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Retrieved 28 January Google Search Help forum Forum. If you don't see groups of items: Please enter a valid email. It helps Google do things like:

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To erase a single result, place the mouse pointer over an item in the history and click Clear when it appears. If you don't see the item you want to erase, search for it using the search box on the page or click All dates to narrow the date range. To erase all searches from your history, click Clear all.

Then choose Yes, clear all search history to confirm you want to erase your entire history. If you want to hide the automatic suggestions that pop up alongside your search history, go to Options and click the Settings tab. Then clear the checkbox for Turn suggestions on and click Save. If you like the suggestions, you don't need to turn them off in order to delete your history.

How to Delete Bing History. Share Share on Facebook. Search your Bing history to find forgotten pages, even after clearing your browser's history. The Google Privacy Policy explains how Google uses this data.

It helps Google do things like:. This data is saved as long as it's relevant to meet uses like those above. If you delete your account, this data is removed from it. Help Center Google Search. Privacy Policy Terms of Service. Google Search Help forum Forum. Delete related items Note: All similar activity might not be grouped together. On your computer, go to My Activity. Find the group of activity you want to delete.

You can find it a few different ways, including: If you don't see groups of items: Near the top of the page, search for a term or use filters. Find activity by date or product. Delete activity by date or product On your computer, go to My Activity. From here you can: Add a date range. Choose which Google products to include. Some Google products don't save activity in My Activity.

At the top of the page, select Search To delete activity, next to the search bar, select More. To delete certain items: Choose the items you want to delete.

At the top right, select Delete.

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