How to Download Torrents on iPhone / iPad iOS 2018

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Download Torrents On iOS (iPhone, iPad)
Download the BarMagnert iPA file from above. Are you fond of using iPad to keep your academic records intact? Here, I am using Documents App as my download manager. Install this app from the Appstore link. Now the software will ask you for some data, put your Apple ID username and pass. To download torrents on your iPad or other iOS devices without jailbreak, first of all, you need to have a download manager installed on your device. By submitting this form you agree to our Terms of service and Privacy Policy.

How to Download Torrents on iPhone, iPad (iOS)

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The first method requires you to use torrent clients. Meanwhile, in the second method, you need to rely on third-party web-based services. In order to download torrents on your iPad or other iOS devices without jailbreak, first of all, you need to have a download manager installed in your device. You can download your favorite torrent clients from the Apple App Store. One of the best option available is the idownloader or iTransmission.

Although you can also use it for free, you will face some unconventional problems that require certification clearance. BuildStore requires you to signup for an account on the website.

Once your iOS device is registered, you can browse and open your favorite torrent website on Safari. You should then navigate to iTransmission App Page. Once on that page, all you need to do is to tap the install button. Once the iTransmission torrent client is downloaded on your iOS device, you can easily download and transfer your torrent files with anybody you want.

For transferring files from your iPhone via iTransmission, you need to open iTransmission website on your device. The third step is to select your source of torrent that you wish to download from the menu.

You have three options: If you want to search and download your favorite torrents. If you have a magnet link for torrent download. If you have a direct link to download a torrent file. Once the desired torrent file, that you are willing to download is in the queue, you will have to wait for some time, as the downloading takes time. Remember that you should not disconnect or close down your torrent file during the process of download, as you will face disruptions.

Apple refuses to allow any torrent clients on the App Store, despite the fact that you can download just as much illegal content using the Safari browser that comes with iOS. Luckily, there are ways for iOS users to download torrents, and the icing on the cake is that you can use Safari to do so. This method involves using a service that essentially downloads the torrent for you and gives you a direct download link instead. There are several such services, but one I can confirm works with iOS is zbigz.

The way it works is that you go the torrent you need, copy the link, and then head over to zbigz. There you paste the link, hit go, and wait. Instead you can use a dedicated download app, of which there are a ton on iOS. When the file download process is complete, you can control the access to the archive. You have now become the seeder to that particular file. Additionally, for your information, iTransmission does not support torrent downloads on the cellular data by default.

And there you have it! You have now successfully downloaded a torrent file onto your iPad without jailbreaking the device. I hope that our how to download torrents on iPad without Jailbreak has helped you in some way. What can I say? When I'm not writing about tech I'm at the beach or traveling. Welcome to my website. Have a look around. I hope it helps. Articles About Apple iOS. Prev Article Next Article.

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