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How do I change my IP address?
Click "ok" and the "apply" to enact the changes you made. Just scroll down to "translate a web page", and enter the URL you want to visit. It is an excellent program, very useful, protects my pc against external controls and intrusions. Understand that a dialog box may pop up. Not Helpful 9 Helpful This address is used to communicate with other computers inside your local network, like at home or at work. Is this article up to date?


How to change your IP address

Regardless, many people use anonymous proxies, apparently finding that the ability to change their IP address for free is worth the risk. If you choose to give it a try, visit our tutorials for Internet Explorer , Firefox , and Safari.

Perhaps the most popular anonymous surfing program on the Internet, Tor is basically a network of http proxies that includes software for encrypting your connecting to those proxies. An excellent degree of anonymity can be gained if used correctly read all their instructions , and this would probably be our top recommendation if all you want to do is hide your IP address. The only functionality that appears to be lacking is the ability to choose where your IP address will be located.

Another minor drawback is that the Tor network itself is easily detected but it will not reveal who you are if configured properly. This typically involves a fee for use, but there "seem" to be a few services that are offering free VPN surfing.

How they do it, we don't know, but our guess is that they may try to get you to upgrade to a "premium" service at some point. We did a quick web search for "free VPN", and got some matches. The first page results included: Please let us know , so we can keep this page as complete and useful as possible!

A "how to" provided by iPrivacyTools. Press the Windows key and R to get to the Run dialog. Then press Command and Enter. Open the Control Panel. Right click on the internet connection that you are using. If prompted, type in an admin code to continue. Find the Networking tab. Press the Properties button. In the general tab, click "Use the following IP address" if it isn't highlighted already.

Type in a string of ones, so that your new IP address says Press the tab key on your keypad to fill the Subnet Mask area with automatically-generated numbers. Click "ok" twice to bring you back to the "Local Area Connection" screen. Understand that a dialog box may pop up. A dialog box saying "Since this connection is currently active, some settings will not take effect until the next time you dial it" may pop up. Right-click again on your local connection, selecting "Properties.

Check the box "Obtain an IP address automatically. Your computer should have a new IP address. Locate the Proxies category and click on "Change Settings. Find an appropriate IP address that will serve as your Web Proxy server. You can do this a number of ways.

First, download the Hotspot Shield app on your phone. After you have installed the Hotspot Shield application, you will see a new Hotspot Shield icon in your menu or taskbar. Click on that icon to show the start button and click on the start button to modify your IP address.

There can be some confusion as to which IP address to change, in order to protect your privacy. Your computer has a public IP address and a local IP address. Many online tutorials show you how to change your local IP address. How can you tell if you are changing your local address? If you go into the settings of your operating system to change your IP address manually, you are probably changing your local IP address.

This address is used to communicate with other computers inside your local network, like at home or at work. It is not available to the public, so it will not reveal any information about you outside of your network.

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