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How to Sync a Phone to a PS3
Close the "Second Screen" controller and tap "Power. Answer this question Flag as Netflix, YouTube, and Hulu work great, and seeing as those are my most frequently used websites, I think I'll be alright. You can choose to add your entire hard drive, but it's helpful to add shortcuts to folders like Music, Videos, and Pictures. For example, if you want to show pictures from your iPad's camera roll, select the Photo menu on your PS3.

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How To Connect Your Mobile Phone to Your PS4

Power down the PS4. If you're done with the PS4 for now, you can turn it off using the PS4 app on your phone.

Close the "Second Screen" controller and tap "Power. If your PS4 is set to enter Rest Mode by default, you'll be prompted to do that instead. You can use a USB drive to play media files or store your save data. In order for your PS4 to recognize the drive, you'll need to format it so that it works with the PS4. Most USB drives come in the proper format. Formatting the drive will erase everything that is currently on it. Right-click the drive on your computer and select "Format" to format the drive.

The PS4 requires a folder structure in order to read data on the drive. Make sure these folders are on the root level of the USB drive. Copy the media you want to play to their respective folders. Note that because of the way the PS4 is constructed, it may be difficult or impossible to insert thicker USB drives.

Open the "Media Player" app to play your music and video files. You can find the app in the Apps section of the Library. Select your USB drive to view the contents. You'll be prompted to select it when you first start Media Player. Browse for the song or video you want to play. Your content will be organized into the folders you created earlier. When you select a song or video, it will begin playing. You can press the PlayStation button to return to the main PS4 menu while continuing to playing the music in the background.

Copy your game save data to your USB drive. You can use your USB drive to create backups of your game saves. Copy your screenshots and game clips to your USB drive. You can use your USB drive to save your recorded clips and game screenshots. Open the Capture Gallery app. You can find this in the Library. Find the content that you want to copy to your USB drive. You would need HotSpot and unlimited data, as it will take many GBs to get online. Not Helpful 0 Helpful 5. What does the PS second screen indicate?

Will I be able to view the game on my television and tablet at the same time? Yes, this allows you to view the game on your TV and tablet at the same time. If you bought online, check on the PlayStation website. Search the name of the game. Not Helpful 2 Helpful It would be a password that you set up yourself. If your parents or someone else set up the WiFi password, you will have to ask them.

Not Helpful 1 Helpful 4. I want to use my Android phone as a monitor for my PS4. Not Helpful 3 Helpful 4. Yes, you can with the right phone. Newer versions of quality phones like Samsung or iPhone should work well. Not Helpful 1 Helpful 1. Take the movie out of the directory and voila. It will take a few tries to find the right place where the movie is; just look for certain folder names.

Truth be told, this is more Apple's fault than Sony's, but we'll get into that later. However, there are a few things you can do with your iPhone on your PS3, which I've touched upon before. There's also a way to play your iPhone's music through your PS3, which I'll walk you through in this guide.

Devices made several years back didn't have the same issues playing together that the newer ones do. But, with the iPod touch and iPhone, the limited compatibility with the PS3 was gone. When I plug in my iPhone 4 to my PS3, a big load of nothing happens.

Even if Apple insists that its closed ecosystem is only in place to protect the "sanctity" of its devices, it still annoys the crap out of me that there is no plug and play capabilities.

All a guy wants to do is play some jams for the ladies on his PS3. What's the harm in that? So, after doing some research, I found a few viable options for playing your iPhone's music on your PlayStation 3, so let's dive in.

Besides that, all there is to it is downloading and installing the app. When you go to the Music section on your PS3, you should see your iPhone as a menu option. Select it and a list of all your folders will appear. Find a song that you want to play and hit the X button.

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