Windows Xp and Cisco VPN Client

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Shrew Soft doesn't work for me. They both have the same Anti Virus old and new HP's , and its settings - I've even disabled it, firewall is disabled. Tuesday, December 13, 1: For the native VPN I just followed a suggestion posted earlier. Friday, September 23,

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Go Premium Individual Business. I've talked with Cisco and they state that the VPN client is not Encrypting the packets back out that something is blocking these packets. Cisco said it might be software related - but the older HP's have literally the same exact software loads as the new HP Envy does - so I do not believe its software based in that aspect - that I loaded something that is blocking these packets.

They both have the same Anti Virus old and new HP's , and its settings - I've even disabled it, firewall is disabled. I also just rebuilt the old HP laptop and still was unable to connect.

I checked the Bios and found nothing that I would think would be blocking it. I've tried different software versions of the VPN clients - same issue. Since that point it has not worked on the older HP's. Thus why I rebuilt the one to see if it would fix the problem which it has not. So the basic question is has anyone ran into something like this where the Cisco Client encryptd packets are being blocked?

It could be hardware based - software based -??? Solutions Learn More Through Courses. Experts Exchange Solution brought to you by Enjoy your complimentary solution view. Get every solution instantly with Premium. Start your 7-day free trial. I wear a lot of hats The systems that work, are they connected to the same remote network as the ones that don't? Does location or how you connect the systems to the internet have any impact on the behavior?

Also when you connect, do you get any errors at all on the client? Or does it just complete the connection and act like it's fully connected, but won't pass any traffic? It does not matter where the connection is the one that works works, and the ones that do not work do not no matter where I might be at or what the connection is - as I've tried several different places. I have version 5. Hey has anyone got the cisco VPN client to work on win 8?

Saturday, September 17, Hi, When do you see this error - while trying to connect to VPN server. Tuesday, September 20, 7: Hi, I see the error when I try to connect. The error number is But no dual boot. Tuesday, September 20, 8: Thursday, September 22, 9: Friday, September 23, 7: On Fri, 23 Sep Windows has included a native VPN client for as long as I can remember. I access the native VPN client? I'm on your side Paul. Edited by AlfredBr Friday, September 23, 9: Friday, September 23, 9: Friday, September 23, Edited by AlfredBr Saturday, September 24, 2: Saturday, September 24, Saturday, September 24, 8: Edited by AlfredBr Sunday, September 25, 1: Saturday, September 24, 1: Wednesday, October 05, 3: David Butchart I am able to connect to VPN through the mentioned software, but unable to access my servers nor via software or browser!

Sunday, October 09, 9: Edited by Condliffe Monday, October 10, 5: Monday, October 10, 5: Enabling 'Digest' authentication may help. Monday, October 10, 7: Thursday, October 13, 8: The ShrewSoft vpn client worked for me also on Windows 8 64bit. Thank you very much. Saturday, November 05, 3: Edited by Mr Solo Thursday, November 10, Thursday, November 10, Tuesday, November 15, Wednesday, November 23, 1: Cisko VPV working without any problems now.

Antoine Benkemoun 6, 3 33 Thanks for the clarification. I thought IPSec being an "industry standard" meant that it's cross-vendor compatible. Well it's standardized via RFCs but just Cisco decided to not have cross-vendor compatibility. Do any vendors do strict IPSec? Andrioid 1, 1 15 A cludge of a solution: Just remember RFC truth 3 With sufficient thrust, pigs fly just fine. TEsted and working on On ubuntu 9. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.

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