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Most command line scripts were renamed. Old version, no longer supported: Partial [Note 18] [82]. We use cookies for analytics, advertising and to improve our site. Much better error-handling and multi-file support were added, so multiple files can be downloaded with a single click. A host of views offer information on the peers and seeds to which the user is connected, including how much data is being downloaded from each and to how much data is being uploaded by each. Am I required to provide my information or register to use TorrentSafe?

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uTorrent Alternatives: 7 Best Free Torrent Clients of 2018

This lightweight client manages to pack quite a punch without devouring system resources. Like all good clients, it supports both torrent files and magnet links, and the installer is pleasingly free from unwanted extra software or toolbars.

Despite its close resemblance to uTorrent, qBittorrent doesn't feature any ads either, leaving you free to get on with managing torrents without distractions. There are some nice touches like the ability to shut down or hibernate your computer once downloads are complete, the ability to create torrents, and an integrated RSS reader to help you keep up with your favourite sites.

There's also a torrent search engine available if you don't mind installing Python , and all the essential controls prioritising, pausing etc can be accessed through either the main toolbar or via tabs on the multi-pane interface. Its shallow learning curve, clean installer, lack of ads, and array of features make qBittorrent the best free alternative to uTorrent.

Tixati 's interface might look garish once you start downloading files, with graphs rendered in alarming shades of red, green and blue, but there are customization options to tone it down. As well as all of the standard torrenting features such as throttling, encryption and bandwidth management, there is also a social aspect to Tixati. Channels decentralized and anonymous can be used to chat with seeds and peers, which could prove handy if you're struggling to grab the last few megabytes of a file and want to ask for more seeds or faster uploads.

Tixati is very light on system resources, meaning it is lightning fast, and the encryption and security features included should help to calm the fears of anyone who's slightly anxious about torrenting. Transmission was originally only available for Mac and Linux, but the Windows version is starting to gain traction too. In the past, Transmission has experienced issues with security and malware, but these have now been resolved and the software can be evaluated for what it is: Bitfields have been made big-endian for consistency.

Fixed for all the tweaks and minor issues which showed up in the last trial run, and new support for building. Minor cleanups, finalizing the protocol, and removal of version checking which happened in release 3. A polished UI, improved upload and download rate estimation, a new GUI for making metainfo files, and some bugfixes. Massive performance improvements and some bugfixes were made. Some utilities were added.

Upload rate capping was added. This release features massive performance improvements, and now supports read-only files. The Windows build now takes command-line parameters. There were also several bugfixes. This version is enhanced with new features to make BitTorrent even more robust and easier to use. Files now only get allocated as they're downloaded, and don't fragment the hard drive. Large torrents no longer hose the CPU. Better network utilization and more consistent download rates have been achieved.

Poorly seeded torrents now get out faster. Several important bugs were fixed. This version fixes bugs. The client no longer complains about tracker connection problems when transfers are still going.

The bandwidth usage was reduced. This version fixes lots of bugs, adds more bandwidth savings, and improves support for peers behind dynamic IPs. The tracker works under Python 2. The client is unchanged. This release fixes some bugs including an important tracker bug and a problem where some users got 'could not find file' messages and adds warning message support, so trackers can send non-fatal human-readable messages to clients.

It also features various interface improvements. Many options are now modifiable from the interface, including upload rate. Statistics are now visible in the GUI. BitTorrent packets are now marked as bulk data to make traffic shaping easier. Various bugs were fixed. This release adds support for trackerless operation. Torrents can now be created from the UI. I18n support has been integrated. Several small fixes have been made. Many improvements to the trackerless operation have been made.

GUI support for torrent comment fields has been added. Improvements to peer identification have been made. Many small bugs have been fixed. Trackerless Torrent files can now be identified. Opening an already open torrent now behaves correctly. Many more bugs were fixed. This release featured many improvements to trackerless operation.

Support for translations was added along with a multi-rate limiter backend. URLs on the command line are now detected more effectively. Most command line scripts were renamed. Many further bugs were fixed. Donation nagging was removed. Global status lights were added. The installer was vastly improved. External drag and drop of files and URLs was added. The GUI and layout were improved. Startup time on trackerless torrents was greatly improved.

Several bugs were fixed. The maximum upload rate slider was fixed. A language chooser UI was added. The speed of the peer list was improved and peer identification was improved. Many small bugs were fixed. Like Deluge, Transmission can run as a daemon on another system. You could then use the Transmission interface on your desktop to manage the Transmission servicerunning on another computer. It dispenses with a lot of the knobs and toggles in the typical BitTorrent client interface for something more basic.

Some people prefer sticking with an older, pre-junk version of uTorrent. This software is over five years old and may contain security exploits that will never be fixed. It will also never be updated to contain new BitTorrent features that could speed up your downloads. So why waste your time when you could use the similar and much more up to date qBittorrent? It may have made sense to stick with uTorrent 2.

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