Help! I was sent a copyright infringement notice from ISP

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No, you do not have to pay a ‘settlement fee’ if you get an illegal download notice
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Make Sure It Doesn’t Happen Again

Internet users receive illegal downloading notices, but what do they mean?

Often the default login information is actually on the router. The first thing you may want to do after you've logged in to the router is to assign a new Username and Password to help prevent unauthorized access to your router. The information in the article I linked above can be found once you've logged into your router.

Just look for something like "My Network" Verizon Router. This will show you all of the users connected to your router including their MAC address and IP address. That should narrow down the culprit for you. Most routers have the capability to limit or modify permissions for any user connected to your router. This is where you can restrict them or shut them down completely.

If the user doesn't appear to be in your household, you should block the computer with that MAC address so they will no longer have access. Finally, if you are able to do so, you should change your WEP security key while you're logged in to the router for an added measure of safety. Make certain you write it down somewhere, because all computers that connect through wireless will need the new key. If you forget it, you will have to reset the router and start all over again. I've found that a short pencil works much better than a long memory.

Best of Luck to you Lynn. This will only allow computers with those MAC addresses to connect to your router. These measures are very important for the wireless routers. I used to connect to my router while parked in my apartments parking lot. If by any chance you are not using wireless to connect to your computer others still can.

Some routers allow you to turn off the wireless or remove the antennas if you are plugging you pc into the router with a cable. In reference to the previous router answer on a pc. What about s a mac? How do you access a router change on a mac? Help - I was able to change the password, but couldn't find a place to change the username. I have a Linksys.

Your wireless router should have two passwords: Change them both just to be sure. If your wireless router does not have WPA, buy a new one. That should prevent someone outside from using your wireless internet. If the problem persists, then either the ISP is wrong, or someone inside the house is downloading the copyrighted stuff, probably using a P2P software.

Unfortunately there is no foolproof way to block P2P traffic from going through your router. It may be possible to monitor internet traffice and detect where and when P2P traffic comes from. For more details on any of the above, search the internet.

I saw my first "Copyright Infringement" letter from the ISP from a community room nearby last year after personally receiving fake domain registration offers in the mail with names I'd already registered every six months for years.

I worried about those fakes because I sometimes sold or will sell domain names as a reseller to first time domain buyers with no tech savvy. They listed a single song with a church name, and looking back I realize how much that resembles the spams from fake clergy I see dozens of every day saying contact the sender and cash his or her foreign check left to him or her from their dear old uncle and be rewarded richly.

Ridiculous unless you've never seen one in your life. I wish I'd been shown the letter before the elderly non-savvy guy in charge unplugged the internet, setting off legal actions. I would have advised him to go into the router settings, and close the port. Then I would suggest he contact the ISP and confirm the letter was indeed a forgery. The advice I've already read above addressing this community question is spot on as well.

Make sure you recognize all the devices connecting to your router and change or beef up the security measures in there at the same time. I think any real infringement notice will come in the mail from a legal department, and not through the email or in a photocopied form letter, but best to be sure. I work for a telco and I can assure you that we will termiante a subscribers account if we receive sufficient legal communications from the represantatives of the copy-right holders advising us that the infringements happened from an IP address that we provided to the subscriber.

Don't infrige copyright would be my advice - It's the law. I think your reply is misplaced, if not heterodox. I didn't shed any doubt on whether a 'telco' would or wouldn't act on " I'm sorry this happened. I hope they don't come after you for this,but they mat hve been warning you to get control of the issue.

Most of the time I find out it was a weakly secured, or open wireless. Use a strong encryption key with 9 to 15 numbers and letters. This is the strongest encrption for a wireless network and don't allow anyone else to know it. Also, limit the amout of addresses and use MAC filtering too. I dislike saying this as it may sound bad, but you may need supervise your kids Internet use and if the need arises, lock them out. I have to lock my 19 year old son out, but my 14 year old daughter knows better than break my Internet usage rules.

I log where they go and my daughter knows this fact all to well, but my son just doesn't care. I won't let my son use a computer or Internet for that reason. You need to set up , or change your user password for Windows.

Don't allow anyone to use your computer without your OK. This is true if you find out your kids did this from your ISP's records. Contact your ISP and see if they have logs of this activity, like when, what, and so on and ask if they can give you more information? They should have the MAC address of the computer performing the download.

All MAC addresses are unique and easily traceable. My setup is simple: I change my encryption key for my wireless often on my router and PCs.

I also keep logs for myself of what any PC did when it was on my network, but your router might not have this feature. I don't allow the use of my PC's by my children without my knowledge, or permission. I guess if you need more help, or have more qustions, you can get it here. There are quite a few people that know how to do these things here on CNET. Shopping for a new car this weekend? I was sent a copyright infringement notice from ISP Our Internet provider sent a notice of claim of copyright infringement from our IP address.

