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7 Best IP Hiding Softwares
And, they don't record your activities or what you do online. Cons No cons whatsoever. These two come with good number of additional features like browser ID protection, web traffic encryption, advertisement blocking, configure LAN proxy, create secure hotspot, and more. Pal Trend December 8, at 7: It has a clean and intuitive GUI. It is obviously a pretty good VPN service that everyone should try. So if you wish to reap the benefits of IP hiding programs, go right ahead and take a look at the alternatives below.

How to Hide IP?

Best IP hider software list of 2017

I posted a note on their Facebook page that I wanted to cancel. It took 18 days for someone to respond to that post. Once I got a note from whomever on the Facebook page, he told me to write customer support, who told me I was not entitled to a refund because I didn't notify them.

They admit that their website was down I think that's pretty poor. They also said that while I said on the FB post that I wanted to cancel.. I didn't explicitly say I wanted a refund. It all strikes me as a bit sketchy. There is no manual entry option so you can't even enter and stick with one you found that is active. Easy install, simple user interface.

So far everything is working just as advertised here on CNET. The only con I would say is that my internet speed is just a little bit slower. I did expect that to happen so its really not a con just an observation. This is by far the best IP masking software I have used. I had a different one that I fought with every hour I tried to use it. That one was called Mask My IP. I was hesitant to pay at first but Im so glad I went with this program.

Simply open the application, and chose the state or country that you want to be 'from' and thats it. Lots of servers to chose from in each location and no dropouts or failures to connect to date. Should also note how tiny the app is so no worries about Bloatware or not being able to Uninstall. How can you go wrong? Nothing like dealing with a real person who replies quickly. Wait - these are more 'pros' arent they? I don't care what else is out there - if it aint broke, dont try to fix it and this has served me well for about 5 years now.

In fact, I only recently upgraded versions - ive been using the SAME version I downloaded almost 5 years ago and it was going strong. Hesitant to ruin a good thing, I upgraded and the newer version is evern more responsive and cleaner than before.

Your app has never let me down and I intend to use it as long as you're in business! Its fast, efficient and non-intrusive. It does exactly what its supposed to do. And its prompt customer support has always been able to sort me out when I've had problems with my ISP or router connectivity. I have tried many of these IP hiding programs and most are rubbish but this one works and works well.

All of the content available on the internet will be accessible if you install this VPN and it even helps you bypass various firewalls. This is available for free and you can also opt for the paid Elite subscription of the service. It is compatible with both Windows and Mac computers. And the final option on our roster is Platinum Hide IP that can also be used for the purpose of hiding IP addresses and browsing the web without revealing your identity to anyone.

It discourages others from tracking your online activities and gives you the choice of sending anonymous emails. All of its features are pretty much similar to the alternatives mentioned above so you can even expect it to give you access to websites and forums that were previously inaccessible to you.

Its free and paid versions are available through the official websites. So these are some of the best IP hiding software that will make sure that your real identity is not revealed. In case you think we have missed out on a program that is better than these, feel free to let us know about it. Do get back to us with your views regarding the utilities that are undoubtedly the best in this category as soon as you get around to test them.

Features You Should Read. Thank you for your time and effort in providing concise explanations. It looks as if one is no longer able to Surf Anonymously with Cyberghost 6 Free, which was possible with V5. I have not seen any comments anywhere about this difference, so I must wonder if I'm misinterpreting something.

Hi, can anybody recommend a paid IP service that might be best for my intentions? I'm new to learning about internet security. I travel for work hotels, train, plane and would like to be able to use the free wi-fi when I travel. I use a mac and have both a personal user account as well as a business user account and would to hide my IP from both user accounts and be able to browse anonymously without anyone being able to know my IP or spy on my internet activity while traveling.

Any help is appreciated. Hide My IP 6 License. You may also use whatismylocalip. Por favor,activa el JavaScript! Do you want to protect your privacy? If the answer is yes, you are at the right place! You might also like: The below list is not in any particular order. ExpressVPN doesn't provide a free or trial version. According to the company, they don't store any traffic logs! This is a huge plus for a VPN service. And, they offer Unlimited bandwidth and military grade encryption AES It encrypts bit AES Encryption all online traffic and ensures data remains hidden from hackers when on an open wireless network.

It has a feature called Automatic Kill Switch, which make sure that your true IP address is never exposed online in the event of a dropped VPN connection. CyberGhost offers a 7-day trial version, try it for free. TunnelBear is a great VPN service that offers a lot of really good features. Another important feature in the TunnelBear is "GhostBear", which is an anti-censorship and restriction mechanism that works to make your encrypted VPN data appear like regular network traffic.

This is very useful when you are on a network that limits VPN traffic! Also please note that the TunnelBear will not allow you to enable GhostBear if your computer is running a custom proxy.

TunnelBear also doesn't collect any of what you browse while connected to the service. But they collect some generic information like the version of your operating system and the TunnelBear app, the number of active sessions you use per month but not the time spent on the VPN , your total data usage every month, and etc.

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