How to Change NAT Type on Your Xbox One

The Different types of NAT

Unplug the Ethernet cable connecting your router to your modem. Depending on the type, your console can be either connected to other devices or not. The router makes a new NAT entry that looks like this: Manuals and warranty info. There are many well intentioned comments in the post but there are a few that have conflicting recommendations.

Your network uses a router and a gateway

Double NAT detected in your Network settings

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Manuals and warranty info. This is essentially the process your router uses to connect devices to the Internet. It is a necessary process because of IP addresses, specifically IPv4 addresses. Every device within a local network is assigned a unique IP address. They are combinations of 4 groups of up to 3 numbers. There are approximately 4. To combat this, your internet provider will take the IPv4 addresses from all the separate devices in your household and will use one IP address for all of them.

This is where the confusion arises in your router as from the outside , all connected devices will be seen to be using the same IP address. NAT is used to keep a log of every request made to the router from each individual device. This is great as it allows your console to communicate effectively with your router so that you can play Xbox Live on an Open NAT type without having to configure it yourself.

However, we know for a fact that the implementation of UPnP on the Xbox One is flawed and therefore might not always give you the NAT type that you need in order to connect with others online. There are 3 types and each dictates how good an online experience you will have. First up, go to the Settings and open Network Settings. Then check your NAT type. If it is already Open, there is no need to change anything — you are all set up.

Click on it to open new options. Here, choose the IP Settings and set it on Manual. This will allow you to change the address yourself, anytime you want. Once you do this, you will need to type in a few things. Change the IP address, subnet mask and the gateway address. However, be wary that the address you put in needs to be used only by your device.

What is NAT?