Review of Costco Kirkland Signature Hearing Aids


Is it so dense that you have to cut it with a knife or the edge of a spoon? I do not condone bashing of any company, including Costco, so while I disagree with Scott's post below, I think "anonymous" should stop manipulating words trying to bury a competitor, because the accusations are not true and are extremely unprofessional coming from another "professional" in the industry. Nov 01, Rating. We always got it at our local grocers in Kalamazoo. So to hear all these wonderful stories makes me happy — and jealous! I like your idea of making a ring that you pack in a rubbermaid container too. Do you really want to have your hearing tested next to the bananas?

…where everything tastes better

I went to Costco and had a free test which was better more complete test than my local DR. They have a rechargeable battery and you can program the environment 4 different settings. The Volume is also easy to adjust.

I just love em took Grandkids fishing this weekend and maybe said what 4 times. We stopped to pick up pizza and it was a noisy pizza place and I could hear every word any one said. Aug 04, Rating Bad Design and Batteries by: Ron Bought a set of Kirkland brand from Costco several months ago for less than half the price of my previous Bernafons.

The new ones perform the same as the old ones since aids only amplify sound. The many frequency bands and ability to filter out background sound, etc. The Costco aids use twice as many batteries because the little swinging door is in the wrong place, so when placed in a pouch, purse or pocket, the door closes and uses battery power when they aren't in the ears. Now I get days. Because the little doors close too easily, my aids often buzz in my pocket pouch, which I can't hear but others around me complain.

Kirkland brand batteries now come in a flawed circular container. The container allows all the batteries to slip out around the edge of the circular cover, so all the batteries end up loose in my pocket. I have had my ReSound Aids over 5 years. Free cleaning and adjustments. Free perodic hearing tests and adjustments to my hearing profile in the Aids. ReSound makes the Kirkland Hearing Aids, and most people that I know who use them say they are great. I would trust Costco Hearing Center.

They will recommend the hearing aid that fits your hearing loss. It is up to you as the user to decide if that is what you want to wear. Jul 30, Rating Just for your own Information Anonymous After receiving my new Kirkland Premium 6. I went to Costco and had a wonderful Lady do a extensive hearing test on me, which I found to be better then the Doctors did for me!! I received my hearing Aids in a week and I just Love them!! I can control them through my iPhone and was told how to take care of the Hearing Aids, and I Just had a 3 month cleaning on them for free.

Cant beat the deal. Great People to take care of you too!!! Jul 23, Rating Batteries by: Carol I normally get 4 days minimum on my hearing aid batteries. And I wear them at least 12 to 14 hours a day. I take out my batteries when I go to bed or take a nap and just open up the compartment. Jul 22, Rating Android by: Anonymous Will the Kirkland Signature 6.

Jul 19, Rating employer? Anonymous Does this person work for Costco? Anonymous I have not graduated to an iPhone because a TracFone meets my minimal telephonic communication needs with technology to spare.

I have found that the iPOD is essentially a basic iPhone Has anyone tried these aids with an iPod? Jun 20, Rating Battery care by: Anonymous I have moderate hearing loss and bought my first hearing aids from Costco. The whole experience has been entirely satisfactory.

I notice complaints about battery life, but my experience has been quite good. I wear my aids about hours a day, but when I remove them to shower,etc,I make sure to disengage the batteries. Overnight,I remove the batteries and place the flat side on a piece of clear tape, an online tip , and am getting days use.

Jun 11, Rating Update on Kirkland aids by: Don Had commented upon purchase of Kirkland aids at Costco. I never really used the expensive ones, as they made my ears hurt and itch, and didn't help me hear much better. The hearing center who sold them to me was virtually useless as well. A world of difference with Costco.

They provided ear drop oil to help my ears, and have fine tuned the aids for me. The aids also allow me to control them with my iPhone, which is an enormous difference. Phone calls are transmitted directly to the aids if I choose, enabling me to clearly hear the caller.

TV is now enjoyable, as I can hear the dialogue without blowing my wife out of the room with the TV volume! I wear these most of the time, and am extremely happy with them. Plus, with the super warranty and 6 month return policy, you simply can't lose! Get these, you won't regret it. The right ear was fine, but most of my hearing loss is in my left ear.

I went to the "hearing center" where I bought them and was told that it couldn't be repaired. Needless to say, me and the wife went to Costco and a few hours later after a very professional hearing test we left with my new set of Kirkland hearing aids. There was no 90 days to return the old pair when I bought them! May 31, Rating Value by: Ed W I have been wearing hearing aids now since the 's and have tried or owned virtually every brand. My Audiologist at a expensive hearing aid clinic mentioned that Costco sold top quality hearing aids for half their price.

When I went to upgrade 6 months later, there he was, working at Costco dispensing hearing aids. We both use powerful aids, and usually the same model, so he knew what would work for me.

I'm still using those aids 4 years later, and yesterday, Costco replaced the in the ear receiver for me at no cost. My backup hearing aid was a Phonak, it had feedback issues that were never resolved, but I have never had a issue with my Costco Resound aids. My new puppy ate one chewed to tiny bits. I swept up the bits and took them to Costco, and received a new replacement with no argument, since it was within the warranty.

Now, it looks like I'll be needing a cochlear implant, but would get the Kirkland Signature aid if I needed a upgrade. Some people complain when competition threatens their business, they feel that they have a right to profits and do not have to earn their business. The great thing about a free country like the US is that you can compete by offering lower prices or better products or service, or all of the above, and succeed.

Its always sour grapes for the losers. May 18, Rating Comments on using Costco by: Have never been happy with them, especially the lack of control to adjust them, and the provider has been pretty useless at helping. While I don't yet have them had to be ordered, arrive in a week , I found the specialist to be extremely professional and knowledgeable, and the test was far more comprehensive than the one at the retail dealer.

I was quite impressed. And how about this for a novel concept- no commissions! So they have no reason to steer you one way or another.

I'll update this review after receiving the aids, but based on professionalism and knowledge, the specialists at the St.

Peters Costco really impressed me. Apr 23, Rating Excellent and pairs with Iphone by: James Burwash I am very satisfied with the service and Kirkland product, Resound.

Most hearing aids are the same, but a big cost difference at Costco. I have been wearing aids for 50 years and always went to a hearing clinic. So I was very nervous to go to Costco, However, I was extremely satisfied with the attention to detail and service by Hailey in Vancouver. I have been struggling for years to hear on cell phones, I purchased the clip 5 years ago useless Anyway percent satisfied with pairing of the hearing aids to my IPHONE.

Words cannot explain my happiness. There are no add-ins just connect. Apr 20, Rating Worth it to me by: Doris I have had a pair of Kirkland 6.

I was not interested in the Blue Tooth connections which I believe is a new feature of the latest 6. I am retired and partially disabled so I watch a lot of TV and television movies. The joy of being able to press the button on the aids and be connected to the small TV Unit that sits on my TV set -- and actually HEAR every word being said as the voices come directly into my ear.

