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The peace that you are, you cannot not be—neither can you lose it or gain it Telling readers to just delete their history and start over and then calling the issue "pesky" is missing the point. Mooji has founded an ashram and retreat center, Monte Sahaja, in Portugal, and he offers retreats and satsangs there and sometimes elsewhere. The duo get a nasty cold, and they try to get a hold of some cough syrup in a futile attempt to get wasted. Watts was perhaps the single person most responsible for introducing Zen and eastern spirituality to America.

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November 16, at October 26, at 6: July 31, at 3: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Comment Name Email Website. I don't approve of this method but I understand the reasoning behind the madness.

I typically select "not interested" and it does eventually tune your recommendations. There will be instances where popular main stream channels will always be promoted by YT, but using the "not interested" function is as close as we'll get to removing junk from the recommended list. So it's a biased article. It's from somebody who accepts and actively encourages surveillance of all Internet users, all the time. Looking at the actual issue, complete removal of history etc. If they're like me they appreciate some suggestions and not others.

I've read material from brainless idiots, now I keep getting suggestions to see more brainlessness; great huh! I guess the answer is to control the suggestion engine. It would be nice if there were a way to send your tuned "search" and "watch" lists to Youtube, if that is all that it is able to understand.

Google may have no interest in helping you there, but it might be doable. I don't think it's based on either of those. It's suggest things that I have never watched. It's suggest live stream gaming. Never watched a gaming video in my life.

It's suggest how to do makeup. Haven't watched any of those either. I never ever watch gaming videos or videos on 'how to do make up'. Yet my recommendations for the last month have been mainly videos for 'how to do your make up', 'Logan Paul videos', 'KSI', 'Connor Mcgregor' and videos about 'Trump'. The youtube app on my mobile is even worse, they recommend stuff I would never ever watch.

I get loads of football soccer videos and I hate football. Deleting or pausing your history or searches is not going to help. They simply do not offer people videos based on what they watch and like, they offer you the videos they want to push in your face.

Trending videos are usually nonsense but I get those pushed at me all the time. Deleting your watch history is ineffective as YouTube still recommends videos based on what history you deleted. I've had recommendations of videos that I deleted a long time ago pop up. YouTube still keeps your history no matter what you do to remove it. It's annoying how there's no way to tell YouTube about this so they can fix this because leaving feedback and chatting with their support did nothing for me lol.

You'd think they'd actually care about a problem that makes up a third of all of the traffic made on the site. But oh well, it's not like I pay for YouTube Red anymore, I'll just start using a strict ad block from now on and justify it by claiming that if YouTube can't listen to their users, I can't listen to their ads. That does not work at all. I just tried it.

After clearing everything I got no recommendations. So I clicked on two videos of stuff I normally watch. Now I keep getting garbage again that doesn't relate at all to anything I watch. I once told my ex wife that I liked spaghetti, she, like Google later, assumed that I wanted it for every meal. It is that same unimaginative thinking that places the fine cracks in a relationship. The truth is that Google are not interested in what you view, apart from the fact that they can direct advertising more efficiently if there is a trace on what you watch.

It has nothing whatsoever to do with altruism, efficient 'service' or customer satisfaction, it is about revenue - advertising revenue. An alternative view would be to only have the option to search for subjects you want to see there and then. This is like walking into a library and being only allowed to wander down the shelves with books similar to the last book you took out.

For younger readers use google to see what a library is. The worst thing is that the recommendations are always the same, and when you tap on the "Flame" button mobile , those are also always the same. There's no way whatsoever to get "random new interesting videos": This is pure speculation, you have no proof of this "solution" whatsoever.

Your viewing history is only part of it. Often I received recommended videos that had nothing to do with my viewing or interest. Just today, Youtube recommended three different new chiropractic channels to me. I have never searched for chiropractors or physiotherapists or anything in that sort.

I wonder if these channels actually pay Youtube to recommend them to us. Sometimes they even recommend videos in foreign language that I couldn't understand. What's the point of that? Indeed I am also sick of these recommendations. Often they recommend videos with such obscene thumbnails that I feel awkward to open YouTube home page in presence of others.

I would really have paid for a premium at nominal price, if only they would provide a clean page with only a search bar leaving it to me , what I want to watch. I wouldn't mind being offered some smut, but i've never searched for or found any on youtube. Maybe i have some filter settings tab i've not found yet and it's set on default 'prude' setting? I get a ton of foreign language recommendations, and a bunch of recommendations for video games I have never played and TV shows I have never seen.

I don't watch or play anything remotely similar so it isn't some guilty pleasure search from long ago. And if it's outside recommendations, where are they getting this wrong information from? Honestly, if they try to show me one more Overwatch video, I am going to scream. I don't even know what it is. Shut up and give me back my political comedy. Don't forget google is everywhere.

If you use chrome it's google. If you use google on your phone, it's linked I read online that smart tvs with voice activation are just as bad. There's only so much of any politicians, hollywood doosh, etc. I did this and it worked for a while and then it quit. I am back where I started. If it was not for Youtube having the monopoly of videos then I would leave and never come back.

Browsing history is turned off and it still goes from my subscriptions to stuff that I am not even remotely interested in. Youtube Take a freakin hint!!! I found a solution that actually worked.

Just go to your history and delete the video that is being used for the recommendations you don't want to see. So let's say you watch a Family Guy video and from then on your recommendations have three or four Family Guys videos you don't want to see; just go to the History and delete only the Family Guy video you actually watched.

