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We were directed to delete her account then create a new one. You can still see all customer reviews for the product. I've used this app for years on a variety of platforms with nary a problem. Clicking there will bring up your entries for that URL and you simply click on the one you want for auto-fill. Enter the e-mail address of the recipient Add your own personal message:

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I was surprised to see the number of negative reviews here. Most of the issues seem to be with customer support, which I have never needed to use.

It lets me use complex and unique passwords without effort. It consistently gets high marks from professionals PCMag, etc. I can't speak to the support issue, but the product has been just fine for me. I submitted their requested information in order to obtain their service.

I had read a decent review of what they offered. I was in the process of completing what was requested but my request wasn't processing for some unknown reason. I quit the application so no filled application was submitted to them. I thought that I should try later once again. In the meantime I was in need of obtaining balance information on one of my accounts and I noticed that my bank sign in was asking me to start the sign in process from scratch.

I did as requested and got into my account. Then I noticed that another site that I was signing into, and did so regularly, told me that either my username or password were incorrect. I went into my records and confirmed my login data. I decided to choose 'forgot password? I received no such email and I cannot get into the webpage. I waited a day and resubmitted my request for my password or to be allowed to change my password and I still get no response from my website. In addition, I am experiencing password difficulties with other accounts.

I did get an image of LastPass when I first tried to sign in to my bank account and that was back when I first encountered the difficulty. I ignored it as I had not submitted a complete application and had paid no fees. It appears as though LastPass has engaged most or all of my passwords and, in a sense, locked me out of them. By the way, they are impossible to discuss this with. Cleverly, they are unavailable by telephone and I could not find an email address to contact.

Now, all I am waiting for is a charge to appear on my checking account for my troubles. This worked for quite a while but went bad about 2 months ago from the time of this writing. When a password is created or when any entry is changed, LastPass fails to save the change. I'm given a response that the server timed out. This happens regardless of platform or location.

I had the problem for months before I finally decided that LastPass wasn't going to detect and fix the problem. I reported it over a week ago and although they've told me they've duplicated the problem, it's still not fixed. Worse, I can't talk to anyone because they only have email as a method to communicate. Imagine that, in today's Chat world, they're stuck using email. Their support is terrible.

Even as a "premium user". No phone number, days and weeks between responses that don't even seem to be relevant to my current problem. Too reliant on "export, uninstall, reinstall, reimport" as their like only solution to problems. I can't even log into the help center on my paid, premium account because their web programmers shove the login back to the "my sites" landing page. I have had a premium account for about 5 years. This week, shortly after LastPass took money for a renewed subscription, they informed me they were ditching XMarks.

This shows appalling contempt for their customers. In disgust, I have unsubscribed. My new sub with Dashlane, which is marvellous, has highlighted that LastPass is actually not all that good either. I have been a LastPass user for almost 5 years - first as free version and then as premium.

I understand that prices go up but do it fairly, transparently and communicate with your clients. Now trying to talk with customer service to get explanation. I am being put into silly loop of responses that do not address my concern. They have me by the throat now as of course I all my password in there. It's a good product but it's too bad that company doesn't care about their clients enough to be honest with the price changes.

I've used LastPass subscription version for about 3 years. Prior to upgrading, I use the free version for about a year. The interface is easy for me to use because I've used it so long it has become familiar to me. I always have a feeling that there MUST be a better, more simple one to use "out there", but I've tried several other similar programs, and this one seems to works well enough for me so far, even though I DO have several annoying problems with it from time to time. For example, on random occasions, the program doesn't load on startup even though I've set it to do so.

Thus, when I attempt to login to sites, the autologin feature doesn't work, and the only indicator of the status is the icon is dark. That indicator is difficult to spot until I try to open passworded sites and see that the autologin feature isn't working as it should.

To utilize it, I have to launch the program manually. In some instances, the autologin feature doesn't work even though the setting is correct. Oftentimes, the program wants to save usernames and passwords for sites I've already established in LP and I get incorrect logins and errors from the websites I attempt to use.

Recently I changed ISPs, and that was a total cluster There's no way to make batch changes. You must open each website one by one, change your personal user data in each one, and then change the entries in LastPass - a cumbersome, lengthy, and time-consuming process. Because I'm a home user and I don't have to be overly concerned about security in my office, so I'd love to be able to print out the myriad list of URLs, usernames, and passwords, so that if a crash during which data without trying to recall it all, or access each website and go through the "lost password" process on each.

Also, I haven't seen an update in the software in all the time I've used it, which leads me to believe the creator s are assuming the software is as good as it can be and doesn't need tweaking for ANY reason, even though there are probably plenty of users making input which, if attended to, could significantly improve the product. I'm going to undertake a review of other like programs to see if there's one that is better and has fewer user complaints.

Despite all that, I keep LP because the effort to populate a new one would be so labor and time intensive.

That is unless the newest and best was clearly better and more user-friendly than the LP current version. Meanwhile, I keep hoping one like that will eventually become available. I was locked out again within the last four months. Account recovery does not work. They say create new account, so I try using my email address, which results in LP saying that email account already exists and therefore I cannot do that.