Okay, the inconvenience here is that this unit virtually eats batteries which I need to change every couple of days, according to the amount of TV use. Yes, this is a nuisance, but as others have said, the batteries are very inexpensive and the five extra minutes, approximately, that it takes to change the batteries is worth the trouble for the ease and enjoyment I get from the system.

And yes, you will need to be a member of Costco to buy Kirkland aids. I'm writing this aimed particularly to people in my mostly stay-at-home lifestyle, as you will probably find the Kirkland and their TV Unit worth the time and trouble. Apr 09, Rating My 2 cents worth on the KS 6. After talking to the audi, we decided to try fitting one hearing aid. So far that has worked well. I work in a very, very, confusing, noisy retail environment, and while the noise is still distracting, I am now far more confident in my ability to correctly hear phone numbers, and to differentiate between similar sounding words.

This week I attended a 2 day workshop with about 60 other attendees, and even though the presenters wore no microphones, I had no issues hearing anything spoken by presenters, and questions and comments from the attendees were clear as glass.

In fact, at first I thought the presenters were wearing microphones because I could hear everything so easily. I have read some complaints about the KS 6. I have seen complaints that they sound "tinny". Well, they are going to sound a little "tinny" because they are amplifying frequencies that the wearer hasn't been hearing, and chances are those frequencies are in the mid-to upper range of hearing, the "tinny" sounding frequencies.

I have read complaints about the batteries and battery life. Granted, I am not using my hearing aid to stream, but I am consistantly getting 4 to 5 days of use hours from an 18 cent battery. On what planet is that not great performance? Others have reported inconsistant performance. I too had some of that initially, but as I became accustomed to wearing a hearing aid, the audi turned up the power to a more normal level, and those problems have vanished.

After 2 months experience with the hearing aid, I am learning how to identify where sounds are coming from again. Before, everything sounded like it was coming from over my right shoulder! My entire experience has been an unqualified success. I was very pleased with the initial test and consequent fitting, and both of my followup visits have been extremely satisfying. I find myself being a Costco hearing evangalist. Yes, wearing a hearing aid can be a bit embarassing at first, but few people even notice that it is in place, and it is far more embarassing having to ask people to repeat themselves numerous times, or worse, unknowingly misunderstanding what someone said.

Once I understood a friend's son to say that his sister recently got a good job. Unfortunately, he actually said his sister got a boob job. Imagine the embarassment when I congratulated her on her great new job! At least she still speaks to me. Mar 01, Rating Excellent for the price by: OlyJohn I'm on my fourth set of hearing aids.

I've had problems losing them, washing them, etc. Are they as good as the Phonak Audeo V that I used to have? Well, yes and no. The sound quality isn't as good, especially the bass. The sound isn't as "natural. There is no volume control on the hearing aid, and no separate control you can buy I think. Your only control is by smart phone. This is much more hassle than it would seem.

It's hard to react quickly when you have to a unlock the smart phone, b find the application, c find the screen you want within the application, and finally d make the adjustment.

Similarly, the Bluetooth is only one direction, from the phone to the hearing aid. In my own case that's kind of a hassle, because I listen to a lot of talking books. So, I'm in the middle of "Dick and Jane at the Farm," and someone wants to speak with me. I can't pause the story from the hearing aid. I have to go through a process similar to above to pause the story. The control thing is the biggest problem with them. It destroys any illusion of them being unobtrusive.

I would love it if Kirkland produced an aid for a few hundred more that was more flexible. On the other hand, the Bluetooth connection is actually better than my Phonaks. I can be quite a ways from my phone and still hear my talking books my personal addiction perfectly. Also, using them to talk on the phone is better than my Phonaks ever were.

And, the sound quality is perfectly fine for conversation, hearing in a car or restaurant, etc. Yes there are some problems, but they're workable. The quality of hearing the point, you know is fine. And the lack of features compared with my old aids? Well, at a pair for less that the cost of one of the Phonaks, there are far fewer compromises than you would expect.

All in all, you'll note 4 stars. They are by far the best value on the market. If you can afford the Lamborgini, then by all means buy the Lamborgini.

For the rest of us, the Chevy will definitely get us from Point A to B quite nicely. As a side note, when I got my last Phonaks I got the remote control and some other accessory that escapes me right now. If you're anything like me, don't bother.

I found them more hassle than they were worth. Feb 20, Rating Batteries by: Anonymous I've made a couple posts about my satisfaction so won't shill further Feb 20, Rating Who cares?

That is what competition is suppose to do. Anonymous Just wanted to give everyone the true story on Costco hearing aids as it seems some are confused about the manufacturer of KS 6 hearing aids.

They are made by the Resound company and while they have similarities to a particular model of Resound hearing aid, they are made exclusively for Costco. Costco, using tactics similar to Wal-Mart forces their vendors to compete for the KS contract, forcing them to produce a model for a certain price, in this case This forces the vendors to cut their costs of producing the hearing aid which results in an inferior product. The vendors will do it because it will mean selling more hearing aids for them.

The above mentioned relationship produces an adequate, however inferior hearing aid. Besides inferior sound quality, the KS 6 hearing aid tends to go through batteries more frequently than other brands. While this may not bother some because of the low price of batteries at Costco, it does get the customer back into the store with the possibility they may make other purchases in their store.

While some dispensers at Costco sincerely interested in helping people hear better, they may not be aware of the above mentioned tactic used by the company. Costco also did change the price of KS hearing aid from So while there are some good things about the KS 6, do not fool yourself into thinking there is not an ulterior motive behind why and how they are selling hearing aids for the prices they are selling them at.

Feb 09, Rating More info please? Anonymous I've seen comments on battery life only being 3 or 4 days. Can someone tell me what the battery life is in hours? Not everyone wears them the same amount of time per day. I'm also curious about the other necessary accessories like the little rubbery like cones sorry, don't know the real term and the filters.

Last question, does this hearing aid help with Tinnitus? My expensive pair for the most part eliminated the ringing in my ears, which is the real reason I went into the Audiologist in the first place, not to mention that my hearing sucked as well.

Feb 07, Rating Costco hearing aids are the best deal. Don't listen to the shills on this board by: Bob I'm sure there are some shills that work for some hearing aid offices on this board. Here are the facts on Costco Hearing Aids: The Kirkland brand is a Resound Linx, which is a good hearing aid for the price, but will not perform as well for most people in a noisy restaurant environment.

However, the Trax cost more and is probably not needed if you don't need the extra features. As always, do you own research before making a huge purchase. Feb 01, Rating Kirkland Signature 6 better than Rexton by: Mark M I first bought the Rexton Trac The Smart Connect device was hassle to wear and charge daily. Went back and exchanged for the Kirkland Signature 6. I have only had them about a week but I already like them better than the more expensive pair. I like the sound better, the phone connection is much better, and the app is by far much better.

Matt at the Manchester, MO store is very nice and professional. He took great care of me. Peter I bought the Kirkland 6 hearing aids and I have found they were no where as good as the trial set I tried from another supplier. Granted the trial ones were more than double the price but Costco inferred that theirs were just as good if not better.

