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11 Best Game Torrents Sites in 2018
Is BitLord safe to use? It has a website interface that is very impressively designed in terms of functionality and appearance. Do check it out. The two torrent sites are now offline. Magnet Links not working Vuze Dead?

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10 Best Torrent Sites For 2018 To Download Your Favorite Torrents

There was no denying the fact IsoHunt welcome pirated content with great love and by , this impressive torrent website was sharing around 14 petabytes of content. Unfortunately, a series of events led to the closure of IsoHunt in but there was always a way to bring it back. However, these replacements came back in the form of IsoHunt mirrors, which you now know as IsoHunt.

When you browse around IsoHunt. Looking at the popularity of The Pirate Bay, it is more than possible that you might not find something on IsoHunt.

Do a fair bit of digging and we are confident that you will be able to find your suitable torrents for entertainment or education purposes.

Turns out that there is a mirror website of ExtraTorrent called ExtraTorrent. There was one very unusual thing that we found about ExtraTorrent. Whenever we opened the website, our CPU usage went up to 99 percent, which was a very puzzling thing to encounter. Either this is a bug in the torrent website that they need to address, or it is something else that we have not been able to pinpoint.

Best of all, the interface of the website is neat and clean, allowing for seamless traveling and navigation between various pages without getting confused in the middle.

Torrents are nothing but files of a few kilobytes without a torrent client installed on your computer. To get the actual files you want on your local storage, you will require some of the best torrent clients for a various number of supported operating systems.

Luckily for you, we recently covered a list of the 10 popular free torrent software for three popular platforms, Windows, Mac, and Linux. For added measure, we have also included some terrific free torrent clients that support Android, because you never know when people want to move this storage to their phones. Most of you might not be aware of this but there has been a sudden increase in activity when it comes to law enforcement authorities on the shutting down of torrent download sites and arresting perpetrators.

Most countries are already dealing with so many problems that they cannot invest the time, money and effort to curb torrent-downloading activities but developed countries are where such laws are quite strict.

As a solution, the best possible way to start torrenting without potentially being detected by the authorities is by using privacy protection services in the form of VPNs. ExpressVPN , Private Internet Access VPN , and IPVanish are some of the few services that are known to help out users in remaining anonymous when browsing best torrenting sites and downloading files, so try these out and start browsing when you switch on your machine.

Before you aim to get a boatload of content installed and running on your computer, know that there are several risks involved while using BitTorrent sites. If and when you are able to, please pay for this kind of content such as purchasing games or signing up for streaming services.

This is because in some countries, it is actually a crime to download torrents and it is summarized as the illegal sharing of copyrighted material. Still, allow us to remove the confusion a bit more. P2P file sharing technology is completely legal , as many of the files traded through P2P are indeed copyrighted. However, uploading these copyrighted files will put you at risk of a civil lawsuit in countries like USA, Canada, Australia, UK, and others to be very careful in what you are getting yourself into.

Lawsuits filed are categorized under class-action suits, meaning that they are filed against groups of users who copy and distribute copyrighted materials and will have to appear in court to answer for their crimes. However, and this bit is very important so please pay close attention, some lawsuits are also targeted towards individual users.

Now, why does such a thing happen? Perhaps the party wants to make an example out of you and the hearing of a lawsuit is sufficient to prevent an individual from ever engaging in the activity.

These P2P civil lawsuits are very real and they are very scary plus more often than not, it delivers an extreme level of stress and financial burden on the blamed individual. Since the internet is an open book right now, there are a higher number of chances of you being caught.

For example, you might not have read the terms and conditions of your Internet Service Provider but here is what they might do. They might choose to release a history of your download and upload activity to potential copyright plaintiffs. In short, the more content you download and store in your local storage, the higher the chances are that you come under the radar of copyright protection groups. You may download some movies or videos from torrent sites which are in different formats, but unfortunately found that these files will not be compatible with your player.

Though The Pirate Bay might become your number one choice as best torrenting site for the downloading your favorite stuff, it is possible that there is a unique file that you might not find on this torrent website, since we stated before that not all websites are perfect. Instead, try browsing other alternatives and see if your luck starts there. As a reminder, be very careful when downloading torrents, especially in countries where the law is merciless to such offenders. As an added form of protection please use VPNs to reduce your chances of being caught by the authorities.

