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Can't watch youtube videos in Windows 10 on any internet browser?
I was unable to end these processes in the Details tab using End Task; however, restarting the computer did the trick. The following solution is acceptable. Search more video audio solutions and guides: Watch YouTube videos on a different browser or PC. To view, change, or delete the storage settings for websites you have visited, use the Website Storage Settings panel.

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Why is it I can't see embedded YouTube videos?

It works well - Just yahoo or google search "zillatube" to get it. I can hear my you tube. I dont know how to clear my cookies and history on Windows 8. Anyone have any ideas out there. Try to clear your cache and cookies. If that does not work try using a different browser. Install Opera, then try again.

Related Questions Why I cannot watch youtube video?? Cannot watch videos on youtube? My computer cannot play youtube videos and it always says download flash player? Try solution 1 and 2 for "An error occurred Disable hardware acceleration in Adobe Flash Player. Update your graphics driver. Let's check how to resolve this YouTube error problem. Check the volume on your PC, speaker and the YouTube video player. Upgrade Flash Player to the latest edition.

Check if Antivirus and Firewall software blocks third-party content. Moreover, slow internet connection speed can result in video playback error. In addition, there're other methods you can try: Try a different browser; 2. Try a cable connection if you're using Wi-Fi; 3.

It isn't good for viewing experience. This issue occurs because the YouTube video size isn't match with the requirements of YouTube video uploading. To upload videos to YouTube without black bars, you're suggested to learn the best size for YouTube video uploading. Get the latest Flash player. So what can you do?

The following solution is acceptable. Additionally, to abide by local laws, YouTube will block specific video content. To fix this, you can try unblocking YouTube videos. This can be divided in two cases: If specific videos fail to play, please refer to the troubleshooting tips for "video player error message".

But if none of the videos are accessible, please turn to following tips. Sometimes, YouTube is blocked by firewall, which leads to improper video playback.

In the Run prompt, type iexplore -extoff and press enter. This will open Internet Explorer in no add-ons mode. Manage add-ons in Internet Explorer and check. Install Adobe flash player. The following troubleshooting steps may help to resolve the issue: Update to the latest version of Adobe Flash http: For more information, refer to the link and check.

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DavidWillett19 Replied on August 10, In reply to deleted message. It works fine for Firefox. My boyfriend is even worse on his PC, he cant even see the you tube video box embedded.

Still no picture for you tube in either browser. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Tyree Jordan Replied on August 19, In example, I have an AMD series video card. AU Replied on August 24, AU's post on August 24, Thanks for all your suggestions. None of them worked, but helped me to find the solution: Thank you Tyree Jordan for putting the incompatible graphics card idea in my head!

I only changed it in IE, but Edge started working straight away. I am happy again! AubreyH Replied on September 3,

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