Best iPhone Apps for 2018

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best iphone 4 apps
Theoretically, no one should ever have to manually manage apps on iOS. You may unsubscribe from the newsletters at any time. Thank you for your interest in this question. How to force quit apps on iPhone Once you've killed rogue apps and apps that are excessively consuming background resources, see how your iPhone performs. Follow him reneritchie on Twitter and Instagram.

1. Check on performance management

Which iOS is best for iPhone 4?

We've got you covered. The experts here at PCMag have tested a vast number of apps, sorting the good from the bad, to come up with this all-encompassing list of the best iPhone apps. If apps are too many for your attention span, check out our much shorter and sweeter 12 must-have iPhone apps. There you'll find essential and well-known apps, some of which you may be surprised not to see here—since we needed to make room to fit as many deserving apps as possible in the top Frugal smartphone owners will also want to check out our 50 best free iPhone apps roundup.

The apps included here will run just fine on the past few generations of iPhones, large or small. However, if you have an iPhone 8 or iPhone X, some apps let you do new, different things. Inside the new phones' guts, the new A11 processor makes some things possible that weren't before, as well, and many activities feel much zippier.

If you have an iPhone 6s or later, you can interact with apps in new ways using 3D Touch on their pressure-sensitive screens. For example, you can press firmly on the Facebook app icon to bring up a menu and immediately start updating your status.

Users of the iPhone 7 Plus get that benefit, too, along with more powerful graphics processing and dual cameras that some apps can use to advantage.

Our favorite apps cover a wide range of activities, including photo editing, social networking, messaging, getting organized, and staying healthy. There's even one that helps you fill your gas tank cheaply.

We've broken this list into the relevant categories, so you can browse just the app types that most interest you. When there's a full PCMag review available, it's linked to from the app's name.

In the past, this list also featured some of the coolest video games the App Store had to offer. But the App Store gaming scene has become so robust that we felt it really deserved its own separate, expanded list. If iPhone gaming is your passion, check out our feature covering the 30 best iPhone games.

Be sure to revisit this page in the future, too. Cool new apps arrive on the App Store all the time, so we periodically update this list with the most promising discoveries. Apple continuously improves iOS over the course of the year. If you stayed away from If you hear it fixes performance issues on older iPhones, consider updating.

Performance management is a feature of iPhones that automatically slows down your iPhone when its battery's health has degraded past a certain point. This keeps your phone from shutting down unexpectedly, but it can also be frustrating for users when they find that their iPhone doesn't have the same pep in its step that it once did.

Since the release of iOS Additionally, if your iPhone has previously been slowed down under performance management, iOS Performance management won't kick in again until your iPhone experiences another unexpected shutdown.

How to use Battery Health in iOS Theoretically, no one should ever have to manually manage apps on iOS. Tap on the Clock icon on the right and it'll show you background activity.

If any app shows excessive background activity, especially compared to how much you've been using it, it's a candidate for termination. How to see what's running in the background and using up your battery life on iPhone. Once and a while, so can Photos. If you see an app that's using far more of your resources than you think is acceptable, kill it by double-clicking the Home button or dragging up and holding on iPhone X to enter the fast app switcher.

Then, swipe up to toss the app's card away or hold to enter edit mode, then swipe up on iPhone X. How to force quit apps on iPhone. Once you've killed rogue apps and apps that are excessively consuming background resources, see how your iPhone performs. If you're still having issues, read on. If you notice it's always the same apps causing you problems or if there are simply apps or features you don't want running in the background, slowing down your performance, and using up your battery life, you can turn them off.

You can even switch email from push to pull if you really want to protect your resources. You'll need to experiment to find the right mix of convenience vs. How to extend your iPhone battery life. Sometimes rogue processes are hard to single out, temporary data might have failed to purge, junk might have piled up, bits might have begun to rot, and your iPhone might have otherwise gotten bogged down.

How to reboot your iPhone. Once your iPhone has rebooted, give it a whirl and see if things are working any better. If not, keep reading. Sometimes a reboot isn't enough. Over time, especially if you've updated or upgraded a lot over the years, the cruft can build up. It's the same kind of stuff — extra bits of data stuck here and there, but adding up to the point where it's noticeable and annoying. A good way to clear it out is an old-fashioned visit to iTunes. Just plug your iPhone in using the Lightning to USB cable or Lightning to Dock if you're really old-school , run an encrypted backup to preserve as many of your passwords as possible , and then hit restore.

You should end up with a clean copy of iOS and all your data put back right where it's supposed to be. How to restore your iPhone using iTunes. This is the one making all the headlines and getting all the attention lately. Here's what Apple had to say about it:. About a year ago in iOS With the update, iOS dynamically manages the maximum performance of some system components when needed to prevent a shutdown. If you think an aged battery is causing your performance problems, contact AppleCare or your local Apple Store and arrange to have it replaced.

How to contact Apple Support. If the new battery makes your iPhone run like new, outstanding. If not, there's one last thing you can try. This is the nuclear option. Instead of updating in place, or restoring from an age-old backup, you start fresh and clean.

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