is there any prior registration that needs to be done or do I literally just head to the grounds for when they open? As a Brit I am hoping that Jamie Murray will still be in and to catch him in action! Also rooting for Jaime and Bethanie in Mixed!! Just show up Thurs. And please do go spend some time on courtside Ashe to watch and cheer on the wheelchair athletes.

I will definitely make sure to! YC Sep 02, Thank you for your amazing information and patience with all the replies. My family and I spent a full day and night on Friday at the Open.

The highlight was the Nadal-Khachanov match but the whole experience was spectacular. I personally loved the intimacy of Armstrong and look forward to many more visits there. Leigh Sep 02, Karla Sep 02, Anyone hesitating about attending solo, should not. There is plenty to see and do and people are very friendly.

I picked up a nice seat in Ashe for the day session Sec 60 and went ahead and bought one of those significantly reduced Armstrong resale tickets for a great seat there. I know the Ashe tickets gave me access to unreserved Armstrong seats, but I really wanted to sit fairly close to the action. I was hoping to catch Serena W. Thanks again for the information and the updates!

Karla, thank you a million times over for taking the time to write and share that experience. Means so much to hear that the page was helpful to you, and it helps me so much to hear details about experiences like yours when trying to field questions. Renae Ingram Sep 02, PJ, wants to give a big thanks again for all the information. This year was my first trip to the Open.

I had great reserved on Armstrong on Monday and loved the stadium. Tuesday rerserved in Ashe, hotter than heck and seemed about 15 degrees hotter than Armstong.

Reserved on Grandstand on Wednesday, which I guess was worth the money considering I collected 3 Isner serve balls. Also spent lots of time on I was lucky to get great loge seats on friday to see Serena v Venus before the prices went up. Thanks to you, I felt like I knew my way around before getting there!

Lori Henry Sep 02, PJ, Thanks for all of this amazing information! We are traveling from Philly via train up and back the same day.

Do you have an idea of who might end up in those doubles matches that day and who I should start following now before we arrive there?

Thanks in advance for your advice! Hoping to see Nishikori, Federer, or Djokovic tomorrow, but not sure if I can stomach reserved seating! And the new concession area all around Armstrong on both levels makes any way a lot more pleasant than ever before. Jason Sep 02, Any idea if this is true?! It worked for us confirmed. Just had to show our tickets from two previous sessions. Frank Sep 02, Very complete website near tips.

I went yesterday to new Louis Armstrong stadium and loved it, intimate feel despite it being a large venue. I actually left around 5: This is my question: I had day session tickets assigned seats in Louis Armstrong. Do daytime ticket holders get to see end of match? It is strange as night time sessions 7: I am wondering if in this case, staff does not let evening ticket holders take their seats until 3rd game of day session Zverev yesterday ends. Do you know how this works?? Hey Frank, thanks and great to hear you liked the new Armstrong.

Day ticket holders with courtside reserved seats for LA keep their seats until the conclusion of all matches scheduled for the Day session, then they clear the stadium before the Evening session.

Evening session courtside ticket holders are not allowed into their seats until that time. For the upper level, anyone can try to grab a seat anytime — although that section is also cleared between Day and Night sessions. Bob Sep 02, How likely do you think that the organizers would put Cilic vs goffin as the evening Arthur Ashe on Monday? In most cases, this would never happen but since Federer and Djokovic dont have big name opponents, I am little afraid they might put two top ten players against one another.

Pretty sure it wont be Djokovic since he got two night ashe sessions in a row. Also, I think they may put Federer evening Ashe since he hasnt been evening session since the first round. I would think it would be extremely rare for Federer to not get evening session for 3 straight nights.

Federer is my favorite player, so hopefully it works out lol. Today we have two top 10s on Armstrong Thiem v Anderson. Pam Boorsma Sep 02, But going early, and staying late, so your experiences and ideas are really helping me plan.

Thanks so much for taking the time to do this!! Thank you very much for taking the time to write! Arjun Dahal Sep 02, This blog has everything I ever needed or wanted to know. I read it every year before buying tickets. Thank you very much. You are a genius. Arjun, you are too kind. Thank you thank you thank you!!! Scott Sep 02, Hi im there for both sessions on Ashe Wednesday will Armstrong and grandstand courts be in use for doubles and juniors?