I get severe feedback when anything gets close to the hearing aid such as the back of a lounge chair that I'm sitting in and also when you go into a shop with a customer door alarm they scream for about 5 seconds.

The audiologist at Costco's reaction was that there was not anything he could do about it. Also when in the car I found that I can't hear near as well as the trial set. My wife also says I am not hearing as well as I was when I had the trial set. Jan 29, Rating First time wearer, long time no hearer by: I have known I needed hearing aids for sometime.

My "reverse curve" loss was explained to me by the pro at Costco hearing center. My issue was that I could hear perfectly all of the music and background noise in a crowded restaurant, but if you were sitting across the table I could see your lips moving while you were eating and while you were talking - and that's it.

I couldn't imagine continuing this way making people repeat themselves perpetually. So, I signed up for the free test, consult, and demo. I didn't do one demo, I did multiples. Just like any other major purchase, I tried several pairs out before I made a decision.

I did my research online and asked other customers whom I noticed wearing hearing aids or mingling outside of the hearing aid department at Costco. My decision was for the KS 6. I have an iPhone and so when these aids are married to the phone takes about a blink , I can have up to 20 favorite "hearing environments" saved as GPS based favorites.

This is all done automatically by the app once you designate your favorite locations each time you enter a saved location. Restaurants, shopping, church, work, home, etc. It is a dream come true in that regard. I get in the car and drive to work and the hearing aids make a nice soft tone to let me know they have my ears. A very sophisticated and a deal making feature. Not something they immediately threw in my face when I was shopping for them, and to their discredit, I have no idea why.

This would have made me choose these much faster. That's right, it will tell you precisely where they are on a GPS based graphical map. If you are considering hearing aids at Costco, and you have an iPhone, download the Choice app and play around with it in demo mode. Then make an appointment at Costco and make sure you tell them you want to test drive them in the store using the app.

I have returned to Costco 2 times in this past month of ownership once because my batteries went dead while shopping and they cheerfully hooked me up, and the second was a followup fitment appointment.

At that appointment I asked about changing out the silicone rubber inserts which fit inside of the ear canal, I wasn't happy with the fit. The technician listened to me and went to his toolbox of parts and on the first try he hit a homer.

I feel now they are simply excellent! By the way, I am 53 years old. This doesn't require a degree in applied engineering to get the most out of the aids. My grandkids sound great. Oddly, so does my lovely wife. Jan 28, Rating Bait and switch by: Todd I went in to talk to them about the Kirkland model and the staff member said that the Seemed like a bait and switch. Jan 12, Rating Battery Life by: Anonymous You get about hours on the rechargeable battery.

This has not been a problem for me as they are fully charged when I get up in the morning. I have been using Costco hearing aids now for about years and just ordered a new pair that uses my iPhone for a controller. Also ordered the TV Streamer that blue tooth's directly to the hearing aids and provides the ability using the App on the iPhone to control streamer volume and HA volume independently.

These newer hearing aids do not work with a rechargeable battery so it is back to the old which should work at least a week. Jan 05, Rating Can't let it go by by: Ken B Not sure what previous poster is talking about with special battery and 24 hour life.

I consistently get 4 days and cost of batteries is negligible. I've had mine now for nearly two years and have had a few problems but except for one was handled in the store immediately with no hassle. I even had one fail.. Yes slightly, but know that these things happened and if I had bought them elsewhere would be out the cost of repair at best. I guess what I really like best is the attitude that "we will take care of the problem, no matter what and as soon as possible".

I've got just over a year left on warranty and if they make it that long with no significant problems I'll be back for a new pair..

Jan 05, Rating Updates by: SteveAnonymous Costco Kirkkand brand hearing aids are Resound instruments. Just purchased a pair and the programming in the store was done using Resound software. The return policy just changed to days with no questions if you don't like them. Dec 30, Rating Inconvenient by: Anonymous CostCo Kirkland Signature hearing aids are of the same quality of the average lower priced aids.

While technology made them small, that's where convenience ends. These aids require a special battery that you must break the seal and then wait up to a minute or two before inserting into the device. I have worn hearing aids for over a decade and can say this process is absolutely ridiculous!

Dec 02, Rating They never worked good! Marvin Chappell After trying to use the Kirkland hearing aids for 4 years, and never being able to wear them 1 whole day, I am making an appointment with another hearing aid specialist. We took them back over the 2 years many times, the Drs. Its been a mess, we even tried a super dooper ear dryer, because we were told it was sweat. Would try to wear them to the show and the one hear or both would stop working. They had no hearing Dr. Just not worth the money and the drive and trying to catch someone there.

Nov 09, Rating Costco hearing aids by: Have the charger and do not wear them every day but for church or an outing. Husband has those with little tiny batteries that roll around and has a problem, didn't get them from Costco. I couldn't hear out of one, ENT said ear clogged with wax. Friend couldn't hear and what he put in his ear was full of wax. Oct 26, Rating Earmolds to hold hearing aids in place. Anonymous Earmolds can be used to hold your hearing aids in your ear.

You may want to talk to the hearing aid specialist first to see if they could use a longer receiver. If the receiver wire is too short, it will pull the dome out of your ear.

Earmolds are custom fit for your ear and will stay in the ear better when the dome does not want to stay put. Make sure the specialist understands your hearing loss. The earmold may occlude or block your ear canal more causing your voice to sound like it's in a barrel or have an echo effect. So if you have a high frequency hearing loss, the earmold should be made with a large vent to allow low frequency sounds to escape so you don't feel like you are talking in a barrel.

Oct 26, Rating Ear molds from Costco by: Anonymous How good is ear molds? I can't keep the AIDS in my ears. Oct 20, Rating Great hearing aids by: Al Halowell I've had my Signature 6. They are very comfortable to wear, in fact I forget I have them in most of the time. I am amazed at how much I wasn't hearing.

I guess when it goes gradually you don't realize how bad your hearing has gotten. I like being able to listen to music from my iPhone, and talking on my iPhone. The app gives me good control in any environment. The only complaint I have is the battery life. I'm getting about three days to a set of batteries. I would strongly recommend these devices to anyone in need of hearing aids. I'm certainly happy with my choice.

Richard This is my second set from Costco and I like the way they sell hearing aids. You get a through hearing test and then you try the hearing aids before you commit to spending money! These are the best hearing aids I've used. The app is pretty good, there is a selection of different programs: Softswitch normal , restaurant, outdoor and traffic.

There are others available. I like the ability to adjust the volume on each hearing aid individually. So far I am unable to connect the hearing aids to a bluetooth transmitter connected to the TV. Re-Sound sells on for their version, I don't know if it's compatible with the Costco version.

Again, these are very good hearing aids. Aug 30, Rating Rexton hasn't made Kirkland Sig's for 3 years!!! Anonymous Sometimes I wonder if these people know what they are speaking about. Rexton did, indeed make Kirkland Signature hearing aids years ago, but ReSound has had the Kirkland Signature brand Contract for the past years. You can tell by the shape of the hearing aid case!

