The Complete Guide to Setting Up and Using an Apple TV—Part 1

Overview of Apple TV

How to connect to the Internet with your Mac
With Home Sharing, you can browse and play your entire iTunes library. Be respectful, keep it clean and stay on topic. Quick Links Explore popular categories. Highlight your choice and select it. Install AirParrot and restart your computer.


How to browse the web on your Apple TV with AirWeb

It's ideal if you want to share the surfing experience with friends and family who are in the room with you, or if what you are looking at on the web would benefit from a bigger screen. You might as well be looking at your iPhone or Mac screen, and when it comes to scrolling and typing you will be.

You won't be able to use your iPhone for anything else while you are mirroring it's screen on the TV. One issue with surfing the web on your TV screen via your iPhone and AirPlay is the fact that you have to scroll and swipe around on your iPhone so you might as well be doing your surfing on that device rather than the TV. AirBrowser puts a web browser on your TV screen while reserving the iPhone for controls and a keypad.

You get a full desktop view of the web pages. Not all elements of web pages worked in AirBrowser. Some forms were difficult to fill in if they used multiple choice. AirBrowser places controls for browsing the web on your iPhone - so you can swipe around the page, or type using the iPhone keyboard, but the actual web page appears on the TV screen. We did encounter a few difficulties using AirBrowser. Another issue we had was when viewing iTV player. Instead we were able to increase page size by zooming in pinch to zoom.

If asked, enter your Wi-Fi password. These networks, called captive networks, can include free and pay networks in places like businesses, schools, dorms, apartments, hotels, and stores. After you restart each device, see if you still need help. Then, join your network and check for software updates.

If there's an update, install it. Then unplug your Ethernet cable and try to join your Wi-Fi network again. After each step, see if you still need help. Check that everything's on, connected, and in range Make sure that your Internet router is connected to your modem and that both are powered on.

Restart your Apple TV, router, and modem After you restart each device, see if you still need help. Then plug them back in. Call your cable company or Internet provider for help.

Try to connect to a Wi-Fi network in a different location.

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