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Asus-Merlin FW vs Tomato or DD-WRT for RT-AC66 or RTAC68 Routers
I imagine it's a similar situation. We regularly blog in our spare time. When the power led starts blinking, release the reset button. The page should refresh and shows the list of files available for your operating system. RMerlin , Apr 2, Power Off the router. Feb 26, Messages:

What is Tomato?

Upgrading ASUS RT-AC66U to TomatoUSB

Just Checking , Mar 30, Jan 28, Messages: I ran DD-WRT on it for some time but finally got fed of up with their code quality - there were new beta builds coming out every day.

It seemed like there was a lot of bug regressions and multiple builds to pick through Brainslayers, ekos, etc. I switched to Tomato and was very happy with it.

I ended up buying an Asus after the Linksys died - which was good since it started to be a bottleneck as Comcast kept raising their speeds. Shortly after the Asus purchase, I switched to Merlin's releases. I enjoy his perspective - simple and clean. I don't use a lot of the advanced features VPN, torrent client but for the most part everything's been fine.

Feb 26, Messages: In case of Openwrt, IGMP Snooping is broken in many models, because the feature is related to switch manufacturer specific drivers - or their bugs. You can hardly use Openwrt'ed router without multicast packet flooding which resulted in Openwrt's inferiority to stock firmwares in some IPTV environment.

But still super rich features. I imagine it's a similar situation. You probably get less than a half, more likely a quarter, of what you get with HW acceleration.

I wonder whether there is any other performance factor. Dec 3, Messages: If i remember correctly, you dont need HW Acceleration up to mbps.

Every firmware uses same Broadcom drivers, so if you are having issues with WiFi or lan speeds, then blame Broadcom for their poor drivers.

At the end of the day, you need to chose firmware based on features and stability. Kong dd-wrt has been doing a good job with his firmware, fixing issues as soon as they are found.

Tomato is still new on AC68, some people like my self cant even get it to work, so its still in early Beta stages. Merlin firmware is good, but lacks features that other firmwares offer. KGB7 , Mar 30, Aug 5, Messages: I've been very pleased with the performance, but I miss some features that Tomato offers. This would be my preferred feature to add in Asuswrt-Merlin, if there were a feature request list. Overall, though, I've been really happy with Asuswrt-Merlin.

Just Checking , Apr 1, Jul 13, Messages: Ensure the computer is configured to use DHCP. Press and hold on to the reset button. Start the firmware flashing process. If a prompt appears stating that it is a incompatible firmware, acknowledge and proceed with the flash.

Allow the firmware flashing to complete. Keep holding on to the WPS button for at least 30 seconds before releasing it The router should reboot once you release the WPS button.

After the router has completed booting up, navigate to the TomatoUSB web admin http: You will need to do the following steps. The router should reboot. Once the router has finished rebooting, navigate to the TomatoUSB web administration page. Once the router has finish rebooting, the status page should reflect the 5GHz wireless band. If these step-by-step guides have been very helpful to you and saved you a lot of time, please consider treating shadowandy to a cup of Starbucks.

View USB storage attached to A. Click Upload on the Asus firmware recovery software and wait for the process to finish. The router will reboot after the upgrade. In some cases, you may need to reboot it yourself manually. The steps are pretty straightforward. Provided that you have pick the correct firmware for your router, it should boot. Try flashing it again. Your email address will not be published.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Download the file for the AC66U. Open the Asus Firmware restoration software Select the Tomato firmware you recently downloaded.

Asus RT-AC66U – How to solve problems with 5GHz radio