The last thing you would want is to get in trouble with the wrong people. It uses most of the websites featured in this post. Log into your account. How to Transfer from iPhone to Android without iTunes. Contents How are we going to rate torrenting websites? YIFY is another great torrent file downloading site with its huge database of torrents. It is damn near impossible to get tons of exposure and audience within the short duration, but YIFY torrent site made it possible.

Free movie download sites. IsoHunt is another best torrenting sites to download your desired torrent file without any hassle. It was started back in , soon after a couple of weeks after its launch the admin of this site closed this due to some of the copyright issues. Then again he started an IsoHunt to serve for torrent addicts. Bitsnoop also remembered in this list with its millions of torrent files its directory.

Best part, this site had a team which removes the Trojans and virus rich torrent files. Also ban the spam users who upload the Trojans and virus in the form of torrent files.

Actually X is the community which later turned into torrent website. Here the community users upload the torrent files. Lime torrent is another old member of the Best torrent sites, It captured its popularity in the recent times. It has the huge database, which contains your desired torrent file.

With the help of Lime torrent, you can download any torrent file either with magnetic URL or using the torrent clients. You can also download books using this torrent sites, I will call this as top torrent site for books. Recently, I have also shared free movie apps to watch free movies on your Android phone. Else, you can use this torrent site for android mobile downloads as well like Android games, apps etc.

You can also contribute to this torrent site by sharing torrent files there to help them in increasing their database. Summo torrent is basically a torrent search engine from which you can find your favourite torrent from list of various torrent sites which is sorted on basis of your keyword. Tor Lock is one of best torrent site if you want to get rid from fake torrents. As, many sites publish fake torrents which harms our PC and sometimes install spyware or trojans in our pc.

So, if you are looking for a torrent site from which you can download safe torrent files, then you must give a try to Tor Lock. You can also read user comments or can check user ratings before downloading any torrent. Rarbg is undoubtedly one of best torrenting site from which you can download torrents for free. So, I suggest you to install Ad blocker plugin before browsing this site to prevent high bandwidth usage as well.

Torrent Hound is best torrent site for safe torrents, which you must try for torrenting. As, Torrent Hound is one of safest torrent site which I personally believe on my experience. So, if you are looking for safest torrent sites from a long time, then you must try out Torrent Hound once. Moreover, it is one of best site for latest Bollywood movie downloads because this site uploads latest Bollywood movies almost on the same day of release.

TorrentBox is one of best torrent site which you must try out. I had updated this post of top torrent sites to add this site into list especially. UI of this torrent site is modern and well polished. You can search for your favourite files from Search Box. To be frank, this is my favourite site for torrenting.

SeedPeer is one of best torrenting site to download verified torrent. SeedPeer provides Torrent search, Browse categories, Verified torrents, statistics. Moreover, you can upload torrent as well. SeedPeer is available in many languages like English, Chinese, Russian etc.

Torrent Funk is one of my favourite torrent site. Alexa Rank of Torrent Funk is which is super awesome. I am damn sure that you will love this torrent site after trying it once. The only thing which we do not liked of this site is that this site has clutter of ads which is a bit disappointing other than this problem it is one of best torrent site ever launched. Torrent Reactor is best torrent site if you are looking for a site with cool interface which has huge database of files with less number of ads.

You can find most active torrents over web on this site. You can also check health of any torrent from health meter which can give rough idea of any torrent file. Demonoid is one of best torrent forum site. Basically, this torrent site is for you if you likes to interact with people who are having similar interests to you.

Moreover, you can discuss with other people before downloading any torrent file if it is virus free. Free MP3 Download Sites These websites will help you to find your desired files. Knowing the best torrenting sites will help you a lot as you will not waste your precious time on spammy websites. Do you know any torrent site other than mentioned above?

I mostly use pirate bay. Sometimes it get banned but I access it through proxies. Btw, thanks for sharing. You have added some extra knowledge among the web community. Kickass torrents has more Seeders than thepiratebay, But TPB Just got a good reputation by doing such great things like pissing of kanye west hehe xD. Hi Ashik List of torrent sites shared by you is quite good. I use KickAss Torrent most of times its one best torrent site you will ever find. I just want to say that you have listed simply best torrent sites.

Personally, I think Monova and Torrentz. To use blocked download websites and blocked torrent websites.

Use opera browser with turbo mode.

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