Leonardo Zumaeta Sep 02, G Falkowsmi Sep 01, James Sep 01, PJ — great great site. Wondering if you had any thoughts as to why Nadal and Fed both got day sessions? Do the players prefer to play during the day or night? Any guesses as to who will get the day session on Labor Day? Hey James, thank you. I outlined in a comment to Beau below some of the variables I believe factor into decisions, which can often seem random or nonsensical.

I was listening to the announcers, and I think it has to do with the heat. They were saying that the player Managers will lobby the tournament director very hard to play at night on the high heat days. So if you look at it, both Fed and Nadal played at night on the high heat days, then during the day on the more comfortable days. I would bet that for Monday and Tuesday, both Fed and Nadal will play at night. Hi Pam, no doubt lobbying by managers plays a part. Although last Tues was one of those exceptionally hot days and they scheduled Djokovic former 1 in the world, Wimbledon champ, another icon on Day session, and Thurs was also a very high heat day and they put Fed on Day then.

Ibrahim Sep 01, PJ — thanks for a fantastic site. What do you think the Labor Day Monday lineup on Armstrong might be? Sep 01, Hey Ibrahim, thanks so much! Hey Tom, you are not alone. Jeronimo Sep 01, Hi PJ, sorry to keep troubling you. Would that be a good option? At what time would we have to leave Armstrong to reach Ashe promenade seats? Any other ideas for how to plan that morning?

Hi Jeronimo, no worries! No worries at all about the distance to Ashe afterwards: Jeronimo Sep 02, Hi Jen, thank you! David Sep 01, Tickets for night session tonight at Louis Armstrong, took your advice and have seats in section 8 row j.

Driving from NJ to stadium. Should I just head for the Citi field parking lots to park? Hey David, so sorry for delay. Have a great time! Cindy Sep 01, Just curious, what corner section do the players walk out on Ashe? Thanks again for all of this info, I appreciate your time and effort put into this!! Thanks for your reply! The ticket prices are climbing!!! What should I do?! Prices are insane for that evening.

Unless, of course, you spot what looks to be a great deal prior. Sorry not to be able to offer more clear-cut advice! Cindy Sep 02, Thanks again for the advice! I pulled the trigger and bought a ticket for Wednesday night. I swear they better both advance and they must put them on Ashe in the evening! LOL, I think you made a great decision, Cindy. It will be thrilling regardless and those seats will be terrific. Julien Castellano Sep 01, I have been going to the Open for my whole life and am still learning from your website.

What time do they post the schedule for tomorrow? Hi Julie, apologies for the delay — was away for a couple hours. FedFan Sep 01, Would Federer be playing R16 on September 3 evening? Hi there, probably — but unfortunately no way to predict for sure. Always surprises in the scheduling dept!

Stephen Kraus Sep 01, We just enjoyed our 2nd US Open in a row, and your site was our source of prep for both trips and made life so much easier this year and last year.

We really appreciate you! We also did the fan pass check ins for fun this year I thought there was a chance to get a gift card of some kind but alas that was not the case!! Still, it was fun exploring the grounds more and there were some fun pictures and video stuff they sent to us on the app.

What an amazing place and tournament — we are already thinking of things we will do during our trip! Oh one request, can you please do something about the opening round heat and humidity next year? Wow, Stephen, thank you so much for the kind words and for sharing your experience — much appreciated! So glad to hear you had a great time. Alexandrina filshill Sep 01, Hi thanks for the great tips. As a first timer we are still a bit confused. We are staying in Manhattan and have evening tickets for Saturday 1st September.

We thought we could enter the grounds early in the day but it appears the earliest entry is 6pm? If so when should we leave Manhattan? Are there other things to do near the grounds? Ivaylo Sep 01, Thanks for the fully explanation about US Open. I want to ask you if there is any difference if the ticket is bought online or if I buy it in person at Flushing Meadow I mean whether the quantity offered by the official partners and resellers is the same and is there any difference in the price?

Hi Ivaylo, there are two places to buy tickets on site: Viewing availability on the main Ticketmaster will give a good window as to whether there might be such availability. Fees for standard tickets online are relatively low, so not usually a huge savings and often not big enough for most folks to justify the wait in line and uncertainty associated with doing same-day sales.

Vidit Hirani Sep 01, This blog has really been helpful and thank you for taking time out to write this. I am currently in a dilemma to buy the Quarter-Finals tickets for 4th September at 7 pm night session.

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