Top 10 Ways To Deal With A Slow Internet Connection

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People in my house get the same slow speeds. Are we using wireless or wired connection? Minimum of 8 standard keyboard characters. Get the light ones done when you're on your slow connection, and group all the bandwidth-heavy tasks together so you can do them if and when you get faster access. I definitely feel like nbn shouldn't be this slow.

10. Check Your Speeds (And Your Plan)

Most internet applications don't work and websites take a minute to load. I reviewed the previous notes when our Tech team called you on 21st of November the service was working fine and it was monitored up to the 25th of November and was informed that it's still working well. Is the issue that you are experiencing is time specific? Are we using wireless or wired connection?

If wireless, there's a possibility that we are experiencing interference which affects the internet connection. You can try the troubleshooting on this link to resolve the issue. If wired, try to isolate a device only 1 device connected then do a speedtest to eliminate possible heavy bandwidth sharing issue which can cause slow internet speed. I am still experiencing very slow internet as of today. The speeds seem to get better as the day progresses but it is still slow. I ran these tests on a wired connection with one device connected, and only speedtest running.

It probably may be due to high internet traffic but i am not sure to be honest. Your current service plan is NBN You can post the screenshot of the speedtest for us to check if it's passing or not. You may consider upgrading to NBN50 as well in case you require more speed. Check our updated plan range on this link. The internet speeds have just been really slow, slower than usual.

I mean like sometimes the internet would be fine but alot of times its very slow. Even when i am the only device using the internet, i cannot watch videos on p on youtube and opening web pages take forever. I waited a while and refreshed the page alot just to get here and I don't even know if it will be able to post. I have attached a speed test of my recent test which took a lot of time to load the page. It's the one with 11ms ping. The other test which i tried to attach had 3ms was for about 2 weeks ago.

For the past few days, my internet was so slow i could not watch youtube on high quality or even standard quality. The ping jumps around a lot.

I live just beyond 1. Please help me resolve this annoying internet issues, thank you. I have friends who use TPG who get much faster speeds. Something which would take me 12 hours to download would take them 4 hours or less. Yes and i don't know which is slow. I waited for 10 minutes to get here. I definitely feel like nbn shouldn't be this slow. I asked a few people i know and the speed i get is speed without NBN.

I am just having a very slow connection speed. Currently, are you connected via wired or wireless connection? My computer was connected to the modem anyways. Here are the results of a test which i just did. If you are outside of the DSLAM coverage even by a few metres , your speeds aren't guaranteed to be as fast as it is stated on the plan. I live about 3.

Aside from that, noises on the telephone line can also interfere with the speeds as well as stability of the connection. If your connection has always been slow since you subscribed to TPG then it is possible that the existed before you subscribed.

Normally TPG would escalate the issue to Telstra if there is an issue with the copper wires that is not coming from customer premises but the connection from there to the nearest exchange. In either case, you will need to figure out when this issue started happening and perhaps explain to TPG via phone in detail.

They should then make you go through isolation tests by having all phones and other devices that relies on phone cable to be disconnected from within the premise and to test the connectivity from there.

9. Troubleshoot Your Hardware