The problem is that I sometimes use youtube while being logged out and listening to stuff like Nightcore music, where what some random people add some anime girls background why??? I want to share my experience: It's enough to use filter youtube. Clearing your history does nothing. Selecting "Not Interested" does nothing.

You'll see the videos Google wants you to see. For a while now my home page had my first 2 subscriptions showing as 'recommended channels'. An avalanche of stupid' so-called 'recommended videos', to be deleted individually, only to be replaced by more crap, and more, even the same crap returned. I brought up my channel, with a pleasant self-chosen image for the banner, bookmarked it to the bookmark bar in Chrome.

So now when I go to youtube it's by means of that bookmark, I see only my channel art, and don't feel like smashing the PC with a hammer anymore. I completely disagree with your premise. Their recommendations are not pesky, they simply are pushing content from corporations instead of really using our search history like they used to. Indeed, it is cool that YouTube used to use algorithms based on search history to recommend things relevant.

That's the beauty of the technology they helped to invent, that's the point of their use of their archive, which has been uploaded by the world. It doesn't really matter how much content they get, that shouldn't impact the algorithm that recommends based on what we have historically liked before. Telling readers to just delete their history and start over and then calling the issue "pesky" is missing the point. YouTube should not let its algorithms be based on favoring corporate media subscriptions.

It's clear they're doing it. Why, I don't know; you're the journalist. I use youtube a lot and have seen no sign of corporate videos being pushed ahead of others in the recommended section. My problem is the section gives you a very limited range of videos and even if you have viewed thousands of different videos, it starts repeating recommendations every few pages as you scroll through the list.

It even gives you videos that you have liked often or even disliked! I dont want to be signed in to google if i can avoid it..

I already have my history paused. Maybe that's why absolutely none of the videos I see I like? I keep getting Steven Universe, The Amazing World of Gumball, random music videos, basketball, comic dubs, let's players and commentators that I can't stand, other channels I don't like, a random assortment of Anime YouTubers, Yandere Simulator, and other stuff I'm really not interested in.

When I try to put "Not Interested", it either works, and does nothing to change them, or I accidentally tap on the video, which just gets me more videos I don't like. I love animals and especially dogs.

I've been doing a lot of activism against the very cruel and sadistic dog meat trade in Asia where they torture dogs before slaughtering and eating them they believe torturing the dogs before slaughter has "health benefits" and makes their men more virile However, I reached a point after months of doing this where I nearly had a mental breakdown.

I just turned on You Tube to watch some totally unrelated videos and low and behold got lots and lots of Yulin Dog Festival and Asian Dog Meat Trade video suggestions so panicked and just turned it off. I am crying now. I would like a way to filter content, sort of like the "adult content" filter only for things that I don't want them to shove into my face unexpectedly when I least expect it.

Just FYI, I will never stop fighting against this sadistic sick trade. I just need a break from it every now and then.

Unfortunately, You Tube doesn't realise this. Use two accounts to log in to YouTube. Make sure you only browse the dog-related videos from one particular account, then when you've had enough, use the other account for your pleasant viewing.

Your suggestions were right on, youtube saw I looked at radio control planes and sent me suggestions to watch the latest military weapons and why Clinton is an alien communist. Very weird system that they use. I also noticed that when I used firefox's private window mode to surf , youtube immediately made suggestions on another browser I later used based on what I watched. Looks like they do a lot of watching themselves. And they see through digital walls like superman Thanks for helping me block a ton of unwanted suggestions.

You have absolutely 0 clue what private browsing is or what it isn't. It is no sort of wall whatsoever, get that out of your head. It keeps things from showing up on your computer, like visited websites but you still send out your IP and more when you go to websites, those websites can still use that data. Welcome to the close of , you now know a little more about how the internet has worked since its creation.

By now, anyone who doesn't know that things are watched whenever possible, has blinders on. I will leave you with VPN and Tor, those are more along the lines of what I believe you are looking for. I now use a VPN so nobody on the other side of my screen knows where i am.

According to my IP address, i spend a lot of time in Eastern Europe I don't gather search or video history, so why the heck are they recommending video channels I don't care for How can I replace the recommendations with subscriber channels. Thanks for reminding me, Joel. I knew that, a couple of years go, after trying it a random. I recently came to the conclusion that it was fairly well intentioned.

I took the time to remove them and even took their little "Tell Us Why" survey. But, even though they claimed -- just after I clicked on "Not Interested" -- that they "Got it. We'll try harder to fine tune our recommendations" Many of their very worst kept on appearing! After reading your little blog, though, I thought to myself: I was more than a little freaked out to discover that I was receiving recommendations based on videos I'd watched on a completely different site, which uses a different video hosting platform.

How the hell did they know about that? What right do they have to even be looking at that? On the bright side, after doing everything you said, I told it to ignore all the generic untailored suggestions on the homepage, and then did it again, and apparently this was enough to hamstring the suggestions engine, because now it's not giving me any suggestions at all.

Thank god for life's little victories. Seriously, I mean, Youtube google is going overboard with their recommendations. It is kind of creepy as well as embarrassing. There are many ways humanity can benefit from machine learning but this is not one.

I just want it to not recommend videos that I have already seen or videos that are in my watch later queue. THAT is really the biggest problem with recommendations to me! Now we can remove Recommended videos from Youtube home page in just one click.