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How to set up an Xbox 360 Controller for Windows
You'll use this program to burn the Xbox game onto a supported DVD. Adjust the sliders in the Buffer Recovery Thresholds section. One user said that they fixed their problem by removing the sticker off of the back of the wireless receiver because apparently they throw a foil sticker underneath for reasons beyond explanation. Xbox In other languages: It means that although your USB is receiving power and the computer even knows your receiver is out there it cannot establish communication with the micro-controller inside to get the proper hardware ID. Free games Twice a month, Xbox Live Gold members get exclusive access to a hand-selected collection of fan favorites, big hits, and bold new visions - for free. The only reason why this program requires.

Set up a wired controller on Windows 10

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Took me a while to figure out original drivers would not work, you did the trick in 1 second.. Even the battery life has improved. Should I keep using the old driver when I receive the original receiver? Keep the old driver since it is the same Microsoft driver you will be using for your OEM. You can use either version really.

Hi, thank you very much, the CD from china is really useless, your manual is great, very helpful — without it I would be just walking in the dark… Thanks! By the way, how about putting up a Bitcoin wallet QR code or patreon link, so I can contribute?

This is a very well made guide, very helpful for specific needs. I would like to done a handful of bucks…. But to answer your question. There actually is a BTC donation button under the donation and support section of this site. Thanks for the link, send you a handful of bucks. That is not a problem — its a service. Thanks a ton for the donation! I will try to do something like that in the footer of the site such as a graphical button just so people know. Will the Chinese wireless receiver work with the Xbox One Controllers?

Xbox One Wireless Adapter. I see people asking this question from time to time. But the short answer is no. The Xbox One uses a different 2. I spent about an hour faffing about with drivers and on forums before I came across this. Following your steps, I now have a working controller. Thank you SO much, I thought I was going insane.

I did this on Windows 7 64 bit. For some reason it did not allow me to manually update the drivers there. Glad to hear you got it working. I do have a windows 7 tutorial over here. I just had to update my cornerstone blog to windows 10 since a lot of people are on it now. Thanks, you made my evening. Thanks for your guide, very informative and helpful. I would have been stuck in the hell that is windows 10 drivers without you. Even more-so since a wired controller a windows 10 box should pick up almost instantaneously as there actually is drivers for legit Xbox controllers.

Thanks for the quick reply. I had already tried that but i did it again just to make sure. Thank you for the guide, really useful. I installed it on both of my laptops but I noticed when I wanted to hook up with the first laptop I had to do these steps again found in the comment section:.

Then go into device manager, find the unknown device that is your China Xbox Controller. Right-click and click on Update Driver Software.

Then click on Browse my Computer for Driver Software. Click on Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer. Click the very first catagory Show All devices. Click on the Have Disk button in the lower right-hand corner of the driver installation window. When it asks to insert your manufacturers disk where it defaults to A: Do you have any idea why I needed to redo this and is this going to be needed every time I want to hook it up?

The problem you are describing is one of the minor problems dealing with doing a manual driver installation versus modifying the. And windows 10 seriously hates it when you attempt to modify the inf file.

If you are on a windows XP, 7, or 8 box. If you want to use the modified inf driver in windows I know the steps and done it before on windows 7 and windows 10 computers. So can you please provide the drivers from that CD? Thanks in advance, best regards. I have uploaded the entire contents of the china CD to my site. Click here to download that. But kept it all in tact as an archive for anyone else missing their CD. Also, I have modified the original Microsoft INF driver to work with windows 10 and have published a tutorial about it over here.

You will need a XBox one dongle for that. This is the only modification I had to make on win 7 64bit. Thanks for this great piece of information. Works like a charm as long as you know what you need to do. Glad it worked out for you. Never had this problem when I was previously running windows 7.

This worked flawlessly after I was done tearing my hair out getting that damned CD to work. Same icon as in the picture he used for Windows 10, so look for that icon if you are using a different language in Windows. Is there a way to tell windows to use the same driver for the device in any USB port?

You can extract the files from the exe. Once you install the driver again windows 7 will remember that INF file reguardless of where you plug it in.

Windows 10 becomes a lot more annoying! Because even modifying the inf files makes windows 10 freak out thinking that you have injected malicious code into your driver. In order to do the same thing underneath windows 10 without me paying hundreds per year in driver re-certification is similar to my XBCD blog article where you have to enable test signing mode in order for it to work. I checked in device manager another of i find 2 human interference devices In my pc human interference devices are not listed.

How to fix please help me. So you took it to a friends house and it works fine. This can be found by right-clicking on the device in question. If you can find it then you can uninstall it as a human interface device. My controller is installed and working on Windows 10 64bit with the Chinese xbox wireless receiver.

