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Does that even out the extra revenue they receive due to better ratings? The NFL accepted Fox's bid on December 18, , giving that network rights to televise NFC regular season and playoff games effective with the season, as well as the exclusive U. January 6, at 6: The first half of each telecast would be called by the home teams' commentators while the second half would be done by the visitors' commentators this practice would later be revived decades later by the NFL Network when replaying preseason games that were broadcast by local stations as opposed to a national network. Just like with MLB content , the process is a lot simpler than it looks, so keep reading for a complete guide on how to watch the NFL on Kodi. CBS Sports debuted on-screen graphics as opposed to simple text for its event telecasts in September 24, at 9:


Live Sports

One thing you might be surprised to find is that if you're using one of the new streaming services , you may already have access to a decent number of games. But since there are a lot more choices, we're here to help break them down. Before we profile the various options, there are a few things to note.

One is that some live local channels aren't available on all cable-replacement streaming services in all markets. But one improvement this year is that Verizon no longer has an exclusive deal for streaming games to smartphones and tablets, so you'll be able to catch a good number of games regardless of your cellular provider. See NFL Mobile app, below. So check out our list of all the game-watching options to see which ones work best for you. That will let you shift your attention where it really matters: Whether to go with the chicken wings or the nachos at halftime.

The games will also be available for free on Amazon's Twitch streaming video platform. Thanks to a new deal that runs through , you can now stream games on mobile devices, something that had previously been exclusive to Verizon cellular customers. It doesn't include those games shown on your local channels.

That includes anyone living in an apartment, condominium, or townhouse, college students, and even private homes where an obstruction prevents satellite TV reception.

See "DirecTV Now," below. Here's some good news: Maybe you subscribe to a pay-TV service but want to be able to watch football when you're on the go. The name says it all. This add-on is included with the official Kodi repository and lets you watch video highlights from NFL. Another add-on that does exactly what its name promises. A surprisingly convenient add-on, especially if you follow more than one team.

Please consider the law, victims, and risks of piracy before downloading copyrighted material without permission. Unofficial third party apps are what make Kodi such an amazing piece of software. These add-ons extend the functionality of the base app to allow for streaming videos, music, and movies from sources around the world.

The downside to third party add-ons is that not all of them are reliable. Repositories are notorious for changing locations or disappearing entirely, streams are blocked or reconfigured on a regular basis, and some content is even obtained illegally. They can be a hassle, but the amount of content they deliver is worth the occasional bit of trouble.

The Kodi add-ons below have proven to be reliable sources for streaming sports, NFL content, movies, and other videos. Use a VPN when streaming through Kodi. NetStreams is a fairly new unofficial Kodi add-on with a sharp focus on live sports. Opening any of these sections reveals currently live streams with one or two archived pieces of content just for kicks.

To install the add-on, simply follow the steps outlined below. To access any or all of these NFL streaming sources you simply need to add the repository to your system, install the add-ons with a few quick clicks, then launch and enjoy. Below we outline some of the best NFL and football add-ons along with complete instructions for installing the repo.

Maverick is a fast installation, just like any piece of unofficial Kodi content. Follow the steps below first, then choose which add-ons you need and install them individually. SportsDevil has long been one of the best sports streaming resources in the Kodi ecosystem. Part of the reason the service survives is that it keeps maintenance to a bare minimum, preferring non-curated lists of content streams to tightly organized categories.

SportsDevil has it all. To install SportsDevil on your system, follow the instructions above for adding the Maverick repo, then choose SportsDevil from the add-ons list. Install Project Mayhem Sports by following the repository instructions above, then select the add-on by name.

Kodi is location agnostic software, meaning anyone around the world can install and use it without limitation. To ensure you never run into these frustrating limitations, make sure you run a VPN while streaming through Kodi. VPNs offer a number of privacy and anonymity benefits that make them excellent tools for everyday use. They also give you the ability to select and change your virtual location with just a few clicks.

Using a VPN to access geo-restricted content is a simple but effective way to watch sports from around the world. Streaming services are notorious for blocking users in certain countries from watching their games, especially the NFL. With a VPN active and a Kodi installation with a few add-ons, you can easily circumvent these restrictions to watch whatever you want.

Third party add-ons in Kodi work by locating data streams from around the internet and collecting them in a central location.

The indexing nature of Kodi and its various add-ons places it in a legal gray area. Kodi is available on a wide variety of platforms, including mobile devices, laptops, tablets, and dedicated TV boxes. The compact and inexpensive device plugs into your television for easy access to all of the add-ons and extras mentioned above.

