I can't download the game

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Smite servers are fine. Another reason why I let my games patch in the background. Other games as example would be Dota 2 and magicka wizard wars both i downloaded off steam at average rate of kb. How can i download smite fast? If i delate smite can i download it again? What would you like to ask?

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Approximately how long should it take to download SMITE?

How do i contact support? To contact support http: Smite launcher sometimes fudge things up and cannot download on full speed, what's more Well Sir , If u dont have anything good to say would u rather keep quiet. You dont know how much of pain it is when a download takes forever.

Yeah Smite has been one of the fastest downloading games I've ever played. I created an account and was in que about 30 minutes later. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Log in or sign up in seconds.

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English is not my native language,Sorry if i made an error. Want to add to the discussion? A slow download is just like a pot of water on the stove, if you watch it nothing will happen. Chemistry Engineering Mathematics Physics. The smite download is taking forever, i have a good internet speed and a great gaming computer, yet the smite laucher update is taking forever.

The smite download is taking forever i have a good internet speed and a great gaming computer yet the smite laucher update is taking forever it. This site is best viewed while logged in. Your connection to the internet is not stable. Perhaps he is having connection problems on his end. That is sometimes known to happen. Maybe he has a lot of garbage in his computer and it Suggested Solutions 10 What's this?

Its taking forever to download watsup onto my htc one x? Was this answer helpful? This answer closely relates to:. I once had a similar problem and once I defragged my computer , it was running much faster.

This should be done monthly, for optimum performance. A guy is taking forever to text me back? Stop tg download try again and If it repeated it self then you may not have a compatible computer. Why is smite taking ages to download?

You may have too many processes running at the same time , or check that your wifi signal is good and you are connected to the internet. Why is kik taking forever to connect? Your gonna have to make him feel like your not really that in to him if you keep on a sweat him then he wont worry about it. Maybe some people are busy, like my friend for example. She sometimes reply right away and other times she reply the next day since she was studying. Was this comment helpful?

Well it might be he is busy or if this is happing often he eather can be botherd or bored by you not to be mean. And sometimes it's right away, but other times it's about 20 minutes. Go to downloads in the menu. How do i stop a download on my htc desire c that is taking forever? How to i speed up smite download? Check to see if you are on Wi-Fi Takes a klot kless time.

Picture message received, clicked download, taking forever to see the foto? Add Your Answer The smite download is taking forever, i have a good internet speed and a great gaming computer, yet the smite laucher update is taking forever.

Extremely Slow Download Speeds