The problem I am having is that the controller keeps randomly disconnecting. Even when playing a game. Any ideas on how to fix? Also is there a way to restore the Xbox Button to what is used to do? Before when It would bring up a xbox logo and display the battery level. Hi — I have a weird problem….. I followed all your instructions on the blog and I now have the drivers on my wndows 10 64 bit.

I even get them to pair and sync. Desperaately trying to get it to work on minecraft for my son but when I load minecraft I can only move the cursor with either the touchpad or the mouse — xbox controller does nothing even though its paired and tests properly: What does device manager say about your receiver?

Did the drivers install correctly or if there an error? Do you get lights when you press the sync button on the PC receiver? Hm, not sure what to say after that. Usually if you hit the sync button on the controller and the receiver just like I did in my video it should sync up in a matter of seconds just like your Xbox Syncing is all handled via the micro-controller itself inside of your receiver.

You may have a defective on your hands. Any ideas would be a start. You might want to check out this blog entry dealing with manual installation of the xbox controller driver. So this is the manual approach with telling windows exactly where the driver is at. My controller works, but the lights are constantly spinning. What can I do about it? Man, you are amazing. I cannot thank you enough. Your instructions saved my favorite controller.

Your guide was easy to understand with perfect screenshots and instructions. I really appreciate all the time and effort it took to create this article just to help me get an old controller up and running.

Happy gaming and thanks for checking out my blog! I reloaded windows 10 and let it go from the base install through all of the service updates. Installed the Xbox controller and rebooted several times and the receivers did not loose connection.

Also popped the batteries out and back in and my windows 10 was able to sense and remove the controller and re-add without problems. The only thing I might be doing differently is that I am running windows 10 under the administrator account as I get annoyed with the security pop-up requesting access. A lot of how pairing works deals with the Xbox Controller chip and the receiver chip. On my machine I could pair it before the OS is even loaded.

The only time the software really comes into play is when you pair a new controller up to the receiver which could be why when you reload the driver it works. Could I ask where you got the receivers from? And also, has this been a problem since you had the receiver or did it work totally fine until it started to fail recently? Finally, what controller are you using? Serious thank you for a cracking guide. Followed your steps to add the drivers to the unknown device and boom.

Hotline Miami 2 it is today then. If you have the real receiver from Microsoft i. But statement 2 will still effect you because the Windows 10 driver will list the controllers as Generic HiD. But for those who want the battery status and the controller notification when they press the Xbox button then you will want to go to the earlier windows 7 x64 driver. First of all thank you so much for this! I was wondering whether you could help though. I have one wired controller and now this wireless one.

Is it possible to make one of them 1 and the other 2? First of all thank you very much for this great tutorial. I have a kind of specific question but because you seem to have a good knowledge about this controller and driver issues I will try my luck: During the event the controllers are deactivated and reactivated reinstalled while the game we play is running.

Do you maybe have any idea how to prevent this? Hello and thanks for your guide! What did I do wrong? As long as it works in the XBCD utility and it also works in windows nativly under: Then almost any game should be able to see it as well.

I think I have a problem! What can it be? Thank you so much! This saved my marriage as my husband thought I was to blame and we now have tomatoes on our simulated farm! This guide is fantastic! I purchased a third party receiver from amazon a while back and it worked great for a good long year, but recently got that message — Device Descriptor Request Failed, and could never get it to work again.

I purchased another receiver from a new vendor on amazon, it worked for a few days, then Windows Update happened and once again, Device Descriptor Request Failed. Are the receivers pretty much useless after that? You can try all of the basic stuff I. When I press the button on the wireless receiver it flashes once and after that it stays on.

I can repeat this, pressing the button and waiting it to flash twice, a few times and after that the light stays on no matter I press the button or not. And therefore I cannot connect my Xbox controller to the receiver. The only time it should do that is if you already have controllers powered on and spinning in a clock-wise circle waiting to sync. Typically the wireless receiver will flash for around seconds the moment you press it waiting for you to press the sync button on your Xbox game controller.

I tried installing both the exe file and the win 10 version you suggest and when updating driver I get an error saying the hash for the file is not present in the specified catalog file.

The file is likely corrupt or the victim of tampering?? Please help as this device was working with my previous pc and win 7 and I upgraded to win 10 silly me. Following part of my classic xbox controller tutorial you could disable signature checking if you wish to use the xbox-driver.

Awesome, did the manual installation since it didnt show the xbox peripherals on the list, thanks so much! At first I thought that the receiver was broken. But then I connected it to my laptop and after completing the instructions above, worked perfectly.

