2018 FIVB Volleyball Men's World Championship

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FIVB Volleyball Men's World Cup
Brazil Pool B 1st. The 13 World Cup tournaments have been won by six different national teams. The statistics include 6 volleyball skills; serve, reception, set, spike, block, and dig. Dutch stun Brazil and other near-misses as World Championship heats up. Argentina, Japan to clash for last ticket to World Championship Round 2. Something went wrong, please try again later.

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World Cup Volley

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Something went wrong, please try again later. Home Athletics Goal Shooting. Buenos Aires - October , Moscow, Russia - Final Standings. Vienna Major, Austria - Final Standings. Tokyo, Japan - Final Standings. Agadir, Morocco - Final Standings.

Samsun, Turkey - Final Standings. This site may not work properly without it. Volleyball Argentina complete puzzle as World Championship heads into Round 2. Volleyball Dutch shock world - again, as World Championship provides new thrills. Volleyball Dutch stun Brazil and other near-misses as World Championship heats up. For the first time the tournament will be jointly-hosted by more than one country.

The final six will be hosted by Italy at the Pala Alpitour in Turin. The first round match between Russia and Tunisia set the new all-time lowest-scoring record in a World Championship set since the new volleyball scoring rules were adopted, with Russia winning the second set by 25—6.

For the first time the championship will take place in more than one country. Italy last organised the edition , when Brazil claimed the title their third straight title. Italy also hosted the men's event in as well as the Women's World Championship. Bulgaria, on the other hand, hosted both the men's and women's senior editions in Both countries have also played hosts to other important volleyball competitions, including the Men's European Volleyball Championship and the World League final round.

The qualification process was a series of tournaments organised by the five FIVB confederations to decide 21 of the 24 teams which would play in the final tournament, with Italy and Bulgaria qualifying automatically as hosts and Poland also qualifying automatically as the defending champions.

All remaining FIVB member associations were eligible to enter the qualifying process. At first, associations registered teams to compete in the qualification process, but 19 associations withdrew from the qualifying process after they registered and India were suspended and then expelled from taking part in the process as a punishment for internal problems in the India Volleyball Federation. Of the 24 nations qualified to play at the World Championship, 20 countries competed at the previous tournament in Slovenia qualified for the first time.

Other teams returning after absences of the last tournament s include: Dominican Republic , returning to the finals after their only previous appearance in , Netherlands , who last competed in , and Japan , who missed the edition.

Notable countries that failed to qualify include the third placed Germany , Venezuela for the first time since , South Korea and Czech Republic. In the first round, the 24 teams will be spread across four pools of six teams playing in a round-robin system.

The top four teams from each pool will advance to the second round. The second round will feature four pools of four teams playing once again in a round-robin system. At the end of the second round matches, the rankings of the four pools will be drawn up taking into account the points scored by each team in the first and second rounds. The four pool-winning teams of the second stage will access the third stage, together with the top two of the second ranked teams.

The six teams competing in the third round will be divided into two three-team pools by a draw. After the matches played once again in a round-robin system, the top two in each pool will qualify for the semifinals and finals.

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