In any event, all hearing aids sold by Costco are new, new technology and not "leftovers from several years ago that went unsold by the manufacturers" as many private practice hearing aid dealers, audiologists, and otolaryngologists would lead you to believe. A lot of sour grapes going on out there! Costco hearing specialists do not work on commission, work directly for Costco, and buy in such huge numbers the prices can be kept low. There is little overhead, as everything is computerized and they are located in an existing warehouse space.

They definitely do not sell an inferior product! Aug 30, Rating Kirkland Signature by: Anonymous First of all, Kirkland Signature 6.

Yes they are wonderful hearing aids made by ReSound. Rextons are the only ones sold by Costco that have rechargeable batteries if desired. I did a lot of research before purchasing my Phonak Brio RIC hearing aids, which now come with an EasyCall accessory at no extra charge that lets me hear really well on my cell phone bluetooth to both hearing aids at the same time.

The audiologist said that they will be selling for Aug 14, Rating Maybe I got a lemon? Anonymous I was very happy with the Benefon's I got at Costco years ago and have recommended Costco to all until my recent experience. In preparation for retirement I purchased new Kirkland aids and have been very frustrated. The good news is that I can hear much better with them. The bad news is that the left one makes a popping noise in a number of situations and over the course of several months Costco can not seem to fix it.

The popping is clearly related to vibration. It happens on rough freeway pavement, on airplanes, near a piano or in a party with recorded sound. It is very irritating and sometimes I just have to take it out. They said they replaced it once. The company keeps telling the audiologist to make adjustments or reconfigure and it doesn't work and it takes weeks to get a call back or another appointment.

The Richmond CA Costco hearing dept appears to be seriously understaffed. Has anyone else had this problem? If so was there a solution? Satisfied Signature 6 user After quite a few tries to find hearing aids that worked satisfactorily, I found one.

Then I came to Costco. I'm a longtime Costco member and stopped by the hearing center one day and talked to the technician. I took the brochures, read reviews, and decided to make an appointment. Susan was the audiologist and was wonderful. I received the most extensive test I have ever had, and now the satisfied owner and user of a pair of Signature 6. No more Beltone for me.

Jul 28, Rating The technology suffices--if it's not the latest, so what? Mike Myers Let me toss my three or four cents in here. I've just purchased a pair of Kirkland Signature 6 hearing aids--took delivery today July This is my fifth set of hearing aids--I've been wearing them since They all seem to last about six years before they wear out or can't be repaired any more. Hearing aids exist in a hot and wet environment in or behind your year; the case integrity finally goes and water or moisture gets in them.

They can be repaired a few times, but then they are kaput. My hearing loss has remained fairly constant--i. I haven't gotten worse over the 25 years I've been wearing hearing aids. But, that said, my hearing loss is fairly severe. I've bought top brands from a private audiologist. The price has gone up with each pair. The audiologist who sold me my 2d,3d and 4th pairs of hearing aids has retired and sold his business to a new audiologist. The hearing aids are made by a company in Wisconsin or Minnesota.

I'm responding to "Scott" and his critique. Are these Kirkland 6 hearing aids the "latest" technology? They work and compensate for my hearing loss. Once that's done, I don't give a flying fig if they are the "latest and greatest".

They do the job. The hearing aid industry problem is the business model. You pay an audiologist a very high price for a pair of hearing aids. He gets or takes a commission or profit on the sale of the hearing aids.

Thereafter, for the life of the hearing aid as noted they last about six years you come in for service and adjustment. You need your hearing aid adjusted? It's done for free? The ear tube is broken and needs to be replaced? It's done for free. It needs to be shipped back to the factory for repairs?

The audiologist does it for free. In short, the private audiologist collects a fat profit or commission up front at the very start of the deal. Then he's on the hook for six years of service, repairs and adjustments.

I'd rather pay less up front--and then pay for what I use as I go. The Costco audiologists or professional hearing aid fitters--however they are trained make big noises about servicing and cleaning your hearing aids for free when you come to shop at Costco.

Mine are too new to tell. But in the meantime, I still have five grand in my pocket, along with new hearing aids in my ears. Jul 27, Rating fau pauxs with Rexton Kirkland by: Ddub43 Seems Costcos in east burbs of Denver are a bit unsettled with specialists -- too much turnover.

Perhaps the big label guys are buying-off Costco employees? I've had Kirkland Rexton gear for over 3 years. Seems good equipment, however, if understood correctly, typical equipment is good for years. To this point I've had service requiring returning to Rexton 2X's and suspect will need something major again shortly due rapid discharge of batteries.

I wonder whether Rexton has a known product problem. Such a coincidence a good friend purchased Kirkland about a year after my purchase; he just had to have equipment returned to Rexton due to rapid Overall, I think Kirkland has a great product for the money but personnel turnover is frustrating and as product continues increasing popularity, more difficult to get appointments with specialists.

Jul 26, Rating Outstanding by: Billy Minton I have been suffering from hearing loss for over 6 years. After researching on the internet decided to try Costco, traveled to Louisville 80 miles away and had testing done, and let me tell you I was extremely impressed with the very extensive test.

Douglas Mohle audiologist was absolutely incredible, informative, patient, he recommended the Kirkland 6. Thank You Doug, Great Job. D For the past few years that terrible word "what" has crept into my daily vocabulary more than I would like.

After much prodding by my spouse, I had multiple audiology tests. All showed a moderate hearing loss. Tried to convince the audiologist that it was just my spouse's voice that I had difficulty hearing. Unfortunately or fortunately that was not the case. Realizing that a significant expenditure was on the horizon, I began researching the industry. After a few months the following was found: Most hearing aid technology emanates from Denmark.

Doctors of Audiology are rapidly replacing audiologist with lesser degrees. In my opinion, it is an attempt to add more "professionalism" to the profession.

Not too dissimilar to what has occurred with pharmacists. When there as many ads for hearing aids as there are for mattresses, you know there is a significant markup. One private audiologist's blog noted that Costco's prices were below what she paid for the same product. Costco's supplier contracts are based on covering only the manufacturers' variable cost.

The current Costco Signature 6. The only functional difference is that the Signature does not contain the Linx9 tinnitus reduction function. A review of technical articles about the upgrade found that the upgrades were rather minor. Just to be sure of your specific hearing issues, I would recommend visiting an ENT physician that has an audiologist in their office. Have the ENT review the results of the test. Avoid the hard sell for their in-house aid sales.

Take the results to Costco and compare the results with Costco's test. You will find that they are basically the same.

Hope the above helps. After due deliberation, I will be fitted for the Kirkland Signature 6. The dealer retired so I was out of luck. Sam from the San Juan Capistrano Costco was professional and knew his products.

If I could give them more than 5 Stars I would. It is wonderful to hear again. Jul 06, Rating Scotts full of it by: JohnD Scott's diatribe is BS. So are all of the hearing aid dealers that bad mouth Costco. It is made by Siemens who is a world leader in this technology.

