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I think debian openssl makes a newkey. These same steps apply for installing the cert on Openswan clients, too. These characters may make things more difficult for you. A proxy server host and port can be specified per connection for Windows 10 for mobile devices. The certificate was generated on a Debian squeeze box with openssl 0.

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Called Station ID applies to carrier networks. One or more servers must be configured on FortiGate before remote users can be configured. To configure remote users, see Local and remote users. If this is the case with your server, you can either:. See Example — wildcard admin accounts - CLI.

For the port number, enter -1 to use the default port. Otherwise enter the port number to check. Lightweight Directory Access Protocol LDAP is an Internet protocol used to maintain authentication data that may include departments, people, groups of people, passwords, email addresses, and printers. This document focuses on the institutional and workgroup applications of LDAP. LDAP organization starts with directories. A directory is a set of objects with similar attributes organized in a logical and hierarchical way.

Generally, an LDAP directory tree reflects geographic and organizational boundaries, with the Domain name system DNS names to structure the top level of the hierarchy. The common name identifier for most LDAP servers is cn , however some servers use other common name identifiers such as uid.

Binding is the step where the LDAP server authenticates the user. You can use simple authentication if the user records all fall under one domain name dn. If the users are under more than one dn , use the anonymous or regular type, which can search the entire LDAP database for the required username.

If your LDAP server requires authentication to perform searches, use the regular type and provide values for username and password. Lightweight Directory Access Protocol v3, for looking up and validating user names and passwords. To configure your FortiGate unit to work with an LDAP server, you need to understand the organization of the information on the server.

The top of the hierarchy is the organization itself. If the name contains a dot, such as example. In addition to the DN, the FortiGate unit needs an identifier for the individual person. On some servers, CN is the full name of a person. It might be more convenient to use the same identifier used on the local computer network.

You need to determine the levels of the hierarchy from the top to the level that contain the identifier you want to use.

Frequently used distinguished name elements include:. One way to test this is with a text-based LDAP client program. In the output above, you can see tbrown uid and Tom Brown cn. After you determine the common name and distinguished name identifiers and the domain name or IP address of the LDAP server, you can configure the server on the FortiGate unit.

The maximum number of remote LDAP servers that can be configured is When the password renewal or expiry warning exists, SSLVPN users will see a prompt allowing them to change their password.

On an OpenLDAP server, when a user attempts to logon with an expired password they are allowed to logon but only to change their password. This helps you to determine the appropriate entry for the DN field. To see the distinguished name associated with the Common Name identifier, select the Expand icon next to the CN identifier. Select the DN from the list.

The DN you select is displayed in the Distinguished Name field. A wildcard admin account is an administrator account with the wildcard option enabled. This option allows multiple different remote administration accounts to match one local administration account, avoiding the need to set up individual admin accounts on the FortiGate unit.

The many to one ratio saves on effort, and potential errors. This point is important as it can help avoid system updates or changes that would otherwise require changes to the LDAP administrator account configuration. Two potential issues with wildcard admin accounts are that multiple users may be logged on to the same account at the same time. This becomes an issue if they are changing the same information at the same time.

The other potential issue is that security is reduced because multiple people have login access for the same account. If each user was assigned their own account, a hijacking of one account would not affect the other users. When using web-based management, wildcard admin is the only type of remote administrator account that does not require you to enter a password on account creation.

That password is normally used when the remote authentication server is unavailable during authentication. In this example, default values are used where possible.

If a specific value is not mentioned, it is set to its default value. The important parts of this configuration are the username and group lines. The username is the domain administrator account. The group binding allows only the group with the name GRP to access. The wildcard part of this example is only available in the CLI for admin configuration.

When enabled, this allows all LDAP group members to login to the FortiGate unit without the need to create a separate admin account for each user. To accomplish this with a FortiGate unit, the member attribute must be set.

SystemCapabilities You can use these settings to configure system capabilities for Wi-Fi adapters, which is a new functionality in Windows Setting Description CoexistenceSupport Specify the type of co-existence that's supported on the device: When co-existing, Bluetooth has priority and restricts Wi-Fi performance - One: For example, you can use this to specify support for Station mode and Wi-Fi Direct GO on separate channels simultaneously.

WLAN Configure settings for wireless connectivity. A proxy server host and port can be specified per connection for Windows 10 for mobile devices. This proxy configuration is only supported in Windows 10 for mobile devices. Using this configuration in Windows 10 for desktop editions will result in failure. HiddenNetwork Optional Select True or false to specify whether the network is hidden.

Feedback We'd love to hear your thoughts. Choose the type you'd like to provide: Product feedback Sign in to give documentation feedback Content feedback You may also leave feedback directly on GitHub. There are no open issues. Specify whether the user's alternate SMTP account is enabled. Specify how many days' worth of emails should be downloaded from the server. Specify the location of the icon associated with the account.

Specify the time window used for syncing email items to the device. Specify the time until the next sync is performed, in minutes. Enter the name of the XML file that defines the new account to be added. Enter one or more comma-separated DNS suffixes.

When set to True: When Proxy is set to Manual , enter the proxy server address as a fully qualified hostname or enter IP address: I hope this helps clear up some questions. The Openswan project is going to be taking over development.

They should also work as-is with Strongswan. Please let me know if you run into any problems with the new configuration. If you need it, the old page is available at: Not nearly as important as above, but just wanted to note that I do occasionally post notes about new VPN options and such on my blog; see the VPN category at: Also, if you are interested in consulting services to help you set things up, I am available on a very limited basis — please see my consulting page.

For CA certificate management, my examples use the utilities included with OpenSSL itself — there are third-party tools out there that make this a bit simpler, but I want to keep dependencies low. Note that you do not necessarily need to use your Openswan gateway as the Certificate Authority — it can be any box with OpenSSL installed. If you have any suggestions on how to make this process simpler, please let me know!

This file has default values for OpenSSL certificate generation. This is the length of time, in days, that your certificates will be valid for, and defaults to days, or 1 year. Since this is for internal use, I am ok with the security ramifications of having a certificate valid for a long time — if you lose it or whatnot, you can revoke it without a problem. Locations on various distributions:. Be sure that this number is higher than the number is Step 1; or else Windows may not accept your certificates.

Note that if this number is too high, it can cause problems — I generally set it for years. Follow the prompts, as below. Example input is in red, and my comments are in blue. Be sure to not use any non-alphanumeric characters, such as dashes, commas, plus signs, etc. These characters may make things more difficult for you.

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