How to Access Blocked Sites

Methods to Access Blocked Websites

How to Access Blocked Sites Without Using Proxies or VPNs
Some site allows you to take advantage of their proxy or domain to surf other sites as anonymous. And in the era of the Internet, harassing the general public is even easier. More anonymous surfing services: To do that, you need to change the DNS settings in your connection. There are ample of other ways using which you can have easy access to the blocked sites.

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How to Access Blocked Websites, Unblock Restricted Sites

It's not an ideal workaround, but still a phone with an email client is still probably your best solution. And depending on where you are in the city, perhaps there is an wifi-hotspot in your vicinity and can use that with your phone. There's a really easy fix for bypass some blocked sites. Use Google translate, look for the blocked site on google use the "translate this site" google will open you a translated version of the site you can't disable it inside.

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Would you like to answer one of these unanswered questions instead? Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Please note that if you try to bypass e. Following general methods are worth to try: Try substituting the IP address for a domain name; e.

Try to use one of free public proxies in your browser Try to install Tor Browser Different methods described in the other articles: Try to use alternative IP address for Google servers in the hosts file Use different access URL: Methods described including the comments: Free Anonymous Surfing Methods described including the comments: Anonymouse — allows you to surf the web without revealing any personal information. Proxify - is a web-based anonymous proxy service, Megaproxy — is a medium that handles web requests on your behalf, The Cloak — HTTP and HTTPS anonymous proxy, Shadow — allows you to browse the Internet anonymously, StealthMessage — is a secure messaging system designed for communicating sensitive and confidential information, BeHidden — allows users to surf Internet anonymously try SmartHide service, Articles: The suggestion for using Tor to access Gmail is not really a good one Tor Browser Alternatively you can also use http: Deb 7 15 Max Kueng 21 2.

You could try to run your SSH server on a different port. For example on the FTP port. You could also scan if some of the high port numbers are open and run the SSH server on one of those. Or get one of those 3G USB things. Not free as in beer, but free as in no restrictions.

Michal Stefanow 1 4 Firefox plugins which can help to bypass the internet filtering: Smetad Anarkist 1, 1 12 Now I'm in Switzerland, because of contract. Some of my ideas: Circumventor , you'll find some websites using Circumventor software which can be used to get around Web blocking software use join. Also you can set up independent mail widgets on Yahoo! Just as there are legitimate and illegitimate reasons to block a website in the first place, there are legitimate and illegitimate reasons to try and circumvent that block.

Whatever your reasons, you've got a number of options at your disposal. Type the Internet Protocol IP address of the blocked website rather than its domain name. An IP address is a string of four numbers ranging from 0 to , connected by dots e. Every website has at least one IP address. To find a website's IP address, hold down your keyboard's Windows key and press the R key to bring up Windows' Run prompt. In the Run prompt, type "cmd" to open a command line session.

For example, "ping Techwalla. Using the IP address instead of the domain name only works against weak blocks, but it is convenient when it works. Look at a cached version of the blocked website stored on the servers of search engines like Google and Bing. This method only lets you look at a site. It doesn't let you interact with it, such as by logging in and posting messages to a forum. It also may not show you the most current version of the site, because caches are not updated in real time.

Use a website translation service such as Google Translate or Babelfish to translate the blocked site. Simply set the input and output languages as English.

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