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How to set up an OS X OpenVPN client
How driverless cars, hyperloop, and drones will change our travel plans. Tunnelblick was successfully installed. Select and drag Viscosity icon to the Applications folder by holding your left mouse button down, release it once the icon is inside the folder. A new box appears asking for credentials. If you have an iPhone, you're in for an even bigger treat. A dialogue box appears:

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This works so well that I have been able to obtain a kerberos-ticket and access a kerberos-authentication-only web site on the internal network while sitting in my car across town. It is a fantastic and robust OpenVPN client, but you may wish to give something like Tunnelblick a go first to see if it meets your needs.

The latest version of Tunnelblick is 3. This makes it a lightweight frontend to the OpenVPN command-line program, and the configuration for such can be found in the previous tip about configuring the Linux client. Primarily, you will need to change the "remote" directive to point to the OpenVPN server, and ensure that the ca, cert, and key directives are correct.

Once that is done and the configuration file has been saved, use the Tunnelblick menu icon to initiate a connection to the specified OpenVPN server and watch the OpenVPN log output as it connects. Tunnelblick is good, if a little rough. It is, after all, a simple frontend to the openvpn command line program. Shimo is great if you need a little more power, flexibility, and hand-holding.

It is also the best of the bunch if you need to connect to different types of VPNs. He has been writing about and developing on Linux for over 10 years and is a veteran Mac user. Can Russian hackers be stopped? Here's why it might take 20 years. How driverless cars, hyperloop, and drones will change our travel plans. How labs in space could pave the way for healthcare breakthroughs on Earth.

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In the Authentication pane, you will need to select your Certificate Authority file ca. There is no need to set the username and password unless it is required by the server for the purposes of this series, we elected to use just certificates without further authentication mechanisms.

Download the Mac OS configuration files package. Double-click on the Tunnelblick icon in the Tunnelblick disk image Finder window.

A new dialogue box appears: Tunnelblick is an application downloaded from the Internet. Are you sure you want to open it? A dialogue box appears: Tunnelblick was successfully installed.

Do you wish to launch Tunnelblick now? An administrator username and password will be required so Tunnelblick can be secured. You may see a dialogue box: Type your password to allow Tunnelblick to make changes.

Then exit Tunnelblick totally. Please make sure the Tunnelblick is not running in the background — the configurations would fail to be imported if Tunnelblick is running. Select all Mac OS configuration files and double-click on one An administrator username and password will be required.

By doing this, you will add the servers to the Tunnelblick server list. Find the Tunnelblick icon in your menu bar top right. Click on the Tunnelblick icon to bring down the dropdown menu and you will see the list of our servers. You are connected to VPN. To disconnect click on the Tunnelblick icon in your menu bar and select Disconnect from the drop down menu. Download Viscosity Mac OS

How To Set Up OpenVPN on Mac OS X