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All times are in the GMT time zone. Encrypt your traffic twice to create an extra layer of online privacy. On top of that, it will block intrusive ads and malware-hosting sites. Just type in a website address and get teleported! All Rights Reserved Disclaimer: For more details please check the "how it works" page.

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Norwegian Proxy List - Proxies from Norway

Do you need to avoid web filters to access a certain site, probably on the job or in college? Maybe you're in a country, such as North Korea, that definitely censors elements of the web, however you need to get past these filters?

Use one of the proxies hosted in Norway underneath, for a straightforward means of masking your IP address. Each web proxy presents various degrees of anonymity and encryption, in addition to a range of geo-location IP options to establish whereabouts you'll seem to be based. Certain sites may be blocked based upon internet connection or country.

Utilizing a proxy situated in another place could make it seem that you are on a different system, and may thereby avoid internet censors that are based on IP. Info - Mouseover this icon to see extended details about this proxy, including it's hosting location, speed and uptime.

Some of the URLs are snipped to keep the table neat, but clicking on any link will open up the proxy in a new browser window. Entries with the padlock icon preceding them means that the website utilises SSL Secure Socket Layer encryption for additional security. Many proxies may be hosted on the same IP address. Country - This is the country that the server the proxy is hosted on is physically located. Any information given in brackets indicates the region of that country, though this is not always available.

Last Checked - This tells you the time and date that the proxy was last checked to see if it is working correctly. The information is presented as follows - year, month, day, time in hour clock. All times are in the GMT time zone.

This way, you can securely access all websites and services from anywhere in the world. Free proxies may help you bypass censorship filters and access blocked websites. But using web proxy browsers or replacing your IP with addresses from free proxy lists may put your privacy at risk. Free proxies are known for manipulating their users by injecting spyware or advertisements into their sessions. The lightweight NordVPN extension for Chrome and Firefox allows you access all the content you want without limiting your bandwidth, while at the same time securing your communications with strong encryption.

Encrypt your Internet traffic to browse securely and privately. Forget buffering and bandwidth throttling to enjoy flawless streaming experience. Choose from hundreds of servers optimized for P2P activities. Encrypt your traffic twice to create an extra layer of online privacy.

Safe alternative to free proxy server lists and web browsers Unlike free web proxies, VPN extension protects your traffic with strong encryption. Bypass online restrictions with web proxy or VPN There are several reasons why you may have trouble accessing websites and online services. Free Proxy Free Proxy.

Why do people use proxies? Proxies are easy to set up and use, so some Internet users, especially from highly censored countries, choose web proxies to access Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, eBay, LinkedIn, and other websites that are unavailable in their region.

What is a free proxy list? There are many websites that claim to offer free web proxy IP addresses, which you can use to replace your actual IP. However, we cannot guarantee the safety or effectiveness of free proxy services for protecting your identity and security online.

Therefore, it is always better to get a reliable VPN service, which not only protects your IP address but also encrypts all the data that is sent and received. What is a web proxy server and what does it do? A web proxy server, also known as a proxy or application-level gateway, is a computer that sits between your device and the Internet and handles your requests for accessing websites and services. This setup allows you access websites and services that may be restricted in your country.

Another problem is that proxies can cache web pages.

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