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A small program, but annoying if you find yourself rewriting it too many times. February 5, at This is very much a case of your mileage may vary, for me it made little to no difference. August 25, at I don't get the "so simple it's criminal". We have had Verizon DSL for 9 years and it has been horrible for the last 5 or so years.

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We have the proof. By scanning your computers registry and accurately identifying various problem spots, PC Cleaner Pro effectively solves many computer problems that you may be experiencing. Computers slow down for many of different reasons.

One reason is over time, the Windows Registry becomes bloated with information. For that reason, your computer becomes clogged with useless data, impeding hard drive performance and dragging down the speed of your most important programs. To make this problem even worse, other files in your registry may become corrupted over time. This corruption occurs due to problems with your hard drive, viruses, ading and removing programs. Whether your computer is a few months old or a few years old, it can be very helpful to the operations of your computer to use a good registry cleaner.

PC Cleaner Pro will do the job! Keeping system clutter under control and having a good system repair tool can be importnt to PC health. If not regularly cleaned, at the minimum, junk files can cause the computer to undergo superfluous and wasteful processing.

PC cleanup is one of the most important parts of computer maintenance. Remember that the more free space there is, the faster your computer will run. Performing PC cleanup is important because Windows accumulates unnecessary junk files that reduce computer performance.

So how do they get created in the first place? Most Windows programs create temporary files for a number of purposes, but mostly when a program needs more memory for its tasks or when a program is working with large chunks of data. Programs like Microsoft Office also create temporary files and use them for keeping a copy of your data in case the program crashes. In the perfect world, temporary files would be deleted automatically when the programs close.

Unfortunately, sometimes things go wrong. Poorly written applications, improper shutdowns, and freeze-ups often leave temp files behind.

Another type of temporary files is Temporary Internet Files. These files are created by the browser and are often kept for a lot longer than necessary. Deleting junk files is easy enough — all you need to do is run PC Cleaner Pro. Tolly Ran the PCMark Benchmark program to provide an overall "productivity" score across various solutions and the baseline system.

Here again PC Cleaner Pro delivered the highest scores. Product testing is conducted at ICSA Labs throughout the year to ensure ongoing criteria compliance and for quality assurance purpose. Suite , Newport Beach, CA What causes PC Errors? What is Windows registry? This program worked like a champ on my PC! Download Now Order Now. My mhz processor is behaving like an mhz and I feel like I've bought a new computer.

Gains are as great as overclocking but without the risk. Windows open automatically, games play fast and I can do things on my computer like have transparency without losing too much power. When you buy this you have to send in your machine code to get it registered as well as pay. The guy who made this knows it's worth. Throttle it to the fastest speed setting and stop waiting for Windows to catch up.

I paid for version 3. Convert files online Sitemap. Speed hack software to speed game up or slow game down.

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