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Hola VPN Review 2018 – Security Threats, Problems & Alternatives
I read many reviewers talk about problems accessing Netflix, I gotta admit I've never had this problem since never traveled to a country where it's banned and I live in western Europe. Earning a rare 5-star rating, it's our top pick for VPNs. You should make a free trial even ONE day, but without asking for my C. Andrew I should have using a VPN long ago. Blocks ads, other web threats.

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Think of it this way: If you drive out of your garage, someone can follow your car and track where you went, how long you were there, and when you returned home. We call that stalking. Using a VPN service is like driving into a closed parking garage, switching to a different car, and then driving out. Anyone following your original car now has no idea where you went after entering the garage.

A VPN service keeps the stalkers at bay. Of course, no technology is foolproof. Once your traffic exits the VPN server, it can be monitored and perhaps intercepted. It's also possible to use complicated timing algorithms to predict when and where you leave the encrypted tunnel. There are other services, such as Tor , that can provide greater levels of anonymity. And if you're exchanging sensitive information, consider using encryption software to secure it first or using an encrypted messaging service such as Signal for iPhone and Android.

There's quite a bit of talk right now about whether a VPN to protect neutrality. The idea is that, if you tunnel through your ISP, it won't be able to throttle your connection or charge you to access specific online services. That makes sense on paper, but it actually works out that way depends on what the ISPs decide to do.

They could simply throttle all VPN traffic, for example. To me, the issue of net neutrality is a matter that should be decided on by Congress, and not one to be left up to individuals to solve, ad hoc. Activists rely on VPN services to change their IP addresses and spoof their online activity to get around government censors. Regular people can use VPN services to encrypt sensitive online activity while connected to unknown Wi-Fi networks to foil ad tracking and to spoof their location.

This last point means that, in some cases, you can enjoy region-locked content. What do I mean by region-locked? The Netflix we know here in the US isn't the same Netflix that people in other countries see. Overseas, Netflix subscribers can see HBO shows, and major hit films on the streaming service that don't show up within these United States. That's because Netflix has specific deals to distribute this content in different areas. Netflix isn't the only service that can be tricked. There are numerous others.

It's certainly fun to feel like you're getting away with something when using a VPN to gain access to restricted content, but don't complain if you get caught violating a company's terms of service in the process. Just because you have a Netflix account does not mean you have a legal right to access Netflix content in another country.

In fact, using a VPN to watch Netflix has become much harder as of late, because many VPN services render region-locked streaming sites inaccessible, and because the streaming services are fighting back against the VPN services that don't. Let me say two things upfront: I am very well aware that there is nothing inherently immoral or illegal about downloading files through BitTorrent or peer-to-peer P2P services.

If you launch WTFast manually, like other VPNs, it gives you the option of connecting to what it deems the optimal server or letting you choose a specific server. When selecting your own server, you can sort by ping or geography. WTFast has more than servers in 48 countries. Unlike some VPNs that let you choose only a country or city, WTFast lets you drill down further and select a specific server to connect to.

To use WTFast, you must tell it which online game you want to route through its servers. After you have registered a game with WTFast, it fires up each time you launch the game to route the traffic through its servers. It all happens automatically with no further user input required.

Me test for measuring upload and downloads speed we've used to evaluate other VPNs is not applicable for the service. With League of Legends, I had an extremely snappy average ping of 43ms without using the service. With WTFast, my ping slowed by a single millisecond to 44ms, which isn't the result you want to see, but frankly there was little room for improvement there to begin with. Because my baseline ping was so good, none of the VPN services were able to lower it.

I ran a second test in League of Legends where I connected to its Oceania server. I think the service is excellent to anyone who needs to hide is IP but not so much as publicized to watch Streaming TV from any Country. My experience is that when I tested on Finnish TV by connecting through a Finnish proxy, the quality was pretty good and watchable with few buffering.

The average speed was between 5 and 15 KB. Only in the middle of the night when I did another tests I was able to watch some streaming TV from RAI because majority of people were sleeping at that time , but during the daytime was impossible. In conclusion, if you need to browse and can use ANY proxy available, the service is good to ghide your IP and pretty fast.

I hope to write again and tell that the things improved, but as for now, I would not recommend this service to Italians.

Well I have been using this for over a month in China and I know China has been actively trying to control internet usage, but still the service is not really that good. They have done remote assistance on my computer also and within an hour there were issues again. I even suggested that they use my spare computer to monitor and do testing on for China.

I was going to offer them the use of it for free service and keeping my personal computer up to date on the service.

Their reply was that they would need many computers in many locations to do it right. I guess doing it completely wrong is better in their opinion than doing what they could.

I am tired of their excuses and when they agree to a refund I am out of there and probably switching to Astrill! I really wish my old VPN would have worked out the China issues. One nice thing about them they simply did not give so many excuses, they just kept their servers and settings up to date as best as they could.