Both computers work on the same OS Windows Who can help me fix this issue? Any fix for this? Hello, I have this strange issue of my controller automatically disconnecting and reconnecting over and over or not being able to reconnect for several minutes. This mostly happens when using the emulator ePSXe but the disconnecting and reconnecting also happens less often in other games. At one point I was playing with 3 other people and 4 xbox controllers combined and they would all have this problem.

The dongle was tested in another computer and had no problems and another dongle was testing on my computer and had a similar problem although slightly less often. The dongle was never more than 6 feet from the controllers.

Hello, I got this thing working yesterday. For testing we had about 4 different types of dongles because there was reports of these units breaking after a short while of using them. We had one which lasted for about a week before it showed up as a total unknown device. If this is the case. Then the micro controller chip inside that dongle may have died. That means that the computer can see that there is -something- plugged into the USB port but the data is either corrupt or missing when it sends the command to identify itself.

Every USB device sends this little set of characters to a computer telling it what it is. Even if the computer cannot understand the new device it at least stores the hardware ID so if it finds a driver it knows what to do.

This level of data corruption can happen if a USB port is bad. In super-rare cases the operating system may be blocking the plug-n-play service. But this can also happen if the device itself is bad. Thanks for all your help. I tried it on another PC and still nothing it must be the actual device.

Thank you for the super helpful post. I installed the older driver as instructed. If I install the newer Windows 10 driver, the controller works fine still, but now the Xbox Home button does absolutely nothing. It just does nothing although the rest of the controller functions well.

Is there anything i can do to get that big Xbox button to actually do something useful? But so far, the best app that looks promising is controller companion which seems to be able to utilize the home button of the xbox controller. Thanks again for the help. Thanks a lot for this, you made my day. But this worked in 1 try. Are you able to update your direct driver dropbox link?? I need to go that route and the link for x64 isnt working for me. The dropbox account keeps getting suspended due to high traffic loads and too many other sites were hot-linking to it.

All links have been moved locally to the same server you are setting my webpage on. Thanks man, once I saw it wouldnt initially connect I thought to myself of course this wouldnt work. There should be more people like you on the internet!

I have been using this Chinese adaptor successfully for about a year with minimal issues, and it was even fine after my upgrade to Windows I connect the controller as usual, and it works for around ten seconds in Fallout 4 and about a minute in Witcher 3, before the controller simply stops sending or the receiver stops receiving any input.

There is no blinking light or a disconnecting sound from Windows to indicate a connection has been dropped. From there I have to uninstall and reinstall the driver to get it responsive again, and it repeats this over and over.

I tried using the Windows 10 and 7 drivers, as well as your method. The file is likely corrupt or the victim of tampering.

Well, windows 10 is correct. I did tamper with the file. I changed the inf to find the device ID of the Chinese driver in that one. You will have to disable driver signature verification. That should calm windows 10 down. If it only works for a little bit after you unplug and replug it back in. Either the microprocessor in your controller is locking up.

Or the microprocessor in your Chinese receiver is locking up. Controller testing, of you got a xbox pair it up and see how it behaves. Finally, you could try different USB ports. I say usb 3. Apologies if the troubleshooting seems kind of vague. If anyone else wants to chime in feed free.

Did you ever find out what the issue was or hopefully find a fix? Everything else went fine though. On all three of the receivers that I have and use for testing they all light up green the moment you supply power to the USB port. That it may identify itself as a device in device manager but may have any programming to actually turn on the light to even say its ready.

Much less to sync.. Then you probably have a defective. It can even happen to a Microsoft OEM receiver too. Thanks for the answer, ive tried it with 2 different controllers both work on the xbox. I will try it on windows xp and let you know so i know for sure its defect.

I have tried on both operating system 7 and 8. If you are pressing the sync button on the front of your Xbox controller first and the receiver next and the controller LEDs spin clockwise but never assigns a player ID. Is it possible to test your controller on a Xbox ? If the controller pairs with the Xbox gaming unit but not the wireless receiver.

I just doesnt work for me, i tried everything on the website. I have both installed on my pc, the receiver and the controller but the controller doesnt connect to the receiver.

I can try to figgure out what happened here. Can you see your receiver in device manager? Does the driver install correctly? You mentioned how receiver AND controller is connected. Do you just have your controller plugged in for power? I have the same problem as him. When I look in Device Manager, there is no unknown device, or anthing related to xbox in the list. I tried putting the cable, in different usb-ports, and restarting the computer. Which if it thinks its a ho-hum genetic USB device then the controller will simply not work.

I will have try to take a windows 7 box and upgrade it to My test boxes both x86 and x64 were clean windows 10 installs right off of the retail DVD. Thank you very much! Do you know if this still works on Windows 10 or not? I wish it did but I am really not sure. Need to do a test on VirtualBox, I guess. Just wanted to let you know that the blog has been updated with Windows 10 OS in mind.

