VPNtech Runo Shuts Down in China

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A cyber security analyst previously pointed out that companies running a VPN business in China must register with the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and that unregistered VPN service providers are not protected by Chinese laws. New polar bear baby born in Shandong aquarium. That could be the reason why the domain of our website has been blocked frequently. Some other VPN services may also be affected. Square meter public housing: Another important aspect of a good Chinese VPN is that it needs to be affordable. In recent years, more and more Chinese Net users have used alternative ways to surf the Internet by using mirror websites or VPNs.

The reason is that China hates VPN users since it allows them free internet access without censorship. Read how Stealth VPN works here. Regardless of where you are, China or otherwise, you need to have good speeds from your VPN provider, or it just makes using a VPN pointless if your browsing, streaming, or gaming experience suffers for it. Another important aspect of a good Chinese VPN is that it needs to be affordable.

Finally, you need a VPN that has excellent customer service. Since China hates VPNs so much, there is bound to be some difficulties in the future. If you pick a VPN that has good customer service, you can always get a refund or work something out with their customer service department to get credit for downtimes or any hassles you might encounter when using a VPN in China.

It meets every one of our criteria that a VPN in China should have. Your email address will not be published. You may use these HTML tags and attributes: Time limit is exhausted. Zhang Xu Supervision of VPN services is necessary to effectively curb cyber crimes, experts said Monday, after a VPN provider revealed that it had suspended its service due to China's crackdown on telecom fraud.

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