The password hint box sent to email is blank. For one site, a LastPass overlay popped-up allowing me to copy and paste first the login name, then the password from the small pop-up to the login page, and absent the auto-fill I'm used to on the PC, this was the best case -- but only for one site. For most other login pages, LastPass actually adds confusion by offering to fill-in the login page by pressing "Go" or Enter, then either doing..

I'm sure I entered my LastPass login at least as many times as I obtained login information for a half-dozen different sites tested within an hour. I'll give the LastPass android app another week, hoping to understand how to make it useful, but if not useful then I may test their day trial agreement.

Still, for a buck-a-month LastPass premium is one way to get those horrible secure passwords to be accessible on both PC and mobile devices. For newcomers, just remember to sign-up for LastPass on your PC, where it works, before trying LastPass on Android, where it doesn't work.

By Audrey on December 10, I have been using LastPass for 5 months now. I started with the free version on my PC, but then decided to switch to the pay version so I could also use it on my Kindle Fire.

It works well on the PC, with some occasional strangeness that I have learned to work around. For example, some websites have a login screen where LastPass correctly adds the necessary information, but then the website has it where an additional entry is needed for security PIN or similar ; LastPass incorrectly thinks this is a new password and the old one should be overwritten.

Overall, though, very good on the PC. LastPass works on the Kindle Fire. I have to enter my Master Password every single time I go to a login screen.

I eventually get where I need to be, but in a more convoluted manner than on the PC. I find that it is better to generate new passwords and do anything a bit more intensive using the PC instead of the tablet.

I like the security of randomly generated long passwords, which LastPass seems to do well, and the convenience of being able to access them through this password manager. By Charlie S on February 4, I have been a long-time fan and subscriber to LastPass. It works great on most of my platforms, but doesn't work at all on the Kindle Fire 8 latest model. I can't explain it beyond that; it simply acts as though it has no idea it is on a Kindle -- as though it was in running a sandbox.

Strange error messages ask for the user to scroll up in order to display the address bar when it is already visible, and that's only after manually activating the fill helper. It flat out won't automatically recognize logins like it should Needs developer's attention ASAP.

This is a paid service, for crying out loud! By Amazon Customer on November 29, Great way to generate complex passwords, and using the premium non-free version of the app, synchronize across multiple devices. Also includes functionality to store other secured data like software keys, driver's license, credit card numbers, etc. You can also establish shared folders if you want someone else to have access to select passwords. It also includes some nice utilities like poking you politely if you're using same password on multiple accounts, and can even tag passwords with expiration dates so you're reminded to change them periodically.

You log into LastApp using your username and master password, just as you log in to the browser extension. If you've enabled a second authentication factor, you'll have to provide that as well, naturally. I noticed that the menu associated with the tray icon includes most of the browser extension's functionality.

You can launch saved websites, open a limited version of the vault, and edit secure notes. All the new item types appear in the list of secure notes, but you can only create old-style notes, the kind that don't show up in the new browser extension.

My advice is to use LastApp only for application passwords. To save an application password, you select Add Application from the icon's menu and click Find. The cursor becomes a crosshair, and the window under the cursor gets a red border. When you click, LastPass captures the app's full pathname.

Sticky Password Premium uses a similar crosshair-cursor technique to get details about the app, while RoboForm tacks a toolbar onto the bottom edge of the login window. Previously, LastPass used what it called Training mode to capture the login credentials as you entered them. Now it works more like Keeper's application password system. You click Next and enter the username and password, then click OK to save the data. Where Keeper proceeds to fill the credentials you just entered, LastPass makes you click the icon and choose Fill Application.

At this point the crosshair cursor appears again. Click the app with it to fill your credentials. You can also click Applications in the menu and select the desired app to launch it, but I found that it doesn't automatically fill credentials. Long-time LastPass users will find that LastApp looks very familiar. Checking my files, it looks like its appearance hasn't changed in at least five years. This is a little jarring juxtaposed with the fresh look of the new browser extensions.

My LastPass contact says the company focuses strongly on the browser extensions, noting that "filling passwords in desktop applications is niche right now. It offers multifactor authentication using Yubikeys, something few people who aren't security professionals possess.

The company itself admits that filling application passwords isn't their focus. In addition to those features, upgrading to LastPass Premium gives you an ad-free experience and priority in the support queue. However, in all my years of using LastPass I can't remember ever needing support.

The free edition of LastPass is so feature-rich that I can't really see paying for it. LastPass Premium is a very good product, undercut on value by its own free edition, which remains an Editors' Choice. Ease of use is of utmost importance in a password manager; you don't want to confuse users or annoy them with unnecessary complexity. With its attractive interface, smooth operation, and advanced features, Dashlane is an Editors' Choice for commercial password manager. When I next review those two, I'll be taking a hard look at complexity and at ease of use.

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Cons Doesn't add enough to what you can get for free. Bottom Line With LastPass Premium, you get all the powerful features of the free LastPass, along with a handful of enhancements that you don't necessarily need.

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