It is exactly the same device as sold by Rexton, which is owned by Siemens. They have a 3 yr warranty which is 2 years longer than most. They have all the functionality that the most expensive ones have. The Hearing Aid specialists are not audiologists but are formally trained hearing aid specialists.

They use the exact same program that 2 audiologists I visited use. You do not need to be an audiologist to fit hearing aids. Scotts rant is purely based on the fact that Costco is about half the price and he is losing money. He is doing all of you a disservice with his misinformation. Jul 02, Rating Trying hearing aids again by: No guarantee, no refund.

It was an in the canal type and it blocked what natural hearing I did have. Having shopped at Costco and finding the price overwhelmingly reasonable, I has a test, discussed in depth my loss with the tech and tried one on and walked around the store with it for over an hour.

Because of the profound loss I will be able to hear up to 6 feet around me but that will be fine since now my wife has to lean and talk loudly into my ear. I have been pretty good reading lips but it is exasperating. The cost for Rexton 6 hearing aid worn behind the ear but very discreet will be Love the guarantee and the service, no hassle, no strong arm selling. They don't get paid on commission. Lee I bought my first pair in January I can't complain about almost six and one-half years of service, even after getting them wet on numerous occasions.

I have no complaints. I have never paid for adjustments or cleanings. The hearing aids work very well. I purchased a pair for my father in law who is so satisfied that he has referred several of his friends to Costco. Costco has trained non-commissioned hearing aid fitters who sell premium aids at a low price.

I will not buy hearing aids anywhere else. Jun 22, Rating They're Great. Don't Listen to the Nonsense by: I did thorough research, and found them to be a sufficiently current technology, at an attractive price. No they are not the absolute latest technology, however, they are relatively current, and provide an acceptable level of hearing quality for my needs, at less than half the price of others selling a comparable product.

By law, audiologists must be licensed and trained. The particular individual I worked with was knowledgable, experienced and came from having worked in a small private practice for 10 years.

I don't know who this Scott guy is who posted his diatribe, but he's misinformed and misstates the facts. Do your homework, try the product out for 90 days, and see if it works for you. Only you can judge what meets your needs. Not some elitist who makes his living selling products at inflated prices to folks who don't know that there are other options.

Jun 19, Rating Impressed by: WTG Having finally made up my mind to get hearing aids vanity and penny pinching issues I went to my audiologist, was tested and diagnosed with moderate loss, and ordered the level 9 Resound aids that would pair with my iphone 6.

Long story short, we studied up, made an appointment, drove 3 hours to Costco in Overland Park, Kansas, was tested, and walked out 2. Cindy at Costco could NOT have been more pleasant, helpful, patient, or competent. She is an ambassador for Costco. Word must be spread about the ability to save a ton of money by purchasing first rate hearing aids from Costco instead of from the audiologist. Jun 14, Rating Costco refund policy by: JQ Costco has a 90 day refund policy on their hearing aids.

They admit they can't make everyone satisfied. But, give them a chance to make adjustments, but keep an eye on the calendar! Jun 14, Rating Only 5 days in with Kirkland 6. Erniejaxx I have severe hearing loss due to 50 years in the musical instrument products and pro audio industry sound systems. I have had hearing aids before but I stopped wearing them 10 years ago due to constant feed back. Bought the Kirkland 6. Not very satisfied at this point. A lot of digital distortion like the mic preamp is overdriving the output amp.

My iPhone streaming so distorted I cannot use it. Jun 11, Rating Kirkland Signature 6. JohnD I did a little research and looked around for a couple of months I was an IT analyst when I worked and am very thorough.

I had a couple of hearing tests. Apparently all hearing aid centers use the same program. I talked to several persons that eventually bought Kirkland about their experiences and they all said the same thing. Good hearing aids at half the price of most others. I bought Kirkland and so far am pleased with the people at Costco.

Mine allows the use of any apple device as a remote. It will stream music and have 4 different custom user setting. The volume can be controlled individually. Lots of other features. So far I'm satisfied. Apr 21, Rating Type of hearing loss for Kirkland Signature by: Donna I am wondering, for those that have the Kirkland signature hearing aids, what type of hearing loss you have?

I took my father to get hearing aids from Costco he is 86 when his others were destroyed. We went in looking to get the Kirkland Signature hearing aids, but were told by the audiologist that they wouldn't work for my dad. My dad needs the loudness amplified. The Signature hearing aids were the closest to what he had in the past, and felt that he would adjust to those better, at his age, than something new. The audiologist, like I said, said they wouldn't work for him and sold us a set of hearing aids that mold in the ear and don't have a thing that goes around the ear.

So far, they have been a nightmare. When my parents went in today, because the left one wasn't working, the audiologist was very rude and said that we all had a negative attitude from the start and that we would never be pleased.

The problem is the ones we have, get clogged with was easily and neither of my parents have agile enough dexterity to clean them properly. I wasn't with them today, but I plan on going over there tomorrow to have a chat with this guy. The right hearing aid has been sent back to have the mold adjusted because it left a sore in my dads ear. Now he sent off the left one to have the filter type replaced. I'm just frustrated, that I have been telling my dad to give these a chance and they don't seem to be working well for an 86 yr old man Marilyn You have got to book an appointment and make the fitter aware of your issues.

You are not helping yourself by working against the fitter, you must work with them. Just like you would at the Doctor's. If they itch, pull it out and reinsert, this relieves the itch in most cases. If the itch persists, there are simple solutions that can be applied to the tip of the hearing aid to relieve the itch. As for the sound, again, make the fitter aware of your issues. There is a 90 day period to ensure that you are on the right track.

If you and the fitter cannot get your communication abilities to a satisfactory level notably better with than without the hearing aids , then simply return the hearing aids and try another set.

Have you heard of that one? Its very similar to a souffle, and has almond flavoring. If you have heard of it, can you tell me anything about it? No one really knows where it came from or anything else about it except that it is very tricky to get right. If the eggs are beaten too long or not long enough, the pie is either really puffy as it bakes then sinks to an inch high, or it just turns brown as it bakes. Do tell us more! Is it supposed to be a Dutch family recipe?

I throw in homemade fudge from my side! Also, I wanted to give another idea for banket. I usually make it into a candy cane shape. I am the chef at Sheldom Meadows Living center in Hudsonville. I am looking forward to preparing this treat for our residents. Where did you say you found that almond paste in Jenison? I had an aunt who baked these and I remember them tasting like heaven on earth. Thanks for your great site!

Barb, thanks for posting this! My Grandmother made banket for us every christmas as well. The recipies are almost identical. Happy holidays to you! Kelly Dutch in Maryland. I am anxious to try making this again. Somewhere in the last many years, I quit making this and want to try again. Will it turn out okay if I only make a half recipe?

Kelly, Trader Joes is a great source for stroepwaffels. Would you share your recipe? I would LOVE to make them! When you make 2 crusts, the proportions are just a little different. It might be that way with banket crust too. Banket freezes nicely, so you could make an entire batch and freeze half of it! Hi Kate — I have done only half a batch before and it turned out just fine. My dough is the same one as written here and it seems fairly forgiving.