No one in the household has knowledge of downloading the movie. I don't know where to begin to prevent this from happening again. Could a hacker or neighbor be using our IP address? Can we change the IP? I think the password for the wireless is secure since it is very random, but my son's friends have visited and may know it.

I don't want to blamed for something we didn't do. Any advice this situation is appreciated. Here are some member answers to get you started, but please read all the advice and suggestions that our members have contributed to this question. Check your router --Submitted by: High Desert Charlie http: If you have any additional advice for Lynn, click the "reply" link below and submit away.

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This was helpful This was helpful 1. This was helpful 7. Explanation for the infringement notifications. This was helpful 2.

This was helpful 0. Here is a way to chase out the baddies.. The address varies by router, but many companies now print the default router address on the device.

My connected device list looks like so:. I can account for all of those devices. If you cannot, you might have found your copyright infringing culprit. Unfortunately, finding out exactly which neighbor is piggybacking is a bit more difficult and you might not want to cause a confrontation.

In this case, your router will have some form of IP address or MAC address filtering or blocking that you can apply.

The last tip is the good old virus or malware scan. If you think you've been infected with a Remote Access Trojan, you can get easily get rid of it by following these simple steps. Read More to the internet, resulting in unauthorized file sharing. But as internet services become better, and cater to a massive range of useful things, the need to lurk potentially dangerous download sites 10 Easy Ways to Never Get a Virus 10 Easy Ways to Never Get a Virus With a little basic training, you can completely avoid the problem of viruses and malware on your computers and mobile devices.

Now you can calm down and enjoy the internet! Read More to find obscure Indonesian drum and bass becomes less and less. Furthermore, protecting yourself has become easier, too. Has this article helped you to understand why you received an infringement letter? Has it helped you make a plan to stop it from happening again? Let us know your experiences with copyright infringement in the comments below! Your email address will not be published.

I'm Canadian and received infringement notices in October I have just received more infringement notices regardless of my VPN which is also on a Canadian server. So I have now switched to a European server, although I'm not sure this is enough to protect me. Does anyone know how or why these new infringment notices have come about, regardless of my VPN? My 'methods' online have not changed at all.

You say you got a 'free' VPN, and I think that is key. I am currently on the hunt for a VPN myself. I am considering one based in Panama, which is not under the laws of the country I'm in. I also think a paid VPN is the way to go, one which does not keep logs of one's activities, and which strictly keep the privacy of its customers.

I got an infringement notice from my ISP. After much questioning the members of my household, and research to understand what this is and how it happens, the incident does not seem to have been perpetrated by any of us.

The ISP considers me guilty, there's no way to dispute it, and it apparently remains permanently. Kind of freaking out Is it illegal to download them to watch myself?? Should I be concerned? I'm new to this and kinda freaking out, lol. Our notice is about a specific song downloaded from frostwire I'm pretty sure it was done by my 10 year old nephew and the song and app have been deleted. I ignored the first email and have now received a second.

What should I do? Just ignore that second email too. What these trolls are doing is called bullying. I've offered the path, it is up to you to be able to utilize it. I considered writing a quick guide to privacy, but realized i need low hanging fruit like you to make myself more difficult to unmask.

You're confusing downloading copyrighted materials with copyright infringement. Downloading copyrighted materials isn't necessarily illegal. The copyright holder s may have chosen to make the material freely available e. Technically, practically anytime you view a web page your browser is automatically downloading copyrighted materials It's not the downloading of the copyrighted material that is illegal.

It is the sharing of said material with others that is illegal. That's why the copyright infringement notices all allege the infringer shared the material - which often may not be the case - and which the issuer of the notice may not be able to prove but arguing you only downloaded and did not share may well be a losing argument which you do not wish to lose. For the trolls, it is enough it appears you may have shared the material. I feel compelled to point out that the step you outline in your forth point only gives one a false sense of security.

MAC address filtering is a very common myth when it comes to wireless security. Those with the knowledge can easily circumvent the MAC filter by spoofing the MAC addresses of the clients connecting to your wireless router. All it takes is less than 5 minutes and a program like kismet to pull them out of the air. The best way to secure one's wireless router is to take the time to configure it and not leave it set at defaults.

WPA2 should be configured if it's available. If it's not, WPA will suffice. If all that's supported is WEP, it's time to get a new wireless router. Not false, just incomplete. Those with the knowledge to spoof a MAC address may very well have the knowledge, or at least inclination, to crack your WPA2 security.

That information, and the applications to do it, is available on the Web. I also pointed the user to another MakeUseOf.

I've said it before and I'll say it again - there is no such thing as secured, only an acceptable level of security. So my little brother uses my computer some times and apparently he got into it with some people on youtube. They got his email, tracked his myspace, and MY I. They're saying they will get more information about him but in reality it's my computer, I use it for work, he only uses it to play around. Should I be worried about this? Is is possible for them to hack my computer if they have my I.

If someone can answer my questions please, I will really appreciate it. If I were you, I would make sure that I have a decent firewall. Not Windows Firewall, but something else. Check elsewhere on MakeUseOf.

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