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The Ultimate Guide to Streaming 2015's Best TV Shows for Free
As for dramas, the new series Jessica Jones 10 hours , about a private-eye with superpowers, has been hailed as one of the best pieces of Marvel entertainment on the big or small screen in recent years. The marquee Showtime program these days is definitely The Affair 22 hours , a mysterious drama about infidelity told from the conflicting perspectives of the two secret lovers, as well as others. The Jinx, a documentary about a New York real estate mogul who may also be a serial murderer, shocked viewers at the start of the year. The Americans 21 hours , a thriller about a pair of Russian spies posing as a suburban nuclear family, deftly makes marital arguments just as tense as shootouts with secret agents. For drama, the popular choice is Game of Thrones 50 hours , which offers medieval maiming and political intrigue in equal measure. Robot 8 hours , the acclaimed new USA show about a socially inept hacker who gets caught up in a conspiracy to upend the global financial system.

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