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Read more Comment [3]. Simple to use and must have thing for those who do not like banners and pop-ups. Retrieved November 13, Eyeo GmbH [1] [2] [3] Current lead developer: Pros It's incredibly effective blocking ads and provides the option to disable it for specific sites I guess it's to improve page-loading performance.


Going in line with our Chrome and Firefox versions of Adblock Plus, it is now possible to suppress the first run page, and disable the automatic updates in Adblock Plus for Internet Explorer. This feature is now available in the latest devbuild 1. Here is a list of all improvements since version 1. New in this release is the addition of the installer for Active Directory installs, which we really hope network administrators would appreciate. Also, this version is the first version that will perform queries for notifications like all other ABP versions.

Read more Comment [8]. We would like to announce that the current devbuild 1. We have been contacted quite a few times by admins, willing to deploy ABP on the whole network, not just on a single machine. This is why we are starting development builds of special installers, built without language transforms to allow for large scale deployments.

Read more Comment [3]. Since our last release for Internet Explorer we were very much focused on improving quality of ad blocking and hiding. If you are interested in a bit more details, here is the list of changes that are included in Adblock Plus 1. Read more Comment [11]. He needs filter suggest, I think he already know them. Joined Nov 5, Messages 4, I could notch too Fanboy's List.. That's right I need the best filter suggestions. I'd also like to try a good filter that can block anti adblock scripts.

Joined Nov 21, Messages 2, Look at Anti-Adblock Killer Reek https: I subscribed to that list using Adblock Plus but doesn't work properly. Remember this before subscribing to other lists.

This will slow down the adblocker, therefore, your browsing. As a rule of thumb, it is highly recommended to not use overlapping filterlists e.

Admiral argues that the domain is part of its access control technology of its advertising platform, and therefore the blacklisting is an attempt to circumvent a technical protection measure, which is forbidden under the DMCA section Some webmasters have used JavaScript to detect the effects of the popular Adblock Plus filters. Detection is simplified since the extension is not yet capable of replacing content; Loopback proxies provide this additional functionality. These methods do not detect the presence of the Adblock Plus extension directly, only the effects of the filters.

They are vulnerable to continued filter updates, and whitelist-filtering web scripts with extensions such as NoScript. An attempt was made to detect the plug-in itself, but that detection method was rendered unusable by the 0. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Retrieved December 12, Is Adblock Plus shaking down websites for cash to let ads through? Archived from the original on December 8, Retrieved March 9, They offer software for free [to consumers] and then come to us and say 'your site's OK so if you pay us we will ensure ads on your sites get through'. There is something extremely unhealthy about this business model.

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