I miss them, I wish they would have overcome the problems. In fact I may have lost more productivity in the last weekend than in the entire time with my old company. I use it daily for SEO. Thank you thank you!! Witopia also works but strong has better support, and listen I am not working for the companies I posted just being factual here.

I have already requested a refund from HMA, waiting for it still thanks. HMA has become unusable. I am in Germany and connect to servers in the US.

Google will not accept my searches because they say there are too many automated queries coming from the server I have tried many. I can no longer watch a streaming movie without an interruption every 3 minutes because the speed is so slow. Downloading a movie from iTunes will take 10 hours on Apple TV. By the way, the service used to be good; however, it became noticeably slower 6 weeks ago and has been useless for the past 4 weeks.

They lie with each word and it look for me like a one man show otherwise they could answer in time and give a standard Customer Support. Our systems have detected unusual traffic from your computer network.

Why did this happen? Google does this to prevent people from sending queries using automate tools. Changing to a different server may help. I have been using it intensly during this week to watch shows on hulu and other catch-up tv services AS, UK.

Hardly any buffering problems and very fluid. If this quality continues for the next 3 weeks then I shall probably take the one year offer which is at a very good price. This is just to say that one can never give a general opinion on a service but simply a personal opinion.

What is true for one user is not sure to be true for another. How do you get 2. I am using 2. One more thing, I want to mentioned here HMA support is very slow nowadays, I have issue with payment processing and I email them 2 days ago, still does not get answer from them.

We understand that our support has recently not been up to the standard it should be and that in many cases replies have taken far too long. We have been working behind the scenes to address this and have recently recruited more support staff, who are currently undergoing training.

We are also making improvements to our software and our site overall which we believe will reduce the number of unnecessary tickets. I can only apologise for your bad experiences to date, but would like you to be assured that radical improvements are imminent: I was looking for a valuable VPN review and my search ends here. You have really written a nice piece that explains every angle of VPN.

I am really grateful to you and your efforts. Hope to listen back from your side. When you are going to release another update about VPN? I have been using hidemyass for over 3 years now. I have to say I never had a single problem with it.

There were times i found the connections were slow. Except that, I am very happy with hidemyass. I read this post!! If you want to read more reviews of HMA then visit to http: I am sure that this page is helpful for you in choosing VPN service. Should I ever manage to log on I wonder how easy connecting to server will be…. My internet service provider has blocked us from accessing http: Would you have other options on how I could purchase the application?

Do not trust them! They will keep logs and they know who you are and will give information out if asked. It first came to our attention when leaked IRC chat logs were released, in these logs participants discussed about various VPN services they use, and it became apparent that some members were using our service. No action was taken, after all there was no evidence to suggest wrongdoing and nothing to identify which accounts with us they were using.

At a later date it came as no surprise to have received a court order asking for information relating to an account associated with some or all of the above cases. As stated in our terms of service and privacy policy our service is not to be used for illegal activity, and as a legitimate company we will cooperate with law enforcement if we receive a court order equivalent of a subpoena in the US. The whole point of HMA is to protect you from whoever you are connecting to the Internet through.

This is especially important when using wi-fi in a hotel, in an Internet cafe, and especially on the street where you have no guarantee the wi-fi provider will not snoop on your user names and passwords. You are missing the point. They state that the only information they log is your connection and disconnection time. Obviously, if they later provide corroborating evidence to help the authorities, then they have stored more than that.

I still think it is a great service for protecting anonymity from all but authorities, but HMA should not falsely advertise that they store no other information. It is more than time connecting and time disconnecting. They have to link that to their record of you. So, OK, a pointer to your account. However, they have to know your current IP address.

Do they store this too? Then, do they store which server you connected to? And do they store your new ip address? Covering all of these would be an appropriate answer. Just sent them my log file and will wait for response. That is no help to me at all. I wanted to try out hidemyass for privacy browsing and beeing able to use Netflix from my country, but then before setting up a subscription plan I stumbled upon this article:.

Few months back, HMA was great. But now a days it is a pile of shit. It is better to stay away from their service. First they take your money and after couple of days, your account is disabled and they make you wait for months to refund or enable your account.

You could just visit their community at http: Their chat systems never respond and their emails are not ticket based.

You will not know whether your email has even reached their non-existent support or not. Their community moderating team is hardly online. You could check their last visit on this page http: So think wise, before you give your money to them. Internet has many crap providers, and HMA is one of them. You never know they might even sniff your personal data and sell it for quick bucks. Hide My Ass is indeed a great service. I have personally used this VPN and it was ok to use most of the time.

I have been using HMA for a few months and am really disappointed. I spend more time trying to find servers that work than I do actually using the service. Customer support is virtually non existent, unless you can stay by your email for 2 days with no rest to keep a open dialogue going.

This service should be a simple install and connect with no hang ups, instead you have to apparently be a computer scientist to fully utilize it. I am in China. Being blocked by the authorities.

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