How to add multiple mail accounts to Gmail for iOS

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Set the Default Google Account for Multiple Gmail Account Users
Bottom Line The new Gmail comes with all the functionality you need from an email app and a wonderful design that makes email management easy and even fun. For your second account, it would be better if it is a totally new and unused Google account. First go to gmail. Retrieved 21 February Archiving on the other hand I do all the time to keep my inbox uncluttered, and I have to invoke the drop down menu to do it. I am having to spend days to get it to work only to find nothing compeling in it.

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Use IMAP to check Gmail on other email clients

Which is completely understandable with over 1 Billion users. There are also third party gmail resource sites, however most of the services center around converting users over to Gmail. Your email is probably one of the most central and important points of online security.

All your banking and other sites often ask for your email address to in order to send your password reset information. Since your email account is very important, it is suggested that you change your email password often, it would be wise to change it once every days.

Listed below are steps to change your email password. Login to your gmail account at www. Click on the Setting Icon in the upper right hand corner 3.

Once the page loads, click on the Accounts and Import tab. Have you ever changed your password, not use it for a few days and then forget what you changed the new password, I hate that as well. If that happens on your Gmail account, you have the option of recovering your Gmail Password. Please note that in order to use the recover your gmail password option you will need to have the Gmail password recovery setting enabled and completed with the latest information.

If you have that options setup then listed below is how to recover your Gmail Password. Enter your phone or email address and click on Next 3.

It Will then ask you to enter the last password you remember for that account 4. It will present you with your email address that you setup to send the recovery password to, if that information is correct then 6.

Click on send 7. Recover the 6 digit code that was sent 8. Enter the Google Verification Code 9. In order to be able to use the password recovery option for your Gmail login, you will have to have it setup on your account. Listed below are step by step instruction on how to configure that option. In the upper right hand corner there is a sign in option 3. Sign in to your account 4. Go to My Account in Google 5. Scroll down to Account recovery options 7.

Email is a central part of your online security. Whether your paying a bill online or using a social media site, they all require that you provide an email address. When you need your password rest that reset password link is often sent to your email account. One of the security features that Gmail offers is the ability to view your Gmail.

In order to check your gmail login history follow the following steps. The certificate's CN name does not match the passed value. Privacy Policy Terms of Service. Gmail Help Forum Forum. In the top right, click Settings. Yes if available Requires Authentication: Yes Port for SSL: Try these troubleshooting steps Update your email client to the latest version.

Use an App Password: Otherwise, there was nothing else to offer. I am not happy with this response as it seems others use the app without this issue and give 5 star ratings. But until this issue I am experiencing is fixed, there will be no improvement in my rating. First of all, the preview notification of emails only shows the Title field.

I have no problem with not showing a preview of the body of the email, but I would love to know who the email was from! If the sender would pop up in the notification, it would be perfect.

Other than those suggestions, this app and ProtonMail are about as perfect as email can get. I whole-heartedly recommend it to everyone! However, I really wish swiping left on a message in the inbox screen would send the message to archive instead of spam. Archiving on the other hand I do all the time to keep my inbox uncluttered, and I have to invoke the drop down menu to do it.

Anyways, I would still recommend this service, but would like to see that feature changed. This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices. Added warning for phishing messages Added "Report phishing" option in the message Added option to attach multiple files in the composer Improved attachment listing in the message view Improved share option stability Improved local cache stability Improved localization for some languages Improved error messages Fixed composer layout issues Fixed the rendering issue in imported messages Fixed special characters display issue in messages sent from the app Fixed the sharing links from Safari that couldn't be opened Fixed the signed lock icon for outside messages Fixed the layout issues in some languages Fixed the layout issues on smaller screen devices Fixed navigation issues Fixed a message signature verification issue.

Import contacts crash When import contacts have extra space in the name Improve email remote image vulnerabilities 1.

Set up your email account manually