How to use your PS4 as a media streamer with or without DLNA

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12 Best streaming apps for PS4 – PlayStation 4 streaming apps 2017
If you are a PlayStation Pro owner and you have a premium subscription plan, 4K streaming is possible. And Crunchyroll offers shows for free as long as you can stomach a few advertisements. You'll now need to enable Remote Play on your PlayStation 4. However, the free version is more than capable of media management and does allow users to stream from PC to PS4. Vevo's PS4 app is simplistic, sure, but thankfully that makes it pretty easy navigate.

Want the best streaming video and music apps? Get these!

Video and Music

Want to watch movies on your PS4 one day and your tablet the next? How about those digital photos you have stored up or movies you downloaded forever ago? Plex is an all-in-one media hub for those who like to have all their content in one place. It seamlessly coordinates your personal media collection, subscription services and apps such as Netflix and allows you to play the content on almost any device. After installing the free Plex software on the PS4 you set up your media, add any subscription services like Amazon Prime and then you're good to go.

The free version will work for almost anyone as it has just about everything you could want in a media server without the hassle of setting up your own. After downloading the software adding your personal media collection can be tedious but it is worth it to have everything in one place and available on any device. The streaming quality will depend greatly on your own network connection.

Some users have experienced slight delays when streaming one content type to a device that normally does not support it, but it is reportedly not enough of a problem to cause major frustration. The interface is slick and easy to use. Once you get past the hurdle of adding your media, you won't remember living without it.

Plex got us to wondering what other apps are available for movie viewing on the PS4. Here is a list of the highest rated:.

Starting with the obvious, Netflix is still one of the best places to go for movies. Navigation is easy and their recommendations tend to be good if you take the time to rate your favorite movies. One of a multitude of features available is the ability to stream from PC to PS4. Multiple PS4 media client apps currently exist on the market. Setup is a quick process and will work almost instantly with most server clients. Forget about clogging your limited Sony hard-drive space with movies, music, and game data, just use anyone of the programs below to stream your media content from your PC.

Best Streaming apps for PS4 ]. Here at htpcBeginner, we have taken the time to put together some of the best options for streaming everything inducing movies, television, music, and photos from a PC onto your Sony console. Multiple PS4 media client apps exist on the market, many are free and some offer premium streaming content and features.

Probably the number one media app for the PS4. Plex offers a wide variety of options, features, and content, while simultaneously acting as a means of accessing network media on PS4.

It is intuitive and easy to use. Plex offers a simple design, easy navigation and intuitive interface. Some of its more advanced features include the ability to share files across the network and even adding. It is good for those not overly technical, and want a quick, organized means of accessing content. Subscribers gain other feature including access to cloud storage.

There is a big limitation of services offered for free users, however, the cost of Plex a month is minimal and well worth it. Paid content aside, Plex comes with enough basic features to keep PS4 users happy. Its primary purpose as a streaming content provider does little to interfere with its power as a media server.

Formerly known for having the biggest library of recent hit movies, Home Box Office's real draw over the last decade is its consistent slate of award-winning original shows see: HBO Go collects a wide swath of recent movies and almost every major program that's aired on the channel.

Another bit of bad news comes in the form of a weird restriction that keeps Comcast subscribers from accessing HBO on PlayStation consoles whereas Xbox One owners can tie their Comcast accounts to their console.

These sound like tough questions to answer, but they're not. Subs always beat dubs. Goku can destroy planets, so it's no contest there.

And Crunchyroll offers shows for free as long as you can stomach a few advertisements. Its the clear winner. Former cable subscribers know how tough it is to make up for the sheer amount of content lost when cutting the cord. While the likes of Netflix and Hulu have quite a bit of content and great original programming to boot , most alternatives lack the depth of a pricy cable plan with a spacious DVR.

While it's still very limited in its availability, PlayStation Vue could become one of the biggest cable-killers around. PlayStation Vue offers dozens of the most popular channels either live or archived at prices far more accommodating than cable. It's also smarter than any cable option we've seen, giving suggestions on live programming based on what you've watched before and storing far more content than any DVR thanks to cloud saving. PlayStation Vue is a cable competitor and is priced as such.

On it, you can find any number of extreme sports, as well as some footage of the cool events the company sponsors year after year. There's "live" TV there as well if you're just looking to be put on the edge of your seat, and plenty of channels if you're keyed into a specific interest.

Don't be ashamed if you attempted to put a PlayStation 3 game in your PS4 after purchasing Sony's next-gen console. Both the PS2 and PS3 touted backwards compatibility as a major feature before the PS4 ditched it to focus more power on modern games.

It may have taken awhile, but there is now a way to explore a portion of the PlayStation 3's catalog via streaming, and it's called PlayStation Now.

There are around games to rent and over with unlimited access via a subscription. This means if you're iffy about buying an older PS3 to attach to your television, Now has a ton of options for those who want to play the previous generation's greatest games. It's still a bit paltry for the price, but with Sony adding to the subscription pool every month the deal becomes better every 30 or so days. PS4 apps aren't all music or movie-related.

This one's called WeatherNation and it gives you a fairly good look at both the national and local forecasts. Want to see if you should head outside to play baseball instead of sitting inside and playing another season of MLB The Show? This is your ticket to meteorology on-demand. Check out our PS4 vs PS4: PSVR compared and explained video below. IGN's PS4 app is completely free. Vevo's PS4 app is completely free. Red Bull TV is completely free.

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