The only thing I do differently is to let the dough rest in the fridge for a day or so before starting the rolling process. My mother-in-law told me it gave it more flavor. Shawn, Sorry to be so late getting back to you. Have fun making banket!

Thank you so much for this recipe! The pastry turned out dense and tough. But this recipe turns out a fantastic result — even better than I remember her making. My family also makes banket every year for St.

Nicholas Day and Christmas. Cream butter and sugar until fluffy. Stir in flour and soda to form a sticky dough. Spread very thin into a well greased pan. Rub dough with beaten egg white and sprinkle with ground nuts. Bake until golden brown, about 12 minutes in a degree oven. Cut into squares while still warm — if you wait until cool, they will crack into pieces.

Thank you for posting this great recipe! I recently moved apartments and lost my recipe…which brought me to your site. There is an all Dutch cook-book out there that everyone in Holland MI seemed to have and my grandmother was no exception …this is where my banket recipe came from.

All I can remember is that it had a blue and white cover. Hi, I found this wonderful site by looking for a Dutch letter recipe. While searching for the recipe, I found what seems to be a poopular Dutch cookbook. Hope this is of help. By the way what a wonderful site, thanks. I have that same cookbook! There have been several editions and many more printings, April being the first one.

There is a notecard in the back to order more at the same PO Box. This book is almost pages of recipes, a lot Dutch, some local celebrity favorites, plus others. My grandmother bought it for me at the Dutch Village Mall in Holland, it that helps. Were is that Dutch store in Jenison? I live in hudsonville and am familiar with the area and am not sure what store this is.

Could you please let me know. My mom no longer makes Banket — to much trouble for her. I miss this and around Christmas time and I know she had trouble in the past trying to find the almond paste. Any information would be wonderful. Another commenter also mentioned that he had gotten the almond paste at GFS Marketplace, and that price seemed to be the cheapest.

I did a little research online with the title you used…it is available online at Amazon. Hi Mike my d. It is a good cookbook -the banana bread is excellent, the lemon bars, several chicken dishes so far!

I got to this site trying to find a banket recipe. My grandmother would also make pie dough and make little pies in a small muffin tin filled with almond paste filling — wonderful! I want to find authentic Almond Paste because my sisters say the canned stuff is too sweet. Does anyone know anywhere in the Chicago area that would have it?

We buy it in the fall when we come for apples and take it back to Iowa with us. Hi Meaghan — I can only find it online. I like to order it from bluediamond. It is in the local stores, but it is outrageously priced for such a little bit. Here is the online address, if that helps: You can also make your own paste with whole almonds in a food processor. There are several recipes out there for that too!

Some of the dutch Churches down here sell it as a fund raiser…. Elim Christian School and Trinity Christian College, both in Palos Heights, have dutch festivals where almond paste, ollebollen, and banket are readily available. My sister and I had been making banket together for several years from a recipe handed down from our mother almost exactly like the one you gave We grew up around Chicago and were able to get almond paste in the brick form just like mom did.

Then we moved to Colorado and were able to get the Solo almond paste in 8 oz cans. Then one year it suddenly became unavailable anywhere. We went into a panic. Countryside, IL so the tradition was saved. This year my sister moved to Arkansas closer to another sister so they will be carrying on the tradition there. I enjoy seeing the variation with the colored sugars. We would add extracts to the fillings for flavor variation.

Orange and lemon are two of our favorites. Last year for a lower carb version we make some with Splenda instead of sugar.

The filling was a little creamier, that was the only way we could really tell the difference between the tradional and the lower carb variey. It was also greatly appreciated by my diabetic friends. I made Bankets for a reception for the new Director of Purdue Extesnion this week- everyone loved them. My Grandma taught me how to make bankets- I still use her recipe which calls for a pound of flour, pound of sugar, pound of almond paste, 3 eggs, almond extract, and a cup of cold water.

Grandma was born in Holland and grew up in Kalamazoo, Michigan. My mom never learned how to make bankets- but my nieces are learning how.

She called them banket letters. I buy the patse in the plastic tubs- Happy holidays, Julie Butus. I am so excited about finding your recipe. I have the tins for sandbakkellse, but have not tried those yet,either. Have a great holiday season. I just wanted to know if you can freeze banket? Do I need to make it first. I still have some pastry and filling uncooked in the refrig. When you remove it from the freezer, how do you reheat?

I made this for my daughter because she had Holland when doing Christmas around the World. I was so proud of myself because it turned out great! You certainly can freeze banket—I have a LARGE pile of banket sticks sitting out on my below freezing back porch right now. I would recommend that you assemble the pastry and filling and bake it before freezing.

Then all you need to do is let it sit out to thaw, and warm up with a minute or two in the microwave before serving. I just found your recipe for Banket after i just made some here is a question for you. Im also formerly from the G.

I love there banket and the banket I made today is not flakey…. Can you help me? There are a couple of key things that contribute to the flakiness: This is what I put in my banketstaven. She purchased marzipan letters at Christmastime. My great uncle was a baker, trained in the NL, and he made it from scratch a few times. Thank you so much for the information.

I googled amandelspijs and my computer offered a translation option for the page with the recipe; others may want to try this.

I have an old edition of the American Heart Association Cookbook that has a recipe for a similar cake. Bonnie, I would love a peek at that recipe. My grandma and mom both used to make a spicy quickbread yes, to eat with a cuppa tea that called for grated citron. It was my favorite sweet treat when I was a child.

My daughters also make it. It is a family tradition. One question — one of my daughters lives in Albuquerque high altitude and has trouble with leakage. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Then, be sure to prick the top with a knife every few inches. My experience this year was that pricking it more, every inch or so, made it leak less.

I guess it allows the steam to escape more readily or something. I say, let the baker enjoy the overflow as one of the perks of the job. No change in ingredients from the recipe here, bake at for 20 minutes.

Add a bit of prayer. As you can tell, I have a very common Dutch name. Both my parents came from the province of Friesland, The Netherlands. Banket was made every year close to the holidays and was a favorite of the family. My brother and I still make it every year along with almond cookies. Both are favorites of our children. Hello, I too found this site by chance, when a customer came in asking if I made this pasrty?

I call mine Almond pastry wreath, as I shape three logs into a wreath. I sell this seasonally at my bakery. Great site, Tracy Webber. Glad to have found this website when I googled dutch pastries. I was born in Amsterdam. My mother used to make the banket, calling it boeter letter. The real dutch pastries are heavenly. I would love to find a recipe for mocha gebakjes tarts, pastries.

Can anyone help me? Does anyone have a recipe for the mocha gebakjes or cakes. I also would like a recipe for their mocha frosting. Can anyone help me. My parents emigrated to the U. Unfortunately, she no longer has the strength to make it anymore. I can do it, but now she is also lactose intolerant. My sister is too and that is very unusual for natives of the Netherlands. One day my mother mentioned that she had discovered that the Pepperidge Farm puff pastry shells had no dairy in them and she was using them for a dish that she still makes.