You can even add a VPN to the device for the ultimate in convenient, private streaming. Who put this list together? Phoenix has been shut down forever and the Exodus domains are owned by a Canadian law firm now.

However, another CBS executive had previously indicated [33] that, because CBS was an "early adopter" with its first HD game in , it is already "at capacity" and would have to replace newly purchased equipment in its network center with even more expensive equipment. However, CBS did carry its entire slate of games in in HD, though a few non-essential camera positions for some games mainly used only in analysis situations continued to be shot in 4: Beginning with the season , CBS Sports switched to a With an average U.

For the NFL season , CBS began providing Spanish play-by-play commentary of all game broadcasts via a secondary audio program feed. Eastern Time , CBS began to move the start of its primetime schedule to 7: In January , reports surfaced that the NFL was shopping a selection of up to eight games from its Thursday Night Football package to other broadcasters, including the league's existing broadcast partners, along with Turner Sports. While the league was seeking either a cable or broadcast outlet, they were strongly considering the latter.

As a part of the contract, CBS was also allowed to broadcast a Saturday game in Week 16 for the first time since The contract was renewed for another two years for the and seasons, with the network load reduced to five games each year. CBS also partnered with Yahoo! Sports during the season, with Yahoo live streaming a CBS-produced game around the globe. CBS again produced Yahoo! Sports's webcast of the Jaguars 's game against Baltimore. On January 31, , the NFL announced that Fox won the rights to televise Thursday Night Football for the next five seasons; this came after CBS requested a lower rights fee to compensate for declining viewership.

As with Fox's coverage , the network's stations are divided into different groups based on the most popular or closest team to that market or, if that does not apply, based on the allure of a particular game. Each football game is rated as an "A", "B" or "C" game, with "A" games likely being televised nationally and "C" games airing only in the home television markets of the two participating teams.

Significantly more behind-the-scenes resources are dedicated to "A" game coverage. Under NFL broadcasting rules, CBS must televise all regional games in the home market of the visiting team and, if tickets are sold out, the city where the game is being played , in its entirety, regardless if the game has a close outcome or is a blowout.

However, if the game is a blowout, the network is allowed to switch to a game with a more competitive outcome in a market that is within the mile blackout radius without it being the home market of origin as an example, if the Kansas City Chiefs are losing to the Houston Texans by over 20 points in the fourth quarter, most of the CBS stations carrying that game can be switched to another game; however, the stations in the markets whose local teams are playing — Houston television station KHOU and Kansas City affiliate KCTV — must carry the Kansas City-Houston game to its conclusion.

If a local game is blacked out , the local CBS affiliate is not allowed to show any other football game during the scheduled time of one being played by the home team. With the season, while AFC-only games still form the bulk of CBS's coverage, the network now shows a limited slate of games involving two NFC opponents mostly on Thursdays , and interconference games in which the road team is an NFC franchise all on Sundays.

Open Tennis final at 4: Open Final on Sunday night in terms of ratings ; the women's final, broadcast on a Saturday night, often outrates the men's final by a considerable margin, except when at least one American plays in the men's final. Open rights to ESPN after the tournament. CBS Sports debuted on-screen graphics as opposed to simple text for its event telecasts in These graphics used a small score graphic that contained the score and game clock, which was removed during plays.

The graphics were gray, beveled edged rectangles, with logos shown in a beveled edged square. From to , the scoring bug had a half-capsule shape where the score was displayed in white text on a blue background that contained the CBS eye , below the quarter and time in black text on a white background.

The down and distance would pop out from the bottom of the bug in a white box when necessary; it would spin around to show the number of timeouts left. The standard graphics were blue, and individual team graphics were colored according to the team. The scores were now displayed in white text against a gold background, and the quarter and time beneath them in a white text on a blue background. The down and distance and ball location popped out in two separate boxes underneath the main bug.

The team-specific colors for graphics were dropped, and would not be used again by CBS until In , a new bug with more of a horizontal orientation was introduced. The bug was divided into two rectangles, the left one housing the time and quarter and the right the teams and scores, all in white text on blue. As in years past, the down and distance were contained in a pop-out box, also in the blue and white scheme. In , the graphics package itself remained the same as in and However, the look was updated in to more closely match the design of the score box.

In and , the top two games each week were presented in high definition. These HD broadcasts used a score box optimized for the In Week 3 of the season, CBS unveiled a constant scoring update bar on the bottom of the screen the first of its kind.

