What is the difference between a SOCKS proxy and an HTTP proxy?

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Free proxies are usually slow , unstable and die fast. It takes much time to find new working proxies every day. Our product My IP Hide can save your time life. It uses our private proxy servers. We manage and tune them to ensure they are always working and fast.

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About our free proxy list. What is socks proxy? How to use the socks proxy? What is the version of socks proxy? What is the anonymity of socks proxy? How to check the speed of socks proxy? All the competition among VPN companies lately has cause them all to raise their game.

The features they offer nowadays are impressive. This proxy is ideal for torrents, and works perfectly with uTorrent, Vuze, QBittorrent, Deluge, and more…. The non-logging proxy server is fast, stable, and ideal for anonymizing your torrent downloads. See their full server list here. For more details and speedtests read our complete Torguard review.

BTGuard , like Torguard, is a non-logging proxy service designed specifically for torrent users. They have p2p friendly servers in multiple countries, and speeds are solid. This is a nice perk for non-technical users. If you attempt to use them for any other purpose Skype, Video, Torrents, etc there can be major problems, including:. It does not prefer one type of traffic or another, and can carry any type of data, program, or protocol. It is natively supported by many popular applications, including: Skype, Torrent Clients, Web-scraping software, Email clients, and more….

Here is an article about socks proxy and http proxy. When you enable socks proxy in the program, the proxy will fetch the traffic data for the program. We recommend using Socks Proxy Checker to check socks proxies.

However, in most cases, you won't use those features. Then Socks4 is same as Socks5. All the socks proxies are highly anonymous. The server does not know you are using a proxy.

Http proxies are different. They can be anonymous or transparent. You can use our free software Socks Proxy Checker to test the proxy speed. We don't show the speed in the proxy list.

It's because one proxy may have different speed for different users. For example, a proxy which is fast for USA users may be slow for European users. So check it by yourself. Change IP every minute with 66 private proxies in 24 countries. Faster than VPN and public proxy. You can choose specific countries or IP addresses for automatic switching. The service is always fast and stable. Use encrypted connections to unblock websites. One account for multiple devices Windows, Mac, Android, and Linux.

Free proxies are usually slow , unstable and die fast.

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