Ah ha, I thought! How about the puff pastry sheets? I checked — no dairy! So, I bought them the Christmas before last and used them to make the Butter Letter. It came out great! Not the same as the buttery, homemade pastry, but pretty good. My sister came to visit and we made them again using the Pepperidge Farm pastry sheets. So, if the idea of making the pastry is a daunting one for anyone out there, now you have an alternative.

I wondered about this! And for the same reason! Thank you for trying this and sharing the results! Just found your website looking at recipes as I am teaching 3 people how to make banket tomorrow. I use 3 medium eggs — probably equivalet to your 2 extra large. I have found almond paste at a most reasonable price. It is not in a can but in a box, presumably in plastic. Once, when I was desperate, I persuaded a local Santa Fe bakery to sell me a 7 can, but they charged me about double the GR price.

Also bought some fantastic Dutch black rye there; Mom used to send it to our Denver relatives. My husband, the family bread man, found a recipe for it and made some for us this year- excellent!

We always got it at our local grocers in Kalamazoo. Since moving to the South, where there are no Dutch immigrants, I was missing my bankets, but by luck I discovered a recipe for making almond paste in a Chinese cookbook. This makes sense, considering the Dutch had a colony in China once. All you need is a food processor. We never made Banket however, I have always loved it as have my Children. I was visiting my family last weekend and went to a craft fair in Zeeland, MI where they were selling home made Banket.

My Daughter-in-law had never had it but she loved it. I told her that we needed to learn to make it so I am so happy to have found this website. Thank you for keeping the heritage recipes going!! My family Dutch heritage — Grand Rapids, Michigan is attempting to make banket using gluten-free flour.

Your website has proved to be a valuable resource in our research. That gave me an idea of where to look for her recipe! I am going to attempt to make Banket but I wondered how much 1 1b of almond paste is? Hi Beth, I have always taken out the whole 7 pounds, cut it into halves, then each half into 3rds, and then take a bit away from each piece to make one more piece.

Then I weigh each of the 7 pieces to make sure they are roughly equal. I am creating a cookbook for my grown sons to give them at Christmas. We just came from a trip to Germany for a wedding, and our flight back included the airport in Amsterdam—and guess what? Back to where we live—currently in Temple, TX with no Dutchmen here either, and thus no almond paste. Thanks for the information of where I can order and have shipped. In the meantime, enjoy the holidays and thanks for your page.

I went through her cupboard and took out the books that were the most spattered, torn and obviously well-used. I was thrilled to find her handwritten Banket recipe tucked into the pages of one of the books. After searching for almond paste, and one complete runny, leaking failure, but still delicious! I finally made a perfect batch last Christmas to share with my Southern neighbors here in North Carolina.

They loved it, as do my children. So glad I found your site! Annette grown in Michigan, living in NC. Later this month I will be teaching a couple of young ladies the fine art of banket-making. And the gift goes on! My family has been using the Pepridge farm puff pastry sheets for 3 generations. You mean I can make my own almond paste???? Hi, I must say this site brings tears to my eyes. My uncle Grootveld was a Dutch baker. I can still remember sitting on a flour barrel watching him work.

Butter Letter was one of his signature pieces. He would take days to make the pastry letting it sit for 24 hour between rolling it out. As he told me years later…. And this recipe for banket is, in my opinion, THE most important recipe in our Dutch heritage. My son said the other day why do we wait for the holiday. I used the same recipe except I did not use baking powder. I like it better without the corn starch.

I use 3 eggs in my recipe and I am going to try 2 eggs to make it firmer. Thanks for this site. I enjoyed reading it.

My maternal grandfather Kuiper was born in Heerenveen and emigrated to the U. He settled in a small town outside Utica, NY and worked in a bakery owned by his cousins. Unfortunately, he passed away before teaching anyone his secrets. Two years ago my mother gave me his pastry board and handwritten recipes!

I have been trying to duplicate the wonderful tastes of my childhood Christmas treats ever since. My last two batches have been dense and less than acceptable. I noticed your recipe called for cold butter. I have been letting my butter get warm. I will try my next batch with cold butter. I also use the canned almond paste from Michigan.

Thanks for your comments, Sarah. Sarah, What are speculaas cookies, and can you share the recipe with us? We are always delighted to find more recipes from our Dutch heritage. I do not know if it was mentioned here yet, but for years I have purchased my 7 lb. I realise for some of you ladies, 7 lbs. I myself use two full tubs of Paste a Christmas season. I love to give them away as gifts. Find a GFS near you! I made banket several years ago and after several tries the loaves finally turned out the way I have seen banket look I used my sisters in-laws recipe, hers calls for 1lb of butter.

Would anyone know why? Is there anthing I can do to salvage the dough or am I better of starting over. Any comments would be appreciated.

Hi Lucy, I am almost certain your sticky dough is related to the temperature of your butter. It needs to be cold butter, cut into pieces and then cut into the flour. If it was really sticky, I might even mix in another half cup or so of flour. I would love to know! You can freeze banket. My mom used to squirrel away a couple whole batches of banket every year, and bring it out one stick at a time, to be doled out in chintzy little 1-inch slices.

A favorite of everybody in our family, it is fun to hear a similar account. Our grandmother was a DeVries. Thanks for your wonderful banket recipe and tremendous comments that followed. I am of Dutch ancestry and not a stranger to banket. Grandma, and her brother Oscar, would be busy making and packaging banket.

They would wrap the finished sticks in newspaper and give them to other family members and friends as gifts during the holdiay season. Have you ever made your own paste?? Your advice and comments would be greatly appreciated. We are so glad to have assisted you in connecting more strongly with your family heritage.

Thanks for the Banket receipe! I can hardly wait to make these. Dissolve the yeast in the warm water. Cut 1 cup of the butter into the flour. Mix in the sugar, eggs and yeast mixture.

Mix well and set aside to rise for 30 to 60 minutes. Roll dough into balls and bake in a pizelle iron. In a saucepan boil the brown sugar, 1 cup of the butter, cinnamon and dark corn syrup until it reaches the soft ball stage degrees F degrees C. Split waffles in half and spread cut sides with the warm filling. Then put the halves back together. My Grandma makes banket every Christmas as gifts. She makes the most buttery and flaky pastry that I have every had. The whole family can hardly wait each year to get this tasty treat.

Banket is to die for! I enjoyed reading all the posts. Just wanted to let you know that many of the Dutch traditional home baked delicacies are still being done here in South Africa. I was taught how to make a banketstaaf as well as gevulde spekulaas, by my mother-in-law. I am looking for a recipe for bitterkoek not botterkoek , premixed bitterkoek ingredients are available in Holland but not here in SA. Should anyone be able to help it would be most appreciated.