This was initially called "Game Trax", and complimented "Stat Trax", unveiled the year before which was the first system to show player statistics updates popping out of the score display after a play now standard on all networks. The digital on-screen graphics were also changed, with red and a light shade of blue introduced from the new logo. A more complex scoring bug included the new NFL on CBS logo and six circle segments stacked in columns of two emanating from the logo.

The first two featured the quarter and time, the next two the team abbreviations all in white text on the darker blue and the last two each team's respective scores in black text on a white background.

The entire bug was trimmed in the red and lighter blue; the down and distance pop-out changed to a half-ellipse shape. When a team scores a touchdown, the columns that emanate from the logo collapse into the logo. The logo then quickly spins around to show the scoring team's logo, a full bar the shape of the combined boxes quickly protruding showing the word "TOUCHDOWN", with the bug sparkling. After about three or four seconds of this graphic showing, the aforementioned animation takes place once more, this time with the bug returning to normal.

In all instances of points scored, the changed score flashes a few times to indicate a change in score, with a touchdown score changing after the "TOUCHDOWN" graphic is shown. Notably, this score box was not optimized for high definition as the previous package was, even on HD games. In , the score bug was changed to a top-screen banner, although the graphics package used from remains the same. This bug featured, horizontally left-to-right, the CBS "eye" logo, the down and distance against a white background, each team's logo, initials and points, and then the quarter and remaining time.

When a team scored a touchdown, the entire bar would change, displaying the scoring team's logo on the left and the team's main color as the background, with the word "TOUCHDOWN" with the letter spacing widening for a few moments before returning to normal. After such, the team's score will be highlighted their color, and the previous score will be replaced by the new score this also happens when the team's PAT or 2-point conversion is ruled to be good.

After this occurs, stats of players involved immediately appear in the bottom of the banner. A small white indicator showed on the top of the bar, on top of whatever team currently had possession of the ball. At times, at the bottom of the bar, various player statistics such as quarterback ratings , game stats such as drive summaries , and situational issues in the game such as amount of timeouts remaining , would pop open for a few moments whenever it is needed.

For Week 3 of the season, the possession indicator was changed to a small dot next to the team's logo due to the addition of timeout indicators across the top. The lower third graphics adopt the column layout for player info graphics used by all other sports broadcasters, except for Fox. The portion containing the player's name is stacked on the left, with the team's primary color in the background of the name panel. Other statistics are shown on a gray background on panels to the right. The score banner is gray with team abbreviations listed over their primary color and next to their logo.

Also for the Sunday broadcasts, challenges and statistics drop down from the bar. Timeout indicators are located above the team abbreviations for Sunday broadcasts, and a possession indicator is located to the right of the abbreviation. The usual play clock location is instead home to an NFL Network logo, with the play clock moved next to the game clock for Thursdays only. Any information that drops down from the bar on Sundays instead pops up from the bar on the Thursday broadcasts, with timeout indicators flipped to the bottom.

For the game live-streamed on Yahoo in , all silver "CBS" marks in the graphics package were replaced by purple "Yahoo" logos. The game used the top-screen version of the scoring banner. Beginning with the network's February 7, broadcast of Super Bowl 50 , CBS Sports debuted a new logo along with a new on-air graphics package that is optimized for the The score bar is now located at the bottom of the screen for all broadcasts, no matter what day they take place on.

The CBS eye logo is at the far left. If there is no down and distance displayed, the word "NFL" accompanies the logo. The down-and-distance display, which was previously shown on the left side of the bar, is now shown on the right side of the bar.

When it appears, the "NFL" on the other side of the bar disappears. Possession of the ball is indicated by the background color in the down-and-distance display. The play clock is now located to the right of the game clock. The timeout indicators, which are now shown as white dash marks, are located below the team's abbreviation, both placed against the team's main color.

The team logo is to the left of the abbreviation. The score is in a darker shade of the team's color to the right. Beginning with Week 6 of the NFL season , the records for each team were displayed to the right of the timeout indicators. During the playoffs, the records are not displayed.

However, the new package was not implemented for CBS's reduced schedule of early-season Thursday Night Football broadcasts, which continued to use the previous set with CBS logos continuing to be replaced by generic TNF logos. The game was also the most-watched television program for the week of October 8—14, drawing nine million viewers more than the CBS crime drama CSI: Crime Scene Investigation During the week season September 4—December 28, , CBS' regular-season game telecasts were watched by an estimated cumulative audience of For the season, the network's regular-season telecasts averaged From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Monday Night Games Pre Archived from the original on September 3, Retrieved January 20, Ignores Own Warning on Spiraling Costs. The New York Times. Retrieved January 29,

There are now a dozen or more ways to tune in to NFL games, including on mobile devices