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How to use PS controller on PC:

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Raziel3 , Feb 20, Please ask questions before bidding; thanks. You may unsubscribe from the newsletters at any time. Call of Duty Modern Warfare 4. Scroll to the bottom of the log and you should hopefully see "Dualshock 3 USB Driver installed" and "Bluetooth Driver installed" if you chose to , signifying a successful installation. It's easy enough to create a playlist. The missing cover has no effect to the units operation.

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How to Use Your Xbox or PS3 Controller on a PC

This is a great way to experience your favorite titles when on the road. Here's where you find your games. If you've inserted a PS3 disc, you'll see a disc icon. Click it to launch the game. Downloaded games show up here as well, allowing you to easily scroll through your entire library. You can also check out your Trophy collection. Trophies are virtual rewards, given for completing certain tasks in games. There are four levels of Trophies: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum.

Most Trophy types are based on the difficulty of the challenge, but Platinum is awarded when you collect all of the other Trophies in a game. Trophies are stored on Sony's servers, meaning that no matter which PlayStation you log in on, you can retrieve and display your full set of Trophies. Similar to the Game tab, Video is where all of your movies are stored. Click it to launch your movie.

Any music tracks on your PS3 are listed here. You can listen to tunes whenever you like and can even create playlists. It's easy enough to create a playlist. After naming your playlist, press the Triangle button to "Edit" the list.

You can then copy any tracks on your PS3 to your playlist. It should be obvious what is going to show here. Yep, it's all the photos stored on your PS3. Just like music tracks, you can create a custom playlist so you can have a custom PS3 slideshow. This is perhaps the most important section of the XMB. The PS3 has an incredible number of settings that you can access to enhance your experience. It's far too detailed for us to explain each and every setting, but let's take a look at a few important settings.

This will get Blu-ray movies looking as good as possible on your TV. The Theme setting allows you to select from a variety of backgrounds for your PS3. There are plenty of free and premium themes you can purchase on the PlayStation Store. You can log into a different user profile here or create a brand new one. Create as many as you like. We're not sure why you would need a dozen user profiles, but knock yourself out!

August 14, - 5 years 1 month ago. Nov 12, Messages: Jun 20, Messages: As much as I want to use a controller on the PS HereisOblivion , Feb 20, Hughtendo , Feb 20, Oct 21, Messages: Tempting, considering that using using the DS3 for Killzone and Motorstorm kills my hands.

Aug 29, Messages: If it was a wireless adapter, I'd be all over this. Sony needs to update it's dated controller layout and terrible stick resistance. Oct 27, Messages: QillerS , Feb 20, NappaFiresun , Feb 20, BadAss , Feb 20, Sep 29, Messages: Does such adaptor exist for PS3 controller on ? Edrey78 , Feb 20, Jun 3, Messages: Mar 24, Messages: Playing shooters on the controller just feels incredibly loose aiming wise.

I loved Uncharted, but I'll be damned to play another shooter with the PS3's analogs.. Chocoburger , Feb 20, Dec 29, Messages: I wish Sony would make it a rule that now that tilt has failed devs have to give you the option to turn it off. I want to play Killzone 2 with the controler so much. Gera37 , Feb 20, When will I be able to use this bad boy on PS3 and ? Jan 21, Messages: Feb 21, PanditNeel , Feb 21, Dec 6, Messages:

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