I use to have the recipe and actually knew it by heart and made it all the time even after my parents moved back to Groningen….. I believe this was to make them more flaky. Would this be redundant in your recipe? I grew up enjoying banket every Christmas. It has been 37 years since I have had any banket but I can still taste it. All of the brothers of my grandfather were bakers so even after my grandparents moved from Michigan to California every year around the holidays the large box would come from Michigan full of banket wrapped in newspaper.

Once my grandparents and my own parents passed the banket stopped comming. The thought of banket popped into my head today for some strange reason and I just had to google it. Thank you so much for your wonderful site. I am going to carry on the holiday tradition of making Banket and sharing it with the family who all still remember it as I do. My two teenage boys are also looking forward to learn how to make it along side of me for the first time this holiday season.

Someone somewhere could probably take me to task for using salted butter in pastry gasp! But mine always turns out beautifully. I know the purists always insist on unsalted butter, but I never use it and everything comes out fine.

Butter today is not very salty anyway. Thanks so much for the wonderful recipe and posts. I am not dutch but wish I was! But nothing was written down and everything died with her…sigh. So to hear all these wonderful stories makes me happy — and jealous! Perhaps I will be dutch for a day and make banket too! We LOVE anything with almond flavoring so it is sure to be a hit. I am happy to see so many people trying to make this banket…I woked with a Dutch lady for years who used to bring me some at Christmas..

Hers was the best Ive ever had…She put like a frosting glaze on it.. If anyone has done this let me know and how to make it…. This makes them look very festive for the holidays. I have been married to a dutch man for almost 10 years now and have had Banket almost every year due to my sister in law making it. I am desperate to make it myself and seeing the inlaws are coming to spend Christmas with us here in Australia, this is THE year!!

Has been fabulous reading all the positive comments. Will let you know how mine turn out. Any idea where to get paste here? I cringe to think of what shipping would cost from the US.

Check out the post on making your own almond paste…. I have been married to a Dutch man for nearly 15 years. I consider myself a decent baker so I was determined to learn how to make these tasty treats. I found this site last year while searching for a recipe that sounded the closest to what we call dutch letters.

So I tried the recipe and I have to say they turned out wonderfully! My mother-in-law even said they were better than any she had ever made, I think she was supicious I had ordered them from Jaarsma. Thank you so much for sharing the recipe!! Does anyone know the history of the Dutch cookie, Jan Hagel?

Is it a Christmas cookie with a specific tradition attached? I was just back in Michigan during Thanksgiving and was indulging in holiday banket made by my mom. It has a sandy color. Might this work as a substitute to the almond powder? Do you have any suggestions? I think you could try using that FSA powder in the almond paste recipe and just use it as if it is the ground up blanched almonds. The chestnut puree is a different matter. Let me know how this goes.

I am getting ready to make banket for the first time. You say you use extra large eggs. I have tried every major food store for extra large eggs and they do not carry them, just jumbo and they look like a duck laid them. Should I use 2 large or try it with 3. Anixously waiting for your reply. Terri, just use whatever eggs you have. If they are very small, use an extra. No need to stress too much about eggs. This recipe was my first attempt at making banket, a treat I recall eating as a child while visiting relatives in Holland.

Thanks for the recipe. I am from Holland, MI but now live in Chicago. But I tried your recipe and it worked the very first time! Even my Dutch husband was impressed. I used 2 pks of g slivered almonds and powdered them in my coffee mill — took about 30 sec. Took no more than 15 minutes — mixing by hand! I never knew that premade almond paste was so widely used, we have always made our own apparently my great-great-grandmother used to blanch her own almonds before you could buy them that way.

The recipe we have always used is:. I grind the almonds using a blender or food processor, this year I had to use a coffee grinder because the cat broke the blender. That said, I ruin at least one baking sheet a year, that filling is like glue! I have never heard of cutting slits to vent, will be trying that immediately. Also thought I might try using parchment paper this year, does anyone else use that? My great-grandmother apparently used to shape the pastry into initials and give as gifts.

My grandmother never learned to do this. I wonder, what is the typical size of a pastry stick? Ooooh, and that makes it even easier to retrieve those bits over overflowed almond paste….. Almond paste can be purchased from amazon. What kind of treat-eater are you? Does anyone out there have it? It is baked in a pie plate and tastes just like Banket, but I think all of the ingredients are just mixed together and baked.

Imagine all of the taste of the pastry rolls, minus time and effort! Cheri, I would try baking the almond bar recipe in a pie plate and see if that comes close. I was so excited to find this recipe for banket. My grandmother used to make it when I was a child. As I have read in many of the other comments, try as I might I have never been able to get the right formula that grandma had. We also are from the Kalamazoo area. I was able to buy it around Christmas time at different bakeries, but I live in Cadillac now an when I ask about it they look at me like I have 3 heads.

Now I can say Thank You for the recipe. I will let you knoe how it turns out. Thanks for posting this recipe. My grandmother emigrated from Holland and lived in Massachusetts, in a town with a large Dutch population. She always brought an almond pastry with her at Christmas time. Just wanted to mention a couple more things. First, my frugal grandmother whose maiden name was DeVries, which seems to be a very common name in this thread sometimes used Kernel Paste made from apricot pits instead of almond paste, since it was cheaper, but very similar.

Secondly, my mother and I often will make the rolls and then freeze some of them unbaked, so we can thaw them and bake them fresh when we need them.

We just put them on a baking tray in the freezer or fridge until firm, then remove from the tray and roll them up in plastic wrap to store them in the freezer. This lets me make a batch to give as Xmas gifts, and still save a roll to bake fresh for my father when I see him in January. Ooooh, I remember my grandma using kernal paste for years and years before it became unavailable.

I love the idea of freezing the unbaked banket to pull out later for fresh, hot-out-of-the-oven goodness. I used this recipe last year at Christmas. I am glad he appreciates some of what I grew up with raised in Holland, Michigan. Thanks for posting this recipe!

Looking forward to many more batches in the future. I happened to google butter letter today and came upon your site. Had a great time reading some of the posts. I grew up with some great Dutch Traditions in my house and have now kept them going in my home with my children. I have also made Oliebollen from scratch but found that allthingsdutch. We celebrate Sinterklaas in our home and I always order chocolate letters,coins,Sinterklaas and Zwarte Piet from this company as well to stick in the Wooden Shoes by the fireplace.

Thanks for this great website ladies! Loved reading about all the people still baking Banket! As a full-blown Dutch woman with, of course, a Dutch husband , Banket is a staple at Christmastime. My mom has spoiled us every year with the delicacy. She is no longer able to make it alone, so this year, my sisters and I are baking it with her. We should have done this years ago! We will teach our children at the same time.

Thanks for the recipes and all the hints! Thank you for posting this! Thank you so much for this recipe and all the helpful tips posted! Especially after I saw so many of the comments reference southwestern Michigan, I knew I had found the right place.

I had literally never made a pastry before in my life and the crust was flaky and delicious and about half the sticks had a little bit of almond overflow on the top…yum! Now I am going to have to make 2 or 3 batches this year. Well last year my mom forgot to mail me one so I decided to try your recipe.