It talks about the native drivers versus download drivers and all images associated have been pulled off of a live Windows 10 box. Thanks again for checking out my blog! First of all thanks for the guide but I have some problems. Can You give me some advice about it? Usually the installation works as it copies the. But there could be factors which may be beyond the scope of this blog such as firewall controll or access policies I may not be aware of. If you have extracted it to your C: In my case the 64 bit example is located in C: It will finally come up with three selections.

Click on Xbox Wireless Receiver for windows. Click Yes to the update driver warning. That should be the procedure to manually install the driver without running the Microsoft executable. Which the first thing the Microsoft Community would ask is what version of windows are you running?

Click on the start button in the lower left-hand corner, right-click on computer , and then click properties. It will tell you the version of windows you are running at the type, and underneath the system catagory it states if you are running 32 or 64 bit or even ARM if you are running Windows Tablet edition.

Thank you so much. I worked the entire day trying to make it work. I tried many guides, but only yours worked. Maybe you should add this to the main post, if more people are having this problem? Just a little confused as to what you would like me to add to the main post. Bought this thing off amazon so I could play dark souls on my pc and I was really struggling to get this damned thing working but now it works fine!!!

Before i ordered my ebay china wireless receiver i was looking arround for info on it and came across this blog. Saved the link and now my receiver got in the mail i instantly checked this blog again and had it up and running in no time!! Extremely clear installation steps and very thorough. Thanks for taking the time to write this how-to. By using this form you agree with the storage and handling of your data by this website.

Wireless Receiver for the Xbox from China has arrived. Thanks for visiting this blog and have fun in steam! I fucking love you, been trying to install this piece of crap for about a month. Glad this article helped! Have fun and happy gaming! Thanks for checking out this blog and happy gaming! Well lets try some troubleshooting to see if you have a bad adapter.

In device manager please perform the following: Great to hear it helped you out man! Thanks for visiting this blog! Thanks for checking out this blog! Have a good time gaming! Thanks for checking out my blog! Anyhow, hope it helps you out! Thank YOU for checking out this blog! Have a great time with your controller! Windows 10 64bit and the receiver is made by HDE. Thank YOU for checking out my blog! Take care and happy gaming! Glad to hear it worked out for you! Thank you for checking out my blog and happy gaming!

Thanks for your big help man, got it working because of you. Thanks for letting us know and happy gaming! Thank you for visiting our blog! Glad it worked out for you! Does this work with an Xbox uDraw Game Tablet? Best of luck on this! You are the greatest for visiting this site! Thanks man for the wonderful guide. Managed to setup mine: Thanks for checking out this blog. Have fun gaming out there! Thank you so much for your video. Its works under Win7.

Thank you for checking out this blog and have fun gaming! Oh my god I love you. I was about to give up when I found this. Anyhow, thanks for checking out my blog. D Closest I can come is making a hackintosh machine. I do not find the drivers from , or … can you help me with this problem? Type in the following path: This is an awesome and easy guide to follow!! Perfect and still relevant thanks. This did not work.

Controllers still not syncing. Hello, thanks for the great job on this guide. Thanks in advance Eus. Get a perfect launch on your tachometer when launching from the start line to get a boost. When the needle turns blue drop the clutch and hold on. Hitting nitrous torques the chassis back, giving the rear tires immensely more weight under the new acceleration. The end effect is that you will go straight. If your tail is sliding out or you are about to spin out of control, hit your nitrous to get straighten out.

This is a great trick in combination with Speedbreaker. With the correct timing, you can take most corners at any speed. It is critical when you get past Blacklist Member 6 to use your nitrous wisely and strategically. Instead of just holding Nitrous in desperation to get ahead, press and release it when the tachometer is about to shift to the next gear.

Upon the next gear shift, continue pressing Nitrous until the next upcoming gear shift. This is a great way to cut time off your race. After getting busted and taking a strike, turn off the system the next time you get pulled over. Resume the game and those strikes will be removed. If you get busted, during the scene when the cops are wrestling you to the ground, disconnect the controller then reconnect it and you will be at the pause screen.

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You start Campaign mode only being able to achieve Heat levels 1 and 2 City Police. By defeating certain Blacklist Rivals, you can then achieve the higher Heat levels:. Heat level 5 Federal Authorities: Defeat the Blacklist 5 rival. Heat level 6 Undercover Federal Authorities: On the final challenge Challenge Series mode and on the final level of Campaign mode.

Cross joins in the pursuit on the final level. To lower the Heat from your car, go to a Stop Shop and enter. Then, change the color of your car, leave and do not move. Press Up to go back in